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Day In The Life With Successful Day Trader and CEO Kunal Desai (Full Documentary)


The official day in the life docudrama video clip for successful day investor and Chief Executive Officer Kunal Desai. We invest a day with Kunal and get to discover his morning routine, view him trade, get to ride in his Porsche and also watercraft, and also we reach see him teach his bootcamp course.

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## About Bulls on Wall Road
We teach day trading approaches and also swing trading strategies to both brand-new and also seasoned investors. Our stock trading programs are a necessary how-to trading overview for anyone who wants to become a winning day trader or swing investor.

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68 Thoughts to “Day In The Life With Successful Day Trader and CEO Kunal Desai (Full Documentary)”

  1. Carlitox b

    I must admit I watched the whole video just because of the beautiful blue porsche 911 targa

  2. Pepito Sables

    Seem he gain money from the students not from trading.
    Nobody really sucsecfull have students. They cant lose time to gain money.


    1. Magnus

      Some do because they value helping people more than earning fat stacks of cash. You just have to leek through the trash. The good ones don’t show off and don’t make these kind of documentaries.

    2. Bill Dalton

      YO, Pepito, I took the course. Have made a lot from his help. Take it and then critique it.

    3. Chizzy

      Milton Waddams *Dude i gotta say, you know your sh*t!*

  3. Rick Spencer

    As a day trader myself, I’ve found that the biggest payoff isn’t the stuff, but the time and flexibility of life choices. I’ve also found that you become more of a realist when you invest since have to always discipline yourself to not be deceived by your own biases. #1 comment in the video is when you mentioned being thankful regardless of the outcome – I agree vehemently.

    1. Jhon John Jon Jon Doe

      Rick Spencer I feel the same way you do in every aspect. This is coming from the offensive of the road of being a professional poker player for 14 years. Is there a good or smoother transition for a poker player to trade stock? I want to make a career change.

    2. Uriel Nakach

      How dare you using the words day trader and investing in the same comment 🙁

  4. J Park

    These cats look sketchy as all Hell.

    1. Sophia Shcherbakova

      This was great, thanks, I have been researching “stock trading room” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Fiyayla Tradify Planner – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

    2. Bill Dalton

      clearly an intelligent response .. HS degree?

  5. Jeremy Smith

    This is entertaining, but it has nothing to do with actual trading

    1. S. Okubo

      Bulls on Wall Street scammer

    2. Bikerboi3 Projects

      Lol it’s not “a day trading with…”.

    3. Bill Dalton

      Clearly another ill-informed commentator…take the course then comment. Oh, maybe you can’t afford it. Sorry

    4. Skinny2Swole

      @Bill Dalton I took it, it was free…even that was too much.

  6. Skeptis Trader

    Why are “these people” never trading futures??
    All these internet scammer “make your life so great” people, and none of them trade futures.
    Really really funny.

    1. КЪОНАХ

      Stop trying to sell yourself, you make more money off of tutoring common techniques then you do trading with people like you that I despise.

    2. Bulls on Wall Street

      My mentor taught me stocks so thats what I traded! Nothing against futures but thats not my expertise.

  7. OfficeBear

    Cmon you should just be honest and say straight up that you started trading stocks because there’s so much profit potential and it’s so much less work than being an engineer for Ford.

    1. Teksal1

      D Choi- I think he meant ‘I have learned this so far in life and I am only 21.’ I think he agrees with you, he has his whole life ahead of him. ‘Hope so.

  8. Roma Sky

    lol another timothy sykes

    1. Kanacho Min

      DimebagVision for me, he is also a vulgar showman, he did things like buying car in cash which make it a little bit hard for me to like him.

    2. Anonymous

      Jarren Ong Sykes is legit. Check him out.

    3. Blade Runner

      A Jew and a Muslim.

    4. Check GS

      Mamduh Ziyad Atiyeh Shut your pie hole wang chung!!!!

  9. lapstreet21

    also this screams pyramid scheme

    1. Karma

      Bro we put a full 100k of our own money and invest.. No pyramid scheme.. we take risk and double up.. sometimes we go down but 80 percent of the time we make money.. thats how we do it.. we don’t start small..

    2. Bikerboi3 Projects

      Lol google what a pyramid scheme is before you talk…

    3. Dave.V

      Cody Banks where do I look though?

    4. Bill Dalton

      another dumbass.. take the course moron

    5. Teksal1

      Benjamin More – WTF?

  10. Miles Reto

    Get outa here with those half reps bench pressing. Move those safety bars man :p

  11. Bobby Insana

    Great video. Just started looking into day trading, a couple of weeks ago. Researching more and more everyday. Awesome mental advice too!

