How does the stock market work? – Oliver Elfenbaum


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In the 1600s, the Dutch East India Firm used hundreds of ships to trade items around the globe. In order to money their voyages, the firm counted on civilians to spend cash to sustain trips for a share of the profits. In doing so, they unknowingly designed the globe's first securities market. So how do firms as well as financiers utilize the market today? Oliver Elfenbaum describes.

Lesson by Oliver Elfenbaum, routed by Tom Gran & Madeleine Grossi.

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76 Thoughts to “How does the stock market work? – Oliver Elfenbaum”

  1. TED-Ed

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    1. Utkarsh Bhatnagar

      Please more videos on stock exchange

    2. Ridha Aloina

      why ice cream’s stick shaped like that?

    3. Bilalthefighter


    4. Shep NitroBoosted

      *_S T O N K S_*

    5. Saeed Hasan

      Thx TedEd👍

  2. Riya

    Thank you. Nobody tells us in school how this works.
    My only image of the stock market is from the Wolf of wall Street (lol)

    So as an 18 y/o curious about business and the market and how it works , thank you 🙂

    Ps if anyone who has more knowledge on it please share thank you 🙂

    1. CorporateRaider97

      @Anubhav Tyagi Those are probably only in Indian schools in class 11 and 12. Don’t think foreign schools teach students about business that early

    2. Investing TV

      You should look more into investing! take advantage of your age and compound interest, and you’ll eventually become a millionaire!!


      Riya you have to learn how to read charts otherwise is made to loose money.

    4. Gorge Food

      Take a week off and just read investopedia.

    5. rponce1119

      Paul Merriman is amazing. He gives free investment advice and has a foundation dedicated to teaching all about investments to high school students. Look him up 👍😉

  3. Jay Clawwit

    “How does stock market work?”
    :I dunno, but it’s TedEd so, I’m gonna watch it anyway

    1. caetano brito

      Well if you’d already knew, you wouldn’t need educating!

    2. Kaigun Taisho Borsalino Kizaru

      @caetano brito The inner meaning of the original comment was that although Stock Market was not necessarily his topic of interest, he still watched it as this was presented by TedEd, thereby saliently indicating the person’s affinity for the content provided by this channel.

    3. ItzVince:P

      @Kaigun Taisho Borsalino Kizaru Well said🕊👌💯

  4. Raging Kamote

    Thankyou Ted Ed for this Wonderful Information and Animation!

  5. J K

    Well I would love to see a bit higher version of this maybe you could make it into a series or something. I am damn sure people would love to see that. So hit like and take this comment to the top people.

    1. Alphain Paul

      Check out these guys. They explain financial stuff in easy to understand manner.

    2. Ares Thor Mars

      I want TedEd to have a series on Financial Management.

    3. Omar Cordero

      J K I agree

  6. Nam Lê Hải

    I have been waiting for this for a long time. I did already research a lot about this topics, but i never feel like i understand it enough. Hopes Ted makes even more detailed videos on this subject.

    1. Ahmed Omar

      In simple words,when starting a company and you don’t have enough money, you take your ideas to rich people who can can afford it and these people give you money or in other words they buy shares from your company the shares have a specific value the most shares you buy the more the profit you make and the more the loss you make if there is a loss

    2. Justyna

      @Ahmed Omar lol, they said they want a video with more details, not a summary of the video.

    3. Ahmed Omar

      @Justyna still he gets a better understanding than before

    4. Daniel Cruz

      @Ahmed Omar your comment helped me 🙂

  7. Tanvi Thakare

    In 4 minutes TED- Ed did what the education system couldn’t do in 12 years.

    1. Jonathan Woo

      you actually think this video os informative? damn the quality of your education must be extremely poor.

    2. Solution Point

      @Jonathan Woo thanks your suggestion

    3. Yassine Cherkaoui

      If you were not studying economics… otherwise No sir this does not worth a degree. You can’t become a trader in 4 minutes

    4. Putturin

      Choco milk easier to get to the point easier to forget read a book

    5. G

      ….or maybe the education system you’re under just sucks. lmao.

  8. Science with Katie

    I really needed this! Such a simple explanation!

    1. vaibhav005

      Love your channel ! ♥️ Big fan

    2. Lars

      True, and this is just the basics. Would be nice if they go more in depth next time on this subject.

    3. Feralz

      @Lars this is really all you need to know to understand the stock matket, its really this simple. All the other things are derivatives and a lot of jargon. Jargons are used to confuse the average person. The only dark side of the market is a lot of manipulation, backstabbing, fake news, fake businesses, fake people doing fake things just to make a buck which in turn compromises the actual original function of the stock market explained in this video.

  9. Choco milk

    If this channel had its own school I would transfer there.These people explain everything I questioned in my life

    1. chesca ty

      facts. i’d immediately moved there.

    2. Austin's Iit Gaming

      what would the school be called

    3. Hollywood Aldc

      Ted Ed school


      @Austin’s Iit Gaming TED ED


    “Games are won by players who focus on the playing field – not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.” – Warren Buffet

    1. Evan Kurniawan

      ‘When you are rich, everything you said is gem’

    2. can't think of a name _

      except j m smith

    3. Chuck The Aviator

      Damn good quote

    4. Miguel Pereira

      @Evan Kurniawan “I’m rich so I obviously know everything and I totally have the motivation to share my knowledge instead of spreading misinformation to benefit myself” – Rich People, 20XX

    5. Esequiel Tovar

      The war doesnt always have to do with just one game

  11. Darkness

    Finally, Dave from Boyinaband got answer that school didn’t tell him

  12. Cameron Alexander

    Ted-ed: There are entire schools dedicated to this topic…
    Also Ted-ed: Give me less than five minutes…

    1. Joe Smith

      There’s additional things to learn, like trends, a bullish vs bearish market, dividends, taxes, risk management, index funds, ect.


    Ted-ed makes videos by great detail.
    One can even read the beverages on the board.

    1. Frank Salman

      Wow,, That’s funny-cool..

  14. Evan Fields

    *How the stock market works (or doesn’t)*
    Money from mainstreet comes in. That money gets added to the huge pile already there. Dividens get distributed among wallstreet and a few *lucky* plebs. When the system is healthy profits are highly privitazed. When the bubble pops the government(s) socialize the losses. Wash rinse repeast infinitum (or until the treasury can’t reblow the bubble)

    1. Apollo

      Evan Fields you don’t have to be a lucky ‘pleb’ or work in wall street to get payed dividends. All you have to do is invest in a stock of a company which pays dividends to shareholders. Anyone can do that

  15. Ha Ba

    As a BBA student this video is shockingly clear and understandable..i wish if was taught as simple and comprehensive as this video..mind blowing 🤯

  16. VRR

    Just do one thing..

    Give 1 like for making this wonderful video.

  17. Andrei Paun

    When instead of expensive stock market lessons you watch Ted ed


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