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6 Thoughts to “Higher Highs Lower Lows Swing Highs Swing Lows Chart Candlestick Patterns Day trading futures”

  1. Jay Towie

    Bice set of vids SoT!

    I use HH and LL to detect the trend and for confirmation of trade entries but not much else. The most useful technical analysis for me is bullpips… (Check online for “Bullpips” for info).

  2. Jorge Ramirez

    When do you enter a trade? How many Higher Highs do you see before you place an order?

  3. Joseph James

    I enter the trade LONG when there is a Higher-High, followed by a Pullback in price. I will trade short when we see a Lower-Low and a retracement off the new lows. I teach ALL of my students exactly how to trade this. Come join our community of traders and let’s make some money together using this simple strategy.

  4. RonJen1080 p

    it is easy to trade range market

  5. 1 touch jo

    Brilliant I understand

  6. Cricket Fan

    How to join his trading room,anyone know?

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