Why Stock Market Isn’t Dropping | Are We In “Everything” Bubble?


We have seen numerous signs that assure to lead to an additional stock market crash, but why stock market remains to increase? Why is it not going down? In this video I will respond to those questions and also furthermore I will discuss if we remain in the financial bubble in the first place.

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52 Thoughts to “Why Stock Market Isn’t Dropping | Are We In “Everything” Bubble?”

  1. Mr Fat-face

    Only half way through….. but P/E ratios are artificially low…..loads of company’s have bought back stock with cheap debt…. hence why 2% rate caused a market slide….. too much debt

    1. Dave Robinson

      Way too much

    2. Carl James

      not enough credit…..nothing left to collateralize.

  2. Space Oddity

    All pumped up by FED money

    1. Ivan Oliyar

      Could be worth.

    2. RUwatching

      Wall street bank money

    3. brian91145

      Yep, look at that “organic” V recovery from Dec lol

    4. 733Rafael

      fake imaginary jewish debt scam. buy bitcoin starve the jew.

  3. Rohan Mayekar

    It’s rising to give you the confidence. . Once you know its only going to sky again. . . Boommm

  4. WanderLust

    hahaha savage intro

  5. Luminary Wins

    Federal Reserve is the Ponzi Scheme leaders for the few Super Elites!

  6. b billionaire

    winter is coming

  7. Magnanimous

    Fawk Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop and alike!! Always pop up in ads while I am enjoying my favorite videos. Fawking losers.

    1. Aimstone

      Yea, and Tai Lpez too lol

  8. A 101

    Thank you for the interesting video ! Wanna ask you, did you hear about DeepOnion coin? Found it a few days ago and it seems to be perspective for invest. Maybe you can give me advice 🙂

    1. Aimstone

      thanks. Never heard of it.

    2. A 101

      @Aimstone, DO have very strong community and devs working hard on this project despite the fact that the market is in decline. It inspires confidence 🙂

    3. Aimstone

      Sounds like advertisement.

    4. A 101

      @Aimstone , it’s just my thoughts 🙂

  9. JTBSK2

    Thanks for making these videos, good content and not so much one sided
    And not too bias. Have to listen to all sides of the argument and not only
    One person !

  10. Freeursoul Park

    0:55 Good for you for covering this Scammer, can’t stand this guy talking bs all over youtube.

  11. Leon Methner

    There’s another world for everything bubble and that’s inflation… student debt, housing all the same. If everything is overpriced, nothing is particularly expensive your dollars are just worth less.

    1. Yann Chevrier-Foundy

      Well, it’s not an everything bubble, it’s an everything that can be purchased with debt bubble. Housing, education, stock buybacks financed with debt, etc. I wouldn’t call it inflation just yet.

    2. Charlotte Lin

      calling it a bubble just makes people feel better. at least some can feel that they have “assets”

  12. Charlotte Lin

    Schiff has good points and he would have been right but for the manipulations that keep kicking the can down the road. it’s not that he predicts a crash every year, its that there’s artificial countermeasures in place to delay the crash.

    1. gt0703

      true, but when the fed dumps in a ton of money via QE it has to go somewhere and the stock market is one of those places, he should mention that more clearly. His investment firm is not doing well for his clients.

    2. Tim Fielke

      Would you put your money on his advice I know I wouldn’t being fully invested for the last 10 years has been the best call of my life – I am so Glad I don’t listen to the doomsayers.

    3. gt0703

      @time fielke i did listen, didnt buy bitcoin at a dollar, didnt invest in the market, put a lot in metals…..not a good outcome.

    4. Charlotte Lin

      @Tim Fielke He’s like a doctor explaining the long term risks. nobody likes to hear the truth. people want to hear the magic pills will take care of you. to not listen to him is like to continue eating unhealthily, but as long as the meds are doing its job of hiding the symptoms, all is good. until it is too late. he’s telling people to take the healthier changes even if it seems not as pleasant in the present moment, like eating kale and carrots, so that you can have a long term sustained health. its just a different approach. I don’t think its any more doomsaying than a doctor warning about lifestyle changes. its your choice if you want to listen to him or not ultimately

    5. Suprinder Pujji

      yea exactly so always make calls keeping the countermeasures in mind, if one does not you loose money and look like an idiot. Its not opinions no matter how compelling that make money , but trading price

  13. Steve Ast

    We are in an age of excess. We have record high corporate, consumer credit, student loan, sovereign and auto loan debt. We are seeing company earnings guided down dramatically. The home market inventory is shooting higher in many market places and is cracking. Foreign investment is dwindling. many countries are slowing dramatically or contracting like China. How are stocks suppose to grow? Macro trends will drag even good companies down. only thing holding up US market is proposed trade deal with china, but this is probably a “selling” event.

    1. Carl James

      there is no deal. . . . there will be no talk… it was never going to happen.. .

    2. unclelion

      cant agree more!

  14. Paul Knick

    that was really intelligent analysis. Well done covering both sides.

  15. Rich L

    9:45 The inverted yield curve graph is informative. Thank you.

  16. Yann Chevrier-Foundy

    It’s an “everything that can be purchased with debt” bubble. Housing, education, stock buybacks financed with debt, etc.

  17. Godfrey Anderson

    Good perspective sir, thanks!

  18. André Cardoso

    Thank you for share the knowledge. I have one question.
    What is the chart show at 3:00 ?

    1. Aimstone

      Thank you for watching, it shows S&P500 chart.

  19. Matt Robbo

    Great vid, I found this very entertaining and funny. Nobody knows what the hell is going to happening. I will guarantee and and accurately predict and mark my words, no one will either accurately predict a date or tell us what type of crisis is going to happen next. Maybe the financial crisis will come about slowly, maybe a death of a thousand cuts of you will. We will wake up one morning and just wonder what the hell just happened.

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