Stock Market Secret: How to Always Buy Low and Sell High


View how Adam continually acquires low and offers high in the securities market by determining the innate worth of a stock. Knowing how to figure out if s stock is costly or low-cost is one of the most vital securities market spending skills you need.

Adam Khoo is a specialist stock as well as foreign exchange investor and also the very successful writer of 'Winning the Video Game of Supplies" and "Make money from the Panic".

He is the four-time victor of the 'Most Preferred Financial Educator' Honor and 'A Lot Of Preferred Financial Investment Speaker Honor' in Singapore.

Countless trainees have profited from his sharp investment understandings into the world of stock investing (value investing), supply trading, options trading and also Forex trading.

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21 Thoughts to “Stock Market Secret: How to Always Buy Low and Sell High”

  1. Asif Ul Shafi

    You have the combination of both fundamental and technical knowledge what i was looking for.


    Dear Adam Thanks for sharing details, I was actually wondering about this subject. You have also mentioned the importance of the instrinsic value in your previous youtube videos. I would like to ask you one thing, could you describe little more details about “cash and short term investments”. what about the assets other than cash such as (current assets: inventories, trade receivables, etc) and (fix assets: tangible, intangible, rights, etc). I am wondering the relation of these assets to the calculation? Thanks so much for great assistance, best regards from Istanbul, Turkey, Hope to see you in Turkey, may be one day…May be you should think a programmet invite people like us, I am sur there are a lot of people out there all over the World, willing to meet you, please consider that…

  3. FITNESS Trader


  4. C J

    Really good videos, well presented.

    Is there a reason you ignore capital expenditures needed to grow the operating cash flow when calculating the cash flow?

  5. Ihsan Saleheen

    Great video Adam, learned a lot of things. Wish you all the best.

    1. chandanadon Don

      I think Mark wished us all the best

  6. TheGmr140

    buy AXGT low, sell AXGT high simple

  7. Alex Garcia

    Hey I’m 18 and have been dabbling in stock through a broker sense I was 16. How do we determine a businesses Intrinsic value without having as much knowledge as you in long-term growth and development

  8. Silver ImpAct

    I cannot Thank You enough Sir.

  9. Vamsee Krishna

    where I can find the excel used ?

  10. Luke M.

    I want to learn to trade in my spare time for daily/weekly cash flow and eventually replace 1 income. What course of yours is best for that?

  11. Narayana Prasad

    Wonderful. well explained. i will use this guidance in my future stock selection. Please give me information / Idea / strategy about Day Trading (Intraday). if you share your valuable insight about the indicators & strategy to be used to identify ( & valuable tricks to be used ) Buy & Sell points, trend movement and steps – in intraday trade .

  12. Ewan Rollo

    Adam, Thank you for the great videos.

    I would appreciate some advice from you or anyone who can help me.

    I am reading the Complete Turtle Trader, Part of the strategy used is they would go long if a a stock broke a 4week low. or go short if it broke a two week high. Is there a tool, that can help me find stock like this and send me an alert if it happens?
    Also they say it is important to check the markets volatility before deciding what size of trade/risk to use. Im struggling to understand that part. Is there some sort of tool for this?

  13. Aotearoa Excubitores

    Hi Adam, currently im reading your book Profit from the Panic and just from reading the 1st chapter already gives me much knowledge! Thank you bro

  14. Firas

    you’re amazing

  15. King Ken

    Great thanks, learned some more from this!

  16. Electric Engineer

    Waw , you’re genius , thanks a bunch

  17. Ibou Moussa

    Adam, Thanks for sharing. Your valuation assumes the current conditions will be the same in the next 10 years. Realistically we need to stress test the numbers to arrive at meaningful conclusions. What do you think..?

  18. some dutch nigerian boi

    Me watching this video: *stonks*

  19. bin ma

    Hi Adam, really nice course ,just wonder where can I get this calculator your were using

  20. Seb Doyon

    Great video! I’m just curious and unsure on how you determine the percentage of the discount rate? Do you take it from the 10 Yr yield curve or is the discount rate always determined by the WACC?

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