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34 Thoughts to “How to Read Japanese Candlestick Charts?”

  1. Anthony Sach

    You did not warn of or include bear and bull traps where the bullish or bearish change suddenly reverses causing a bad buy or sell. Sometimes caused by manipulation of market price. You did say you can wait for confirmation of the next candle but you would miss out on some profit, therein lies the dilemma of the successful trader.

    1. Trading 212

      Hi, Anthony. The purpose of this video is to give you an idea and to make you familiar with the main candlestick patterns. The customer support team is always available for further details and information. You can visit the Learning Centre as well at

  2. Dominik Lasota

    thank you! most simplified video out there!

    1. Trading 212

      Thanks for your kind comment, @dominikthepolak33.

    2. muhammad mahmood

      Plz bro gaiud me

  3. KeepmetalalivE100

    Love the fact that trading212 is making alot of proper tutorial videos, makes it alot easier for us to trade when we acctually get started!

    1. Trading 212

      Thanks for your endorsement. Pleased to know you appreciate the videos. Wishing you the best of luck on the global financial markets with Trading 212’s web and mobile apps.

  4. Nitin Shinde

    thank u for making this video

    1. Trading 212

      You’re welcome, Nitin. Wishing you successful trading with Trading 212.

  5. Its Quia

    Finally, I found something clear and to the point. Thanks for this!

    1. Trading 212

      Hi, Tarquia. Delighted to see you are happy with the video.

    2. Yousuf

      Thanks so much for this video! A website article accompanying this would be perfect. Or just some simple diagrams with explanations for beginners like me 🙂

    3. Trading 212

      Hi there. You can take a look at the Introduction to Technical Analysis on the website’s Learning Centre at Enjoy your trading experience with Trading 212.

    4. George Fields Jr.

      So True !

    5. Creative Imagination

      @George Fields Jr. nice

  6. Its Quia

    I’m just realizing this was posted on my birthday, lol, I must have came across this for a reason.

    1. MOTACJ

      Yup. You were looking for this on your birthday. ;P

    2. Noob Slayer

      Tarquia Lambe coincidence big fat coincidence

    3. edehwosa akpor

      Well is a nice video

  7. Jason Heart

    Excellent video, short and very easy to understand for a beginner like me 🙂

    Thank you

    1. Trading 212

      You are welcome, Jason. Nice to see you like the videos.

  8. Трофим Геворгян

    You are on point. Kuddos!

  9. Vinit Sarma

    One of the best tututorials I have ever seen. It would be great if you could upload even more videos explaining candlesticks. Thank you. 😊

  10. Steve Ligon

    Good tutorial … 🙂

  11. Mo Khan

    Wow that was really simple. Thanks trading 212

  12. Stee Bee TV

    Trading 212 have the best trading information on the net. Awesome channel thank you

  13. Dave Edward

    Sharp and straight to the point. Also easy to be understood by a beginner like me. Thanks for sharing.

  14. chikosoro ugwu

    am tina … thanks a lot

  15. Glen Whiteheart

    Trading 212 are a great service but I wish they would deal in pennystocks

  16. Swerrow

    Now i need a video about how to understand this video

  17. olymp trader

    It’s good 영상 좋네요…

  18. The Chaos

    This made my day.

  19. Walter Rose

    What about the strategy that you told us before to do, for example when you have a very large red candlestick, you place a call option and vice versa ?


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