How To Understand & Trade w/ Heikin-Ashi Candlestick Charts/Indicators: Chart This! w/ Gary Wagner


We're learning the Heikin-Ashi candle holder charting technique/indicator in our latest installation of "Chart This!" with Gary Wagner of The Heiken-Ashi technique is often considered to be a "premium" type of candle holder, as well as can be commonly located in numerous technical, futures trading approaches. Wagner takes us through it all in this follow-up to his previous technical charting lessons, and also clarifies the Heikin-Ashi technique with clarity. Get on the look-out for our following lesson in charting the marketplaces. Kitco News, July 19, 2012.– Agree? Disagree? Sign up with the conversation @ The Kitco Forums as well as be part of the premier on-line area for rare-earth elements capitalists:– Or sign up with the conversation on social media sites: @KitcoNewsNOW on Twitter:– Kitco News on Facebook:

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20 Thoughts to “How To Understand & Trade w/ Heikin-Ashi Candlestick Charts/Indicators: Chart This! w/ Gary Wagner”

  1. Dr Heisenberg Bombay

    What platform are the charts on? And what software did he use to draw the lines and circles?


    @garywagner very good presentation. I thank you because I always wanted to know this type of charting!

  3. Brandon Holsey

    Great info! Thanks Kico 😉

  4. Brandon Holsey


  5. Brandon Holsey

    Gary reminds me of Chris Farley

  6. MrVocalBaby

    Great vid, thank you!!

  7. mclaren855

    awesome, thanks

  8. S P

    AHHH Heikin, Your such a beauty!!

  9. sky view

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  10. simon brent

    Good presentation

  11. liverma88

    thank u for sharing this with the newbie! You just expanded my sunny horizon.

  12. lordrockable

    Please provide more videos like this, and in the future you can get into more advanced trading methods, THAT will be more than great. Thank you.

  13. lordrockable

    Yeah right, and a proof of how successful the system is, that you’re here spamming YouTube with it! Yep, certainly proves to me how successful you are! what a joke

  14. Freezer Dweller

    damn she is hot

  15. DJ Naydee

    Great vid, thanks guys

  16. King Stalder

    This is not news. All of your videos are OLD

  17. Eva Sawicka

    Do you have a script that would capture the Heikin Ashi buy signal (in TOS, etrade, etc)?

  18. adsvers cop

    Thank u Gerry!

  19. Md. Elias

    Thank You Gerry…

  20. l jessel

    2017 and Daniella is still as hot as ever

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