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How to set up a Simple Day Trading Station for Penny Stocks or Crypto Trading


Extremely basic actions to establishing a day trading computer or day trading work terminal. Discover what monitors, tools, wiring, computer, etc, that you will require to build a trading computer system. You can develop a terrific trading computer system for cost effective prices. It does not need to be expensive. You can have a trading computer system for day trading, swing trading, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, as well as more! Don't fail to remember to sign up for our channel!

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Hyperlinks of devices talked about (these are NOT affiliate web links, I'm not thinking about obtaining compensation if you individuals decide you desire them. They are simply for your referral):.

1. Asus USB Monitors 1080p:.
2. Lenovo y520 Video gaming Computer system with SSD as well as 16GB Ram:.
3. USB center (expansion cord):.

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As Day Traders as well as Swing Investors our mission is simple. We are trying to find stocks that we anticipate will certainly relocate a predictable instructions. We want to take a placement with a predefined stop level and revenue target. Appears simple right? In a great deal of methods it is. But there are actually thousands of different approaches for trading the market. Every investor has an one-of-a-kind approach to trading. Our objective is to teach you our methods. I have actually created a collection of profitable trading methods for novices. Our Trading Courses focus on the most fundamental facets of a successful trade.

// Chart Patterns.
After you understand risk management and also proper supply selection, we educate you exactly how to discover supply patterns on charts. These patterns are exactly how we base our risk and benefit. We look for chart patterns that have actually well defined areas of support and resistance. We will use previous assistance levels as our stop rate, or our danger, and we check out previous resistance locations as our preliminary revenue target, or our reward. If the profit vs loss ratio is 2:1 we will certainly take the profession. I teach both day trading strategies and swing trading techniques. For day trading we focus mostly on 5min charts while swing traders focus a lot more on everyday charts. The patterns generally coincide. I educate investors exactly how to locate patterns in real-time consisting of Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Apartment Tops, Flat Bottoms, as well as Rubber Band Turnaround Arrangements.

// Trading Techniques.
Understanding risk management, correct stock choice, as well as chart patterns is important, but those alone don't create a trading method. A trading approach requires information on the moment of day you take these trades, what type of supplies you like to trade, what percentage to success you anticipate. All our trainees are required to paper profession and also prove to me that they can trade on a percent of success that is high enough to justify actual trading. If you can not make money in a demo account, you have no organisation trading a real account. We have saved trainees hundreds of thousands of bucks by urging paper trading while they are discovering. The market will be right here for a long time ahead. The essential point for you right now is to develop the abilities to trade the market efficiently. You will certainly learn that once you possess the skills to constantly make $20.00/ day all it takes to make $200 is larger share size. Then all it requires to make $2000 is once again, larger share size. The hardest part is being consistently environment-friendly just $20/day. So that is our first target for every one of our pupils. Profitable trading 4/5 days per week for at least 3 months.

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71 Thoughts to “How to set up a Simple Day Trading Station for Penny Stocks or Crypto Trading”

  1. Gabe W

    You can also create virtual desktops so you don’t need as many monitors.

    As a side note, regarding your videos, I find that i have to jack up the volume on my receiver to hear your videos. Not sure why. I don’t have this problem with other you tube channels.

    1. Warrior Trading

      We’ll make sure to crank the volume up a bit on the next recording.

  2. David Lee

    I’m a trucker and so far in my rig I have a tablet for research and laptop for the screeners. Simple but I run coast to coast. Hoping to go full time trading by next year

    1. Dick Little

      It aint easy, but its fuckenworth it. Lol

    2. Why Me

      Driving while trading? Sounds safe to me

    3. Dick Little

      @Why Me truckers have a lot of down time too. They dont drive 24 hours a day.
      Before you nake ignorant comments, do a little research.
      Thanks bye.

    4. Young Black Conservative

      @Eagle i Trader Have you started trading yet?

  3. somethiNg

    Im gonna play fortnite pubg minecraft and cod at the same time

    1. SirBeardy

      somethiNg if you play something on it play something sensible

    2. ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒ

      @TheRealisticGamer no

    3. LogicallyGaming


    4. [Deleted]

      @Warrior Trading r/whoosh

    5. Xman44x

      The fact that your picture is Patrick, makes this comment funnier. 😂🤣

  4. Anonymous

    This dude ready for space travel

    1. Nathan 10196

      Aidan Paine Weir flex but ok

    2. Iqbal singh Randhawa

      @Tor Upton gx

    3. Z C

      Time travel as well

  5. NSA

    Just imagine gaming on this. The possibility are endless.

