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Rs. 4 Lakh Profit in a Single Day | Crazy Trading by a 22 Year Old –


Rs. 426,000/- Profit in Intraday Trading in a Solitary day!!! Crazy but Intelligent Trading by a 22 Year Old.
Kuntal Ghosh is just one of our Youtube Channel fans, that purely adheres to finance as well as Danger to award. Who always patronizes Stop Loss as well as Take profit, and also keeps tracking his preferred stocks prior to participating in a trade for weeks …
Currently he appears to be on the path of coming to be a good specialist trader … as well as I am so happy with it …
My desire for making international fund managers in India got a shot in the arm with this testimony … I am so delighted …

In this video we will see his Live Declaration, examine it, see the set up he utilizes, the positives of this kind of trading as well as the obstacles in this kind of trading … This study will assist every trader that wishes to trade methodically … so don't miss this.

Desiring you all the very best …

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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60 Thoughts to “Rs. 4 Lakh Profit in a Single Day | Crazy Trading by a 22 Year Old –”

  1. Shalabh Dikshit

    Love you sir…😎🤘🏻💸 u r amazing 🙂🙏🏻

  2. Ali Abbas

    Thanks Sir 🙂
    we dont need DVD, All video avl at youtube 🙂 we need your 2 or 3 videos every week bus 🙂
    Sir Plz koi proper long team forex trading strategy pe video playlist banae…

  3. Kuntal Ghosh

    Last but not the least if there is any genuine critcizer of me here thanks to him and her,I would love to talk with him because complimentors will see only you are positive and will inspire you to go forward but only an crticizer will tell you are faults and will help you learn from you are mistake which will be best thing to success for in the long run

    1. A. Rakshat

      Kuntal bhai, can u tell that broker name , through you traded your total orders….

    2. Ajay Chavan

      Kuntal sir no issue…m with u..i wanna learn from u..plz share ur no sir ..ajay my no 8180820439

    3. abhijit khare

      bhai tumne paisa bhi toh daala hai itna jyada ye toh dekh le phele bro

    4. Subhajit Som

      This guy is betting on extremely high risk market momentums. Even if one accounts for stop loss for 2 rs on the trades , on what calculated risk can one assume the stock to trade at a profit margin of 3.5 to 6 times on the next bend ?

  4. Prateek Dilip Halwe

    You mentioned Kuntal was watching his favorite stocks for almost two weeks. In that duration what are the things we should focus upon to predict the future valuation of those stocks?

  5. nikhil dunge

    adverd jee awesome. knowledge you are spreading ,I am regularly watching your vedio.
    if possible make a video on MACD.please.thank you.

  6. Kuntal Ghosh

    How many of you here wanting a video on fundamental analysis…just comment

    1. Chetan Maney

      9738253251 send me

    2. Swapnil Ambekar

      please i am waiting 👍

    3. chirag shekhava

      I need

  7. Kuntal Ghosh

    many are sending me friend request in FB and here over different topics in share market…I have tried to help many…but it’s escalating if you all want help just like this comment if it’s more than 20 I will start a FB page and help you all…

    1. Sam Sapastian

      Kuntal Bhai Investment Kitna Kiya Tha Isk Alawa Aapka Trading Record Kaisa Raha Ek Din Me To Trading Judge NH Kr Skte Over All Trading Ka Batawo Ek Din Me Forex Me Mai Bhi 5 Lacs Kama Chuka Hun

    2. aarusshh YT

      Yes star please sir

    3. Santosh Rathor

      @advaali no brother I just cross checked about your point and found both page industries and indigo aviation were traded in the range which he traded but in case of L&T it never touched 1600 level so it’s confusing but 1 point is in may 2017 L&T gave bonus so stock price splited so it’s not fake

    4. Abhishek Sharma

      ye beginners k liye nhi hai.
      4000 shares buy krne k liye rokda v to hona chaiye…….good video good strategy. i appreciate it.

    5. Dharmraj Dahiphale

      @Shivam Singh it is not field it is the open ground… For intelligence. 👍

  8. Mihir Soni

    +marketgurukul Hello Sir. We have became a successful trader by your guidance. Now we need your guidance for investing in long run, like Warren Buffet & Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, plz make a video on investing if possible.

    1. Mehad jatt

      @vishal vishal anbe chal fake tu hai… mein nai jake pta kar i max solution company hai karle pta 6 % de rahi hai… and muje isse koi profit nai hai waise v log isme paisa lgakar apna paisa duba rahe hai jisko nai pata iske bare mein. Isse asha hai ki kisi company kr sath hi kro …. i max company hai jo with legal stamp paper deke 6% deti hai every friday… jake khud pata karo…. dekho net par..

