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Exactly how I discovered to day trade in the stock market making use of ToS and also Robinhood. Learning from Day Investors as well as Swing Investors.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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74 Thoughts to “How I learned To Day Trade In A Week”

  1. Ricky Gutierrez

    Hey bud a member in our group shouted you out for making a great intro video. I want to thank you personally for labeling me and my YouTube community as a useful channel. In your opinion what are some areas of opportunity for our channel to provide more quality content for advanced users? We have 30k members with in our group and it’s no surprise a majority of them are new traders. Just wanted some feedback and to wish you good luck on your venture!

    1. rashid abdullatif

      ​@Robert J. duPreez You should explore the IQD STRATEGY FROM LUKASZ WILHELM, but a few words of caution though. Sometimes the signals are very clear, while at other times they are quite vague. I’ve learned long ago from Lukasz Wilhelm to enter trades only when the entry says “grab me by the face.” If Ifind myself squinting at a chart while trying to understand its signals, I flip the page and move to the next market. I can’t deny the fact that the IQD system is superb and Lukasz is the most selfless guy ever and his mentorship will help you and anyone else become profitable .

    2. Your Surgery Sister

      aluisious yes you can spend 12 hours a day on weekends learning to trade. There’s tons of simulated trading platforms that mimic days if the week. So you can practice and study anything the day or year

    3. Your Surgery Sister

      Don’t read after the 20th comment. It’s all spam after that lol

    4. Day Trading with Chris

      You should label mine as useful too, I will pay you more than Ricky did

  2. Elton John

    harry kane is smarter than he looks

    1. Victor Jacobs

      🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 I also though he was Harry Kane….. Apart from that great video. It’s very useful. Thanks

  3. Joe

    “I’m going to tell you about some stuff right now, but not actually explain how to do it” – Every video about stock trading.

    1. Schrute Farms

      He doesn’t want to spoon feed you the information. He wants you to research it for yourself. I don’t blame him. When I asked someone to mentor me in finance he told me to research like crazy

    2. MrCheeks

      Thomas Quick not true Ricky shares useful information as well as Moon3d

    3. Smart Jewelry

      Hes not going to tell you what to do lol people charge good money to share that info
      This video is free

  4. Dad Hats

    Instructions weren’t clear. Lost my house

    1. Your Surgery Sister


    2. ian stevenson

      I see a lot of persons going crazy for indicators but There is no substitute for human judgment. And that is why Likasz Wilhelm IQD strategy is the only way to make money from trading today. If you are losing and you don’t trade with Lukasz you are probably continue a losing trader. Try and see for yourself- You have nothing to lose and everything to gain .

    3. lobo 19

      Too conservative

    4. M.M

      Instructions unclear, lost my left kidney.

    5. Yiman He

      Dad Hats thanks for your lost 😂😂😂

  5. Monty D

    I used my Mother in Law as collateral..and I lost !……..I’m devastated of course.

    1. Alex Tubbs

      Please show me this method

    2. Auto Pilot Money Machine

      Pay her back.

      Use my website

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  6. Michael Thomas

    “I don’t have a lot of money” *sits in front of 3D printer* lol ok

    1. allaroundstudio

      I mean it is his career I hope he would invest in one

    2. Super Alpaca

      he is worker of manufacure company

    3. All heart,grit &grind


    4. Benny Blanco

      @luke Atkinson Dont contact that person Joseph… These comments are either from bot accounts or from people who are paid to leave these comments and “Joseph” is likely a scammer, you can tell by his email.

  7. P4P KING

    instructions not clear…lost foreskin

    1. That white Guy

      So, you’re saying you kicked your sister in the mouth?

    2. Lillian


    3. Devcalner

      @harry anderson r/whoooosh

  8. Miguel Mercado

    I invested all my money in Sears after watching this video

    1. swmann2

      I haven’t checked my Blockbuster Video investments lately.

    2. Damaris Morales


    3. bryan lopez


    4. Hussle And Inspire

      Guys he aint reply so.. atleast we know he lost his computer LOL

  9. Isaiah Gillette

    Stock market be like:

    3:49 “and it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems”
    6:10 “Now while this seems very simple, it’s not, it’s very complicated and takes lots of experience and understanding what you’re doing.”


