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49 Thoughts to “Day Trading Rules – Secret to Using Fibonacci Levels”

  1. tim johnson

    combined level 2 data makes this perfect thanks for the refressher

  2. Blessed Peace maker

    God bless you. your style shows how proficient and skillful you are. I feel more comfortable to listen more to you. Thanks

    1. Zoltán Norbert

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  3. xyz987123abc

    Barry one of the best yet I have found on the internet that explains how to place the start and ending point of the Fib retracement. Do you have a video or webinar that goes into more detail on how to start and end the Fib retracement; as you know get the placement wrong and the whole thing is wrong.

    1. Christian Schoen

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    2. Kosovo Report

      The book
      Fibonacci Retracements: Explained With Real Chart Examples For Trading And Investing
      Is also good and straight to the point for teaching and practicing Fib retracements with many examples from all markets.

    3. David Castro

      This video is valid, and the Retracement tool can be plotted on various different highs and lows, and should also be adjusted as Price Actions moves. Maybe my videos will help, since I’ve learned an amazing strategy.

  4. Marc Green

    Concise explanations, verbal presentation was crisp and clear…one of the best presentations I have witnessed

    1. Kosovo Report

      if you need more examples for pracice

      The book
      Fibonacci Retracements: Explained With Real Chart Examples For Trading And Investing
      Is also good and straight to the point for teaching and practicing Fib retracements with many examples from all markets.

    2. Kabour Redwan

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    3. László Hajnal

      @Kabour Redwan sent mail to the email few days ago, but no respond yet. you have any website link to visit strategy?

  5. ItzGanked

    For anyone wondering his “Cycle Indicator” is just a Stochastic RSI indicator, a simple google search will explain the study and most charting services will have it for free. Good video, but the “cycle indicator” is just advertising bait.

    1. Deepak Deepu

      Will this strategy work for indian market

    2. Hayden H

      @Deepak Deepu All strategies work some times.

    3. Usman Mustafa

      @Hayden Harris i totally agree with you hayden….👍

  6. Michel AKRAS

    Thank you. It is very clear, something I have never done: price level vs time. Just a question, the graph below is the RSI graph?

    1. Jai Goyal

      i think so- the 30 and 70 levela are marked as dotted lines so presumably yes

  7. Chef david stable Oboh

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    And thanks for sharing the Fibonacci strategy its insightful

  8. ali aljazeeri

    When you have a wabnar


    Thank you for the useful video! keep up the good work….

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    3. Murphy O'sullivan

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  10. PearlAbdul

    Hi Dr. Barry,
    Thanks indeed for your beautiful presentation.

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    5. Askin Leigh

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  12. Nyiko Jacob's

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  14. Jianxinzhu Zhu

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  17. Kendall Charles

    Wow, so simple!!!!!! Thanks!!!

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  19. mostafa nayl

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  20. Nosho Noya

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