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30 Thoughts to “Candlesticks – Vol 5 – Shooting Star”

  1. YourTradingCoach

    Thanks calanchin,

    Glad you liked it.


  2. YourTradingCoach

    Hi morgandrim,
    Sorry – can’t help. I’m not familiar with gnuTrade and haven’t ever use Spread Betting. You’re better off asking gnuTrade.

  3. YourTradingCoach

    Hey everestmindz,

    Glad you liked the candlestick videos. Thanks for the feedback.

    Cheers, & happy trading,

  4. Ritu Ruia

    Thanks for the video. Can you please suggest a good book to read on candlestick patterns.

  5. YourTradingCoach

    Hi rituvruia,

    I’d recommend either “Secrets of Candlestick Charting” by Louise Bedford (very easy read) or “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques” by Steve Nison (much more indepth).

    Happy trading,

  6. YourTradingCoach

    Hi hmt444,
    Zero % chance! Serious. There’s a lot more to this game than just the candlestick patterns.

  7. YourTradingCoach

    Hi hmt444,
    Your focus is wrong. It’s not about indicators. It’s about placing current price action into context.
    It’s hard to communicate via the YouTube comments section (with limited characters & inability to post links). Contact me via my website & I’ll forward a link that explains a little more about price action context.

  8. xman8109

    Also, learn the names of the candle stick shapes. That may also be in the material, that the Coach gave you.

  9. Jod Mad

    Thank you a lot for all your videos wich are very instructive.

  10. nafism6969

    outstanding explanation.
    bravo. i hope you make a shitload of cash in ur trading.

  11. YourTradingCoach

    Thanks nafism6969! I’m glad you’re finding value in the videos. 🙂

  12. Rationalific

    Fascinating! Thanks a lot!

  13. YourTradingCoach

    Thanks Rationalific! All the best with your trading,
    Lance Beggs.

  14. M F

    It’s amazing how a video made almost 6 years ago is still totally relevant today. And these are helping me in a massive way. New to trading. Getting ramped up…thanks to you!

    1. M F

      @YourTradingCoach Thanks for the reply! I just ordered The Candlestick Course by Steve Nison. It got great reviews on Amazon. Any opinion on it?

    2. YourTradingCoach

      No, I haven’t seen it. I have one of his books though. It was good.

    3. YourTradingCoach

      Really though… you don’t need anything more than what is on these videos. Candlestick patterns are not rocket science! 🙂

    4. Assaad Abou-Rached

      His videos helped me in cryptocurrency trading on Binance and other crypto platforms. Thank you +YourTradingCoach

    5. Aadi Skywalker

      Even now it’s a pretty relevant video series

  15. zip929

    Great tutorials. Very informative and easy to follow.

    1. YourTradingCoach

      Thanks zip929! Much appreciated.

  16. DJ Music

    Great presentation!!

  17. Ali Moazzami

    Now I do know what’s going on…Thanks a bunch mate.

    1. YourTradingCoach

      +Ali Moazzami You’re welcome Ali! I’m glad you’ve got some value out of the candlestick videos! 🙂

  18. Stuart Nicholas

    thank you for video , was very helpful.

    1. YourTradingCoach

      You’re welcome. Best of luck with your trading! 🙂

  19. Jude d

    Hi Lance, Thanks a ton for your videos. I have checked online and after finding your Analysis on Candle sticks I stopped. Still going through them.. But it does not feel heavy and boring. Thanks for taking the time. Was wondering do you have any other tutorials.
    Once again thanks a lot.

    1. YourTradingCoach

      Thanks Jude, I’m glad you’re getting value from the candlestick videos. I have a couple of other short playlists –

      It’s not much. I stopped video quite a few years ago and have focused solely on the email newsletter at

      Best of luck with your trading,

  20. InLaws Attic

    Best help/ teaching on reading candlesticks on youtube! Thanks!

    1. YourTradingCoach

      Thanks InLaws Attic! Much appreciated. 🙂

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