Candle Stick Chart analysis to find entry and exit point (By CA Nagendra)


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It includes standard concept of Chart like what is candle stick graph, just how graph works in market, just how to locate assistance as well as resistance degree to ensure that we can take access and exit correctly.

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19 Thoughts to “Candle Stick Chart analysis to find entry and exit point (By CA Nagendra)”


    Your simply awesome. I watched many videos regarding same subject but couldn’t understand any of it. But ur explanation is very crystal clear. Pls don’t bother about length of video, u just share knowledge. Thanks

  2. vinay grover

    Only a sincere Chartered Accountant like you can teach this topic with this efficiency!

  3. Sruti Pal

    Oh my God.What a learning channel!!!! I am first time watcher of this channel.
    Plz teach us everything of stock market for long term fundamental analysis….

  4. abith ali shaikh a

    very very good explained video sirji thaks a lot sirji

  5. babloo alam

    Hi Mr.nagendra are you living in Delhi? I want to take class from you

  6. Vishal S

    very informative lesson. thank you sir.


    I got my basics clear today, thanks sir! its really helpful, a must see for beginners like me . pls continue the series

  8. Rahul Yadav

    Thanks a lot sir.

  9. Gaurav Sharma

    Very informative. But video kuch jyada hi bada tha..

  10. Jomson Joseph

    Your videos are pretty good, cleared many doubts which I had. Thank you for your effort. Could you make a video on Bollinger bands, RSI and fibonacci?

  11. Nihal Shaikh

    Sir You are great… You have changed my life. Now I can take my trading decisions by myself. Really appreciated..Thank you so much..😊

  12. Naushad Ali

    I am new investor and loss 15000 till watch this videos’s very effective video ..thank you sir thank you very much for this great video today I recover my all loss with your videos…

    1. CA Nagendra Sah


    2. Naushad Ali

      @CA Nagendra Sah thanks again sir

  13. Manohar Bhure

    Sir, You had explained in a very simple way, and with proper examples, very informative…I want to know the size of candle stick and length of upper & lower shadow, how it is formed, and whether it is of any help in deciding the trend reversal..

  14. Naushad Ali

    Watch second time and add some new knowledge 👌

  15. Uleh Olungh

    i don’t understand the language used here, if there is English pronounced version i can listing to

  16. monty9956

    yu are amazing…well done

  17. iforex trader

    One trillion like meri tarf se

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