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10 Thoughts to “Inverted Hammer Candlestick Chart Pattern – Description & Chart Examples”

  1. Chris -0

    can you please take a Morgan Freeman speech class 

  2. jayzee

    Hi after the inverted hammer you get a confirmation candle what if the confirmation candle was red going down or a doje on a 1min chart? Or is there noway if the inverted hammer then i mean on a Min chart it woul go red down? And if it did do you still go up? Or wait longer for a next signal? Ive watched your vids and others i always see inverted hammer then confirmation hammer then goes up but dont evrey trader know this? Thnks ive subbed and if ok id like to keep chucking you questions ohh 1 more instead off learning all 5000 meanings what are the best 15 to learn? Ie.. Shooting star hammer inverted hammer doje etc thnks

  3. jayzee

    By the way i see the “suggested” and how u said it clearley and deeply lol

  4. Thatguidude

    Wow dude u actually have nice videos fact wise. If only u didnt have that depressed voice i would actually watch

  5. Srawann Komarr

    increase video volume.

  6. James Freeman

    You are the best thank you so much bravo

  7. Dylan Berndt

    Finvids are definitely not “funvids!”

  8. Tamer Ali

    v.important question : some times the inverted hammer comes in uptrend .. what does it mean if this case happened , is it refers to inverting the trend or confirming of it !!!!

  9. Pit Kassim

    Bro are u sleeping

  10. Arville Deus Sales

    i feel sleepy

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