Basics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture 1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade


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Watch the best video clip on the Basics of Securities market, find out just how to buy the share market, discover exactly how to deal shares. Finest suited for newbies that desire to learn more about the securities market in one of the most organized and sensible way. You need not have any kind of history in Financing. Prior to beginning your journey in Spending you need to understand what is the stock exchange, how to refine the share market information and also exactly how it influences the Indian share market.

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45 Thoughts to “Basics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture 1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade”


    Very few CA’S invest in stock Market. Why ? they dont belive in BalanceSheet Prepared by others cause it may be cooked

    1. Johnson Lobo

      there is huge difference between the balance sheet retailers see and the balance sheet institutional investors have ..

    2. Franklin Macarthur

      Because few handle Big peoples accounts are handled by these CAs and they know where the next tender is for in advance. Internal news. Watch movie Baazar

    3. Smiling World


    4. Shubham bhardwaj

      CA’s are very busy in their other important work that’s y they stay away from stock market. And,rather they go for MF bcoz it’s not be consistently monitored.

      Investment in cash segment needs consistent monitored

  2. Aman Shukla

    1) According to sec 112A for 2019-20 LTCG will be charged @ 10% on total amt above 1,00,000 INR.
    2) Dividend is charged on above 10,00,000 INR dividend amt @ 10% for Indian listed company and for foriegn listed company dividend is chargebale @ 20%

    1. Ajay Rosario

      If Below 1lakh there is no fee ??

    2. Ashwini Lakkundi

      @Sundeep Ghai h

    3. anup kamath

      aapne toh homework seriously le liya 😀

  3. Themesmill Best Themes

    Whenever you laugh during your lecture i wish strongly to give you my heart. What a lovely personality you are. Your speaking and speaking style i love. I am muslim and pakistani but I LOVE YOU.

  4. Aadi

    Wawwww mam what a fantastic teaching quality you have!!! It’s just a marvelous way… after studies ur all lecture I will definitely investment in share market

  5. Lincoln Ray

    So far it’s been 20 minutes.. and I’m loving it

  6. Krishna Chaturvedi

    1:35:08 hours total interesting
    Thank you so much mam for giving us such a great knowledge
    Plzz keep uploading new videos on stock market…….

  7. Krishnendu Khanra

    After listening this video I feel like a MOTHER tech her child. Eager to learn to more about share market with help your videos.Love from WB.

  8. satish joshi

    The moment Google suggested me this video, I had a positive feeling about subscribing the channel, and after watching the video, A lot is cleared. Subscribed!!. Thanks for posting these amazing videos!

  9. frederic tourmentin

    hi ,am from mauritius , this is the best and instructive plus:enjoyable lecture i ever watch . great respect dr. you one of a kind .

  10. Jitendra Nath Chauhan

    Best teacher I have found till now. Being a assistant professor I can say it with 100% surity that your way of teaching is best among all teacher out there.

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  11. Mohit Kumar

    Thank you so much mam for explaining every concept thoroughly and providing Detailed Analysis of Share Market.
    Please provide more videos, you are doing a great job mam.

  12. Vatsal Ramnani

    Ma’am I’m literally blown by the quality and quantity of knowledge you have. I’ve seen almost all the videos you’ve uploaded. Being from non finance background I really didn’t believe even I can Gain enough knowledge until I saw your first video. You’re doing an exceptionally significant job. Keep sharing the treasure 🙏🏻

  13. Black Out

    Our nation is not recognized for women like Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif. It’s only women like you who can make our nation proud and recognizable….

    1. Romi Dogra

      Black Out absolutely!!!

    2. akhil thakur

      black out pal…what is wrong with them??

    3. amir baig

      Khuda salamat rakhey aap ko

  14. Moonis Ahmed

    my uncle is a shareholder and he never shared any information related to stock exchange because he never wanted me to become what he is today…big thanks for uploading this video

    1. Ankit Bhatti

      bhai kisiko sone ghadan mil jaaye toh tujhe thori sona dedega

    2. Moonis Ahmed

      @Ankit Bhatti haan uss hisaab se to ye is youtuber ne apne jeewan bhr ki sampatti mere naam kardi

    3. noopur bhatia

      Very nice

    4. Ankit Bhatti

      well you could’ve learned what he had he probably didn’t have resources that you didn’t but you wanted him to tell him his secret sauce of success and brother nobody tells that ,that’s what i wanted to say .

  15. Mayank Sapra

    Had any teacher taught me like this in school, I would have been a totally different person today. What a wonderful explanation. I request you to please post more such videos and teach commerce subjects for people from non finance background. Can you make a video that explains :
    1. How Income tax works and elaborate things which a service based individual should know to reduce Tax deduction??
    2.The Kind of investments an individual from service class should make to ameliorate personal finance and secure future by creating multiple sources of passive income.
    3.Components of Salary and CTC.
    4.Things which every individual should know related to finance irrespective of the background?

  16. maneesha ampolu

    Mam really awesome lecture I have never seen. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to tell something to you. I felt very happy after watching video lectures on linear algebra by MIT professor “Gilbert Strang”. Next is yours only. I have even told my mother the same thing.
    Once again thank you so much for this wonderful selfless video. God bless you…
    Mam waiting for the upcoming videos.

  17. Vishnu Sasidharan

    For some reason, she talks like Aamir Khan. Very similar body language.

    1. Vella No.1

      actually PK was played by her ! lol

    2. Romi Dogra

      Yes. She watches too many movies.

    3. Great Expectations

      maybe she’s amir khan disguised as a woman

    4. Anshuman Sharma

      Was looking for this comment

    5. amir baig

      Sahi pakdey hain

  18. Sagar Gaikwad

    One of the best lectures I have ever heard on basics of stock market , the session has been covered with very simple & lucid language also supported with excellent examples which are very easy to co -relate ……
    A Big Thumbs up to Miss .Rachna 👍👍

  19. Aman dubey

    Really got many things to Learn. one who want reall knowlege of STOCK can watch This.♥

  20. luke millard

    I made my first million from in Trading stock as a beginner, the expert who assisted me is Mrs Nina Jeanne Rose, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I’ve had no course to regret ever since

    1. ravi teja

      Plz help me bro how to start

    2. luke millard

      @ravi teja search her name on google “Nina Jeanne Rose” then contact her through her personal website

    3. Ajay Vishwakarma

      fake promotion

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