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20 Thoughts to “Trumpwave – Stockmarket”

  1. GreyboSneed

    I luv your work

  2. Mark Lively

    We could have a 20% market correction and still be ahead of where we were when trump was elected.  We are finally breaking out of multi-year stagflation.

    1. Sir Mount

      We could be even higher if the Dems were on board and the damn Fed just got out of the way!

  3. Nimblemadman Bob

    c a p i t a l i s m

    1. George

      Nimblemadman Bob national socialism

  4. Alexander Broderick

    Make one off the state of the union adress that was amazing

  5. Headfull OfMetal

    Was that a young Rodney Mullen?


    Love your channel bro! Keep up the good work 👌👌

  7. jeremiahn

    Nice, lots of facts exposing the Lyinpresse

  8. tigerarmyrule

    America: Great again !

  9. mikeyb

    The calm before the storm 😉

  10. Marcus Apedradus

    About that 666 points low, I was reading it was made on purpose by the financial cartels to send a message to the others counterparts, a global game is playing behind.

  11. Just Jake

    I feel like this is the part in an 80’s flick where the underdog (Trump) finally makes it and they do a “winning” montage. But in those movies there’s still one more struggle against the bad guys before the hero totally defeats them for good. That’s the part of the movie that we’re in now..

  12. patricio sard

    What’s the song?

  13. Lael BM

    Trump, market and Capitalism.

  14. Rômulo Rodrigues

    Here in Brazil the same thing will happen with Bolsonaro as our president.

  15. God Emperor Pepe

    _i s i t a d e a l ?_


    30.000 mark coming next ! and at the end of President Trump’s 2nd massively successful term will be at around 45-50 k on the DOW !

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