    1. David Samuel

      Bobby Insana he is a scam

  12. tom tom

    Guy makes most of his money selling ‘teaching’ as most do! Porsche and boat are all images of a successful life to ‘SELL’ his courses.

    1. Suleiman Peshawari

      Desi Dan Lok

    2. Nash Nasha

      stop being a hater he teaches people about his knowledge. Yes he is showing his lifestyle with the success he has whats wrong with that

    3. iLi Academy

      Should he take all his experience and give it away? He went thru the fire to get where he is. The great thing is he isn’t jaded and keeping it to himself. That’s why you don’t see other successful traders teaching. Students can be exhausting. This guy is special in that he is patient enough to work with people who need help. University professors make their living teaching. The university sells their knowledge. Why is any one of us who has amassed knowledge and can deliver it, not entitled to make a living from it?

    4. S.S Toor

      You are the same sort of person that says money doesn’t bring happiness, and all that bs just to convince your brain to not do anything but to think that everything is a scam. Even if he makes money throgh selling courses, doesn’t mean he is a scammer, Apple sells their $300 iPhone for $1k, nobody calls them a scammer.

  13. Maria Rocco

    True millionaire traders do not show their cars or boats on the internet. Only fake or wannabes traders do.

    1. JA CK

      Ben Tj there not trying to inspire they are trying to sell their products smh

    2. Andy

      FACTS, I know who whose a successful trader, but if you see the way he dresses there is no way you would think he is a top dog.

  14. banknotesandcoins

    trading is always risky. I’ve made 800$ in 12 hours but also lost 1500$ one day.

    1. GeneralGameplay

      stop losses are for idiots

    2. Samira Caruso

      @GandhiMahatma Agreed. @GeneralGameplay that’s like saying doing bungee jumping with a rope is for idiots. Wonder how your trading account looks like.

    3. Taine Garner

      Bulls on Wall Street what site should I use on my laptop ?? I’ve started learning and about to start my account just looking for the software to use

    4. Daksh J.

      Exactly , I made around 17k in 7 days in Bitcoin , but currently I am still making money bitcoin going down ( Btc Futures ) . Crypto is the way to go.

  15. porscheoscar

    reminiscences of a stock operator. read that it again. all successful investors have read the lessons and warnings in this book.

    1. K Mat

      It’s a good read but it’s not for beginners, Tape reading and market tactics is a better book to start with. But it’s a good book, Jesse Livermore is the best trader in my opinion, with Wyckoff being the best teacher.

    2. Bill Dalton

      Have you taken the course?

  16. A Dot

    If they make so much from trading why do so many of them start their own education bs scheme LOL

    1. John G

      i dont have access to that line, and they are very particular about who they let have accounts.

    2. Scooby Doo

      @John G Who is they? You seem very worried XD

    3. John G

      @Scooby Doo not worried at all, believe me, no issues here.

    4. Maxim Assiri

      It’s a new trend now going around the Internet bullshit courses praying on stupid people . Be careful guys real millioners are busy and don’t have time posting bullshit on YouTube.

  17. Joshua Santiago

    how did I end up with this on my recommendation I was watching travel videos and Minimallists travel still a cool vid

  18. M4 FI4

    Vendiendo cursos así se hacen ricos.

  19. Michael Stones

    This is a very nice and educative video, kudos to you. All you said made me remember what Sir William Beckford taught me while trading on my behalf. It has made me understand that the most important way to make it big in the market is with the guidance of a professional. You should make a video on Mr Beckford you know?

    1. Khadija Sutherland

      Most traders lose because they carry out trades on there own having little or no experience. I was once in such kind of situation till i came into the light by investing with an expert at this point i began to see how profitable trading was

    2. Michael Stones

      it’s basically having him trade on your behalf while he gets his commission from the profits he made for you. Mr william is realiable and can be trusted. Plus you don’t have to send him your deposit unlike most account manager that are only after your money.

    3. Michael Stones

      You can get in touch with him through mail MRWILLIAMBECKFORD @ g m a i l , c o m

    4. Michael Stones

      @Harry Gibson The answer remains that with the right guidance and strategy winning is not an option. Having an expert trade on your behalf have proven to be very effective in recent times

    5. Florry Young

      For beginners and those seeking to breakthrough from financial instability you can reach out to Mr William Beckford via mail. mrwilliambeckford @ g m a i l , c o m

  20. Ilmu Dunia

    Thank you for sharing your insight on life and trading..

    1. Bulls on Wall Street

      thankyou! appreciate that.

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