    1. Joderic

      CHAOTIC RAIIZ idk could be multiple cheap graphics cards

    2. Cam Bar

      Joderic exactly. You could grab some old hd5450’s for next to nothing and run 9 monitors if you had enough pcie slots. You couldn’t game in them though.

    3. pat dereck

      I could watch euphoria, rance 01, oni chichi, and kuroinu at the same time

    4. 20 16

      @pat dereck porn

    5. Travi_Plays_Roblox_Yt My gosh

      NSA I would been happen now I would have 190- ping every time I played fornite

  6. Preston Matheny

    real simple

    *looks at thumbnail*

  7. KronosGT

    This isnt simple that’s like $3,000+

    1. Michel Bruns

      Rodrick H Smokes Dank I am interested how did u came on 17k??

    2. MrSteffj Music

      @Michel Bruns He just did, don’t question him.

    3. Not all Gaming

      with 1850 and Amazon i have a better PC. with one screen :p for trading is important 0 lag not multiscreen.

    4. Jorge Flores

      That’s like 20000

  8. Dorian W.

    Lol I just clicked for The set up

    1. Warrior Trading

      It’s a pretty cool setup!

  9. DarkAngelusV

    2 desktops, 3 laptops, 13 screens
    + moar


    1. Mo_hassan500

      So cheap

    2. Travi_Plays_Roblox_Yt My gosh

      I can’t even buy 1 laptop

    3. Jack West

      Types moar

    4. seacraxt


  10. soulseeker

    Lol, been trading for 5 years and all I use is my one labtop. Don’t need all those screens, lol.

    1. oNebulaz

      soulseeker teach me

    2. Daniel Scutaru

      @oNebulaz he didn’t said that is earning money lol

    3. David Castle

      Same here i make my money between 8 30 and 9 30 then i leave.

  11. Hello There

    “Simple” with 9 monitors with different stuff on each of them

    1. The mad king Aerys

      Never trust a dude with a ponytail.

    2. Compliment Thief

      The mad king Aerys lol, like you totally missed the ginger hair dude. Never trust a man with ginger hair!

    3. CanucksFanBoi

      Lol this guy is a clown

  12. Oinnk

    Who else saw the thumbnail and said, “That’s simple?!?”

    1. PEM DAX

      Bolt Oinnk ikr

    2. Frostxz

      It’s ok he’s just flexing

  13. _Penguins

    I was really hoping you were talking about CS:GO trading

    1. K. H.

      AHAHAHAHAH !!!!!

  14. O Ez

    This man should not talk about computers ever

    1. Philip Schmid

      True, use a USB Hub and plug 4 monitors in using 1 USB Port. Just draw 4 times the power so the monitors will never run. Great idea.

    2. Kevin Push

      No no no no, NO!
      This is like the Verge PC building video.
      You don’t need a overpriced, led overloaded gaming pc/laptop. You want actually want a work station.


      Cam Bar maybe generating hashes with it?! *shrugs shoulders*

    4. Mike

      Look at all the tools in this comment section. None of them making ANY money in the market.

    5. koh invest

      OMG I’m laughing like a mad man.

  15. Heetee Heetee

    Did you learnt all of that from the Verge?

  16. OzarkoBlam

    “How to make simple trade station”
    Me: sees thumbnail. “Riiiiiiight….”

    1. Warrior Trading

      Hey Trevor, even if you only are able to have 1 or 2 monitors this will still give you a good idea of where to start. My setup has been something I have added to regularly over my trading career.

  17. jaap van der sluis

    “simple” you mean a complete NASA base

  18. Marti Warda

    how to set up a trading station:

    open your computer
    open your trading app or whatever
    if you need to look at more than one window: use split screen or alt+tab (don’t spend 2000$ on monitors

    thank me later

    1. Crazy Crooker


  19. NightCyberツ

    “Real simple”


    1. Warrior Trading

      Hey Night, 9 monitors are not required to get started. Most of our students get started with just 1-2 monitors. To get started with Warrior Trading join us in our next webinar! It’s free to join and sign up and you will receive a copy of Ross’ best-selling eBook “How To Day Trade” just for attending! Sign up here:

  20. Ben Holland

    “Solid state hard drive”

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