    1. Valencia Dlamini

      🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    2. D F

      @Christopher Rosa Hah, I got some, DONT. Just kidding, first off, dont quit your day job, 2nd, save up shitloads of money, cause you are going to lose some, if not all, later. 3, learn all you can about the stock market learn about the tools and specifics of exactly what day trading is, and what it takes to succeed. Lastly, hook yourself up with a good day trading group that trades live, not one of these social media, I made 10 million by age 21, fly by night, Lamborghini (i trade from the beach on an iphone) sheisters. Get in with people who have decades of experience, and who will tell you how it really is, getting rich overnight is NOT how it is, I can start you off with that bit of knowledge. Oh, and last thing, buck up and grow a thick skin, day trading will take you on an emotional roller coaster that I doubt you have yet experienced, if you aren’t mentally tough, you will fail.

    3. Thoriso Molefe

      The set is open and closed.

    4. Borat

      TrueDepth what??

  10. The Monk Way - Stock Market Videos

    *It’s very cool that anyone can just start trading with Robinhood nowadays. We need 90% of the world investing, instead of the 50% we have now. Videos like this help the world be more open minded about trading.*

    1. That white Guy

      Yes! The more people involved the better chance of my success. Their demise helps ensure my rise hahahaahahahaahahah!!!!

    2. Xander Wilkie

      @raider2711 are you confident yet?

    3. Bradley Miller

      If you a beginning day trader struggling to make money day trading, or someone who has been day trading for a while now but having inconsistent results,you are not alone.  95% of day traders fail. It is our mission at Day Trading Expert to show you for only $10 a month how to follow a proven strategy for successful day trading that we have been using since 1997 to beat the market.  Check us out at and get a FREE stock from Robinhood when you signup using our link

    4. crownglory56

      @Xander Wilkie he probably got smoked and left

    5. Xander Wilkie

      @crownglory56 that is most likely the case. The fact that the statistic for that is the way it is is quite neat, you see that the way the stocks move and a lot of stuff taught is often true but it really just takes that right mind set.

  11. Doughboy

    This dudes got jimmy neutrons head

    1. Zaynah . Nicole

      Doughboy 😂😂

    2. Chun Chun


    3. Sean Owens


    4. Bryant Bett


  12. Sacreligious bong

    Why does he look like the bad guy from the incredibles 1?

    1. Qroz - Roblox Exploiter


    2. C Ch

      Eva Burnz. Get over yourself. Noticing resemblances in humans is part of our human nature. It’s not like they’re focusing on clothing, grooming or other nonsense.
      “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” Oscar Wilde can hardly he described as having a simple mind. But your inability to discern vapid focus on appearance from amused human nature to notice resemblances illustrates yours.

    3. Day Trading with Chris

      Because you smoked DMT

    4. Devcalner

      @KinG Dee 553 people disagree with you

  13. Justin Ramautar

    NOBODY on Youtube has taking their time to make such an understanding/ Basic video about Stock trading… My most deepest gratitute Man! Thank You very Much!!!

    1. No Thankyou

      And how are you doing in the market now?

    2. 267 -Cala

      Exactly ppl joking around too much

    3. Xander Wilkie

      People have actually. Patrick wieland does, the big difference is that Patrick has a better mindset.

  14. mat__6er

    Finally! we get to know what Harry Kane is doing when he is injured.

  15. john Dean conway

    Stop Slaving for little wages, forex trading is the real deal to start earning huge, I am currently learning and earning from a contract invested trade, humble beginnings so far. Additional credit from expert Anthony

    1. john Dean conway

      Pin Head you’re part of the majority who fall short of their goal.

    2. Omor Rahman

      Robin Nichols pip is the 4th decimal for a currency value (can also be 2nd if japanese yen) so if the GBP/USD is 1.3102 and goes to 1.3105 is has gone up by 3 pips. U get the idea.

    3. Ahmet Nuri kedici

      For me as I have income from my house as a rental I’m trying to make $1k/ week, preferably more than $200/day, but not pressuring myself. I have another 6months off work and I know pressure does not help my trading, so I’m moving forward being patient with expert Anthony. The last 2 weeks I have made $500/ week which is not enough, but a work in progress coming out.

    4. iSiomon [FEAR]

      @john Dean conway 20-50 pips in 1 week 😂😂😂

    5. iSiomon [FEAR]

      @Ahmet Nuri kedici fucking scammer

  16. Mike Banach

    “This YouTube channel isn’t going to turn into a stock market channel”

    20+ videos later:

  17. Elite Skillz234

    That’s exactly where I’m at! I started a week ago and just told my buddy about it, he interested too just in denial right now

  18. Nick Krikorian

    I dont have time to day trade…thats why i pay a company to do it for me

  19. Cavidan Memmedli

    My “Must Watch Playlist” doesn”t work

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