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Learn to Day Trade – Beginners Lesson 1 of 8


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Learn How to End Up Being a Better Day Investor
In no other way is day trading stocks simple. That stated, as a beginner trader, you can pick up from the blunders of others and conserve a great deal of cash. At Investors Underground, we educate traders to refine their trading approaches and optimize their prospective to earn money in the stock exchange. While this is not a science, we count on particular concepts to add even more framework to the relatively disorderly markets.

Technical Analysis as well as Chart Analysis
We utilize pattern acknowledgment techniques to develop high chance trading chances. By evaluating stock charts and also market data, we can take the emotion out of day trading as well as increase our probabilities of making money out there. These concepts are talked about in-depth in our instructional trading courses.

What is Day Trading
What is momentum
Danger Vs Compensate
Reading charts

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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23 Thoughts to “Learn to Day Trade – Beginners Lesson 1 of 8”

  1. Brion Unger

    Cam you are one of the best teachers in the game. Much appreciated for this!

  2. Rene Mauricio Bermudez

    “Cutting out all the bullshit.” The sound of it, was classic! Thanks for the training and the laughs along the way.

    1. Bernardin Honkpo

      Rene Mauricio Bermudez vnk77u

  3. Gregory Arrindell

    Although not at the beginners level, as an introduction into stock trading 101, it was very thorough, no BS.

  4. Allen Hackworth

    It is so impressive that the narrator takes his time to teach other — and for free. His voice is pleasant, and he communicates well. It is easy to see that he is intelligent and well informed. But when he starts talking about patters, and when he starts drawing his example lines, he jumps into a new vocabulary, a new language, and his narration becomes heavily filled with JARGON. So many teachers forget that beginner don’t know this new language. The narrator talk about short trades and long trades. These terms were never defined. When dealing with technical information, a presenter should remember that beginners are intelligent but UNINFORMED. Nevertheless, with appreciation and gratitude, I will spend a lot of time with this series of teaching videos.

    1. Dairo Peguero

      Allen Hackworth huhyk

    2. PAP3RMAN 732

      Allen Hackworth Thanks Allen

  5. Ken Holland

    “Traders with no support network: 90% fail” That woke me up! I can’t do this on my own. Thanks IU.

  6. Rache!

    This has helped me so much! Thank you!!!!

  7. Shane Davey

    Amazing stuff – where my journey began

  8. Seth Lyons

    Rank this up their with “the intelligent investor” a great piece of literature

  9. joAmo

    Thank you for making the effort and time to establish such a setting. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher we appear’ please keep it up. I agree with you 💯 so far!

  10. Angel Reyes

    Yooo you are The One !!!

  11. Eray Acar

    I watched these videos and they were great when I started my trading life almost 2 years ago.

  12. Mrigank P.

    I love the graph chat showing the High Probability Setups.

  13. Sam Adkins

    Amazing video! How can a younger person get started quickly? I’m still in highschool and wanna start early 🙂

  14. Ivelisse Woods

    I need a course like this that is more geared to my level.

  15. marvin hemsworth

    I love how clear and easily you make it to understand, im going to enjoy learning more !

  16. TxdoHawk

    Wow, this actually seems like a pretty comprehensive, thorough series! Bookmarking the rest for later…

  17. Marlon Laurente Olivera

    I really enjoy how you walk me through through trades.. I really learned a lot

  18. Izzy Bambino

    Making Big Movoes 2019

  19. Dante R

    Is it still relevant to watch now in 2019?

  20. lauren joe

    Great content, I’ve really made good income trading forex, I never saw that coming.

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