How To Make Your First $1,000 In The Stock Market In 2018


Hey team thank you once more for enjoying this step by step video clip on just how to start growing your account as well as making your first $1,000 earnings in the stock market, my objective is to make each participant (100,000 members) each $1,000 amounting to a total of $100,000,000 in 10 months! I hope you're all excited in expanding your accounts!

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Thanks for the assistance, the best means to connect to me is via our private discord chat, please DM me.

If you have any kind of suggestions for future videos such as Day Trading, Investing, Stock Exchange, Property, Auto Sales, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Crypto & bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Exchange, Internet Marketing, Online Sales or enjoyable everyday vlogs. Please let me know.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that i do not request for any kind of information. I always motivate our members to trade ONLY what you comprehend and also never based upon anyone's opinion. My videos are for home entertainment purposes only.any inquiries to message me as i would certainly enjoy to be a component of your success.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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36 Thoughts to “How To Make Your First $1,000 In The Stock Market In 2018”

  1. Glenn Ray

    Love the video Ricky. I would like to see more training videos like this, although i do love the live technical analysis videos. I learn from all your videos.

  2. ItsPlanB NL

    Technically, if you start with $1000 and make 10% a month, it takes just over 7 months to reach 2000. The growth is exponential.

    1. Alex Aarenstrup

      That’s kinda the idea bro

    2. Jaiganesh V

      you can make even 100% monthly with 2-3K, you CANT make that with like 10-20K. if you can , then reply me, ill send you all my cash to trade for me….

    3. Zac

      @ItsPlanB NL I was going to bring up the same point on exponential growth 😀

      @ everyone talking about Crypto, you can definitely trade Crypto on patterns and still be profitable. I am very new to trading and Crypto is the only place I’ve been consistently profitable. You just have to catch the pattern, buy at the right time and then dont get greedy. Sure I’m not making huge percentages but I traded the same crypto 3 times in 1 day (all positive) for roughly a 5% gain overall.
      Personally I find crypto easier to trade. It is highly volatile but in the day-to-day trading it helps it because sure it may get a huge dip but then 2 hours later hit a huge up trend. Buy low, set a sell limit, and leave it alone.
      Cheers and happy trading!

    4. FreeLeGiOn

      karma SJ oath lol

    5. FreeLeGiOn

      Jaiganesh V you can but I’m not doin your trading lol, doesn’t matter how much you invest as long as it doesn’t make a huge affect on the market it’ll still go up the same percent as 2 k
      E.g for bitcoin
      There’s 17 million bitcoins in existence (the max there’ll ever be is 21 mill so rip)
      20000 divided by 17000000 is 0.001, that’s how much bitcoin will increase, not that much considering its worth 10k usd

  3. grim789

    Just joined learn plan profit! You have taught me more off a few videos than all the classes I have taken over the past year at college. Thanks man keep doing amazing work like this it’s changing lives.

    1. Brutal1ty

      Yeah, tbh man college is a waste of time 😂

  4. lkcheat

    I have a tiny account but I cant wait,I’ll be adding to it soon. Ricky you are quite an accomplished young man but even more so a generous one to share your expertise. Thank you for all you do.

  5. I.Y. Automotive

    Could you post these goals to discord? I’d appreciate it greatly 🙂 thanks

  6. imanonymous84

    i like how he asks his group members to like and comment on these videos

  7. Diondra Adams

    I really needed this video. I was starting to stray from the rules. I appreciate all that you do

  8. Brandon Reser

    I’ve learned so much. Thank you Ricky. Just a suggestion: It would be great if you made an updated video on how you find stocks to swing trade.

  9. Sharon McCants

    I think this is one of your best videos yet! Very comprehensive from start to finish… any terms not understood can be looked up on our own! I’ve been watching your videos off and on for about a year now, making small gains here and there. But I feel like I can be more consistent with larger account using these tips. Keep up the great work!! Really appreciate how you give knowledge and ask for nothing in return! You are definitely a blessing. Also, glad you’re not talking as FAST anymore!! (smile)

  10. Ben Martin

    I love the iPhone reference, really put it into perspective for me!

  11. slimdan

    Ricky is one heck of a teacher! Smart guy for being so young.

    1. CreativiTimothy

      Being young doesn’t matter, but he is a great teacher. I’ve seen 6 years old more mature/intelligent than 40% of 30 year old people

  12. Gorden Gekko

    I’ve been doing this over 20 years this young man is really hitting on the head, by far the best teacher I’ve seen out there.. Super bump.💪

    1. aqoon Omar Hassan.

      waaw please help me this programs
      my number 252615986476

  13. Stale Mint

    Love your videos Ricky, one of my friends mentioned me to you.

  14. Jordan Tallman PAO

    I love how you’re straightforward, I just discovered you’re stuff

    1. Epic Mentality

      What type of investing strategies do you find interesting?

  15. Jesus Mendoza

    I finally get this! Thank you man

  16. Coconut Safari

    Started with $5 now i have $97 in just 5 days

    1. Cowwy

      convert CAD to Rupees? 😀

    2. Genaro Zavala

      Coconut Safari can you show me how to start? I’m VERY new

    3. nvstewart

      Fortnite Best Moments keep watching videos from this channel? After all he is trying to teach us, hell there is even a video where he shows a trade step by step. How much more help do you need apart from getting other people to do it for you.

    4. Komedi Anne

      impossible. a trade costs $7. you must have started with $10 lol

    5. ShadowStorm 113

      @Komedi Anne not in Robinhood, so is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No.

  17. Chase Ramos

    Hey guys and gals it’s Jason Bond

    1. The Sniper Trader

      AHHAHAHAHAHAH.I trolled a guy with the same comment lol.

    2. fosterchild4523

      Don’t over complicate your trading!

  18. Nikita Blanco

    I have to say, I am very impressed with your teachings and transparency! I have watched many videos on trading. Very few can measure up to your videos. I appreciate you! Thank you!

  19. sandman3698

    2:18 man my nipples would get so hard if I could make 10 bucks when I trade. I usually lose a dollar or two.

  20. Kaylene Peters

    Wow, in the middle of a muddle here, feel like I’m seeing the light brighter at the end of the tunnel. Wondering how I should play with stock.

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