    2. pradeep agarwal

      @Mehad jatt mere baap ne to nahi kamaya hai lavdu
      Or tere baap ne to 0.6% bhee nahi kamaya hoga
      Chutyia kahi ka

    3. Mehad jatt

      @pradeep agarwal tu hai hai hi chutiye ki ulaad tumhe pata hi nai ki is duniya mein 6% v deti hai company. Abbe lode gande beej akal ke dhakaan madrchod pille log 10% v le rahe hai …wo company par depend karta hai.. tu 10000 dega tumhe company weekly 600rp degi sale wo trader log hai 1 din ki trade mein 10000 ka 20000 bana lete hai tu unko tu 600rp hi dena hai apne investor ko… sari umr dhakkn hi rahega tu…😁🖕🖕

    4. pradeep agarwal

      @Mehad jatt
      Sab chutyie hai
      Tu gaandu hai kya

      Gaand se nikla hai tu

    5. Mehad jatt

      @pradeep agarwal apni introduction dena band kr ki kaha se nikla hai tu… dafa ho b.ka

  9. Kuntal Ghosh

    MY FB name is Kuntal Pallabi Ghosh, Pallabi is my mother’s name I am proud of her…

    1. Deepak prajapati

      @Yash trivedi what is your ? Bro plz tel i have ICICI derect bhut mehnga he

    2. Usama Trader

      @Kuntal Ghosh sir ap jis time frame pr kam krte ho 1hr 4hr ya day ?

    3. Anam Laskar

      Is trade se pehle aapka account balance kya tha?

    4. life guru

      Kuntal Ghosh ui

  10. Akshay kaur

    if leverage is assumed 20 for equity still it is 3.75 lakh rupees
    i saw first time 22 year old guy trading intraday with 3.75 lakh rupees

    1. deepak sharma

      I had 8.5 lakhs in my trading account when i was 22

    2. mahek faldu

      Did you calculate page industry ??

    3. Parvathi Hosmath

      Arun Mano my

    4. Anon Anon

      i had 30 lakh when I was 22…but never traded like him😂😂😂

    5. Naba Kishor

      It seem that he over trader…
      Impulsive trading..

  11. Dwarak Natekar

    Awesome place to understand trading, Sir👍

  12. FuturoGenetic

    yes he risked 2 cr to make 4 Lakh …2%profit…i cant understand why people say great….comment

    1. Anshul Sabhlok

      and a 22 Year old chap doesnt have capacity to risk 2 crores ! fuddu video

    2. Anshul Sabhlok

      1st thing the stocks he is taking about doesnt have liquidity for buying so may shares at 1 price.. on top of that keeping SL of 2rs ??? lolz

    3. fun tooz

      tum MA kasam chutiya ho

    4. Dhananjay Patil

      Anshul Sabhlok, true… it’s nearly it’s impossible to survive with 2 Rupees SL with a share price above 1000…LOL

    5. gaurav patil

      @Dhananjay Patil
      Yaaa..true..may be he gambled it..

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    1. mukesh

      Sir mai guarantee ke sat pr day 2,000/ 3000/ ka profit deta hu call 9929886502

    2. mukesh

      Anil Panwar sir aap trading krtai h

    3. Shobhit Sniper

      mukesh bhosdi k scammer sale

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  14. satyendra verma

    सर आज मैंने आपके 4, 5 वीडियो देखें और
    आपका ऐप डाऊनलोड किया
    मुझे ऐसा लगा कि अब तक मेने लाइफ का एक बड़ा हिस्सा व्यर्थ गवां दिया है
    ऐसा लगा कि अब मुझे एक सही मार्गदर्शक मिल गया है

    1. Yogesh jadav

      Koinsa app h sir

  15. Rahul Dhangar

    Very useful video Edward G! I’m happy to see that you are inspiring youngsters like Kuntal to be more confident in their trade setups. Kuntal, you’re an amazing trader bro, my respect!

  16. anuj moral

    Sir I am new in this field help me where I can open him demat account

  17. sagar m

    Having 2 crores in his account and trading 4 to 5 different stocks in a day and keeping stop loss like 2 to 5 points . aye man he is still not matured , he should only focus on one or two stocks daily which is best of best stocks like TCS . in that case I make more than 10 lakhs per day in one stock . his futures looks so negative side in stock market . this not a dope .

    1. Arbaaz Torgal

      ya bro i made 1300 rs with 400rs capital in bank nifty that more than 200%, and with 2 cr. he is make 4L, which i have seen many peoole making with 8-7L in BN expiry. my friend made 215,000 with 62k capital in bn.

    2. sagar m

      @Arbaaz Torgal you can make money in options but it’s not secure one and investing thousands in options is not recommended. If you have money in lakhs ,only play in best of best stocks in nifty 50. No matter what others say. Keep growing

  18. Subhasish Nayak

    sir Kay muje a DVD set denge ap — ( a DVD set dene se mera kuch help Hoya jayega ) thank you God bless you and your family

  19. Boofer

    Your teaching style is really very good i am well able to understand each and every concept

  20. Megha Gupta

    I want this CD, how can i achieve

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