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40 Thoughts to “How 4th graders beat the stock market”

  1. Arena Accessories

    smart kids!

  2. Nosey Mosey

    y dont they teach this in school fo real

    1. RoflCoptar bob

      @hunt moz also it’d be hard to do unless you already own large sums of money

    2. Prison Mike

      RoflCoptar bob you sounded so dumb in your statement.

    3. Andrew

      R u stupid, they teach it at my school and it IS a school program

    4. Ainz Artorias Valkaryn

      i’d rather they didnt, too much competition and get rich quick schemes

    5. Thoughtful Thoughts

      I know school want use the learn how the atoms do this and that and all that crap I’m trading like these kids as well its a great investment

  3. xXrainbowgummiesXx

    Very practical kids, money for college. πŸ™‚

    1. RoflCoptar bob

      @xXrainbowgummiesXx if they were teenagers though they would have probs chose videogames xD they are young and probably already have rich parents.

  4. Griffen DeArmond

    Main stream stock, Hate them. But 4th graders, Nice!

  5. Zach Dellinger

    “Yea cause college is really expensive” very cute kids =)

    1. Andrew

      Its fake money

  6. Andrew Le

    is this a joke…. they invested in mainstream stocks LOL. the luck is realΒ 

    1. Jackson Teller

      They are those kids who buy 100k in Hasbro stocks omg

    2. Prison Mike

      +Jackson Teller hahahahah

  7. William zhang

    These kids are so adorable :DD

  8. Michael Rainey

    How to win big on Wall Street!

  9. Brian Naff

    They didn’t beat anything they just invested an unrealistic amount of money in one of the most valuable companies in the world

    1. Amazing Gamer

      Brian Naff exactly what I was going to say

    2. John Cox

      Usa mobile says not available in my country

    3. Cat Raid

      dude, they only have 10 stocks to even do.

  10. Hero

    kids are lucky they didn’t invest in apple in 2013.. lmao

    1. James Bond Returns

      they could short it in 2013

    2. Joe Vlogs

      You can short it in 2013


    how do i practice this anybody know an app or website

    1. Cristian Molina

      sharkey MetaTrader

  12. Alex Jones

    at 1 seconds in the video my mans looks just like john cena

  13. A Ghost

    Omg all these talk about investments and they don’t even know what to do with $50,000 lol

    1. Andrew

      A Ghost R u stupid, its fake money

  14. Trikloe

    Who’s scrolling through the comments to find the idiots that thought they actually won real money?

    1. Inspiration _

      Trikloe Lmao me

    2. Jeffery Osterme


  15. Armen A.

    MACY’S! THE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS MACY’S! You’ve got to be kidding me…

  16. ABC XYZ

    I like how they chose college in the end. So wise for their age.

  17. theseeker123

    College would be a waste of time and money. Take the 50k and play the stocks. Then buy the college. The college of finance, charge people to attend, and confuse them on how to profit in the stock market and ….well you know the rest of the story. The rich get richer and the poor become thier slaves.

    1. Colson Xu

      That’s the way

  18. NC Styles

    I thought they won $50K for reals. Lol πŸ˜‚

  19. JakkuWolf Insomnia

    “Yeah cos college is really expensive”

    Not if you’re from the UK 😁

  20. Epic Lyric6

    I am now in this game and it is really fun to do and I love it I am already in 3rd place

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