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The REAL TRUTH About Life as A Day Trader Lifestyle


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This is the REAL REALITY about life as a day trader. I'm not holding absolutely nothing back in this one! LOL … As you can see, this is a little an apology. Yet. We sure had a good time filming this. Which is also like day trading … ENJOYABLE!

If you work a 9-5 work more than likely its boring as well as you are working LONG HOURS. I traded for 90 minutes in the morning. Made my money. And had time to fire this whole video clip the remainder of the day. This is just an instance of the day in the life as a day trader.

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47 Thoughts to “The REAL TRUTH About Life as A Day Trader Lifestyle”

  1. Malik Koné

    I think the real truth is that you NEED to fail to succeed in that game.

    1. Green Market 420

      Yes! This is the sad truth! Failures is the key to success! Being a successful stock trader you need to know these things first. –

    2. paul k

      True first 2 years lost 15 grande ,3rd year broke evenish,you will pay for the expiereance

    3. Nephilibata

      @paul k I lost 15k too. Wish me luck from here

    4. Ahmed Essadki
      Amazing Go Go 💣💣

  2. Vhertued

    “This blade given to me by the masters of ebay” *LOL*

  3. whoispriest

    nice video but com on, nobody needs thirty indicators on a monitor. that’s for show

  4. Exaco

    Makes 70k in a month, sells webinars.
    SCAM CONFIRMED -> All income is from webinars.

    1. alloy

      Exaco if u‘re rich, the smartest thing to do is open up a business, to get another way of income, incase his trading success suffers

  5. Rami Sawai


    1. Barbara Araojo

      Trading is not scamming…

  6. Tietokonehuolto Apache

    Another “guru” in YouTube trying to sell a magic system by showing luxury life. Probably everything is rented for the video marketing. This people don’t trade they make more money by selling courses or magic systems

    1. Gustavo Carvalho

      @MrGrindtime00 you Sir is a wise man

    2. Petr Novák

      But judging by the fact, that they actually do some live streams of how they trade, its probably not 100% true. Im too bothered to look up more of them, but… they did some and they did make some cool figures in the opens.

  7. Thinking in the name

    Is this a parody?

    1. Hayden H

      Parody and the videos are a way of making some pin money, just like most of this format though some people are drawn into shams in some cases

  8. Vladimir Popovic

    Trading stocks and forex is a long term process, not get rich over night. It requires knowledge, patience and experience. Work smart

    1. kevin Opara

      k 21 how?? Text on Instagram?

    2. hunted

      And precious metals gold vs USD

    3. TheBlaZe FM

      @Jesus Ramirez i bet you blew that account if it was real lol

    4. Don Julio

      I disagree I traded stock options and made 10 grand in 20 minutes and got rich overnight.

    5. hunted

      @Don Julio 💯💯💯

  9. Anton Villarina

    one hour a day?.. he’s just selling his system..that’s why he ‘s doing youtube…

    1. Germanio the Smart-Alec


    2. dadodo mati

      Doing just 1 hour is what you need to stay out of bank rout

    3. Hayden H

      @Cameron Fous I understand Cameron but the product is still false even if you get 10 trillion views. It’s a nice video but its fiction.

    4. Emre Güldür

      You should fight with that fat asian guru who looks like Kim Yon Ung I forgot what his name is. It would be great content for your youtube marketing

  10. Ired Anjum

    This guy legit looks like Chris from Love Island season 1

  11. Roleswap

    Who tf shotguns like that 😂

  12. Cha Cha

    “The Real Truth”? Come on man, People can easily find a lot of channels here saying exactly the same things as well as asking them to enroll in their class, and achieve this ”Trade a few minutes a day” and go enjoy those Sunset surrounded by booties.

  13. orirosi

    The ABSOLUTE LIE about life as A day Trader lifestyle

  14. rhythmandacoustics

    Real rich people hide their wealth and don’t advertise it. Be careful of people showing wealth, because it is mostly out of debt!!!

    1. Jizo Muli

      @jose marin …..why low income middle school teachers? Why not just low income people?

    2. Midas Sandahl

      No, hes using his wealth to make even more lol, which is a smart move

    3. Ratna Prakash

      this statement is worth of billion dollors
      fully agreed !

    4. TheFavoriteColors

      @Pan Pan You guys are just gonna make assumption just because you think everyone has to be poor like you, and its not like hes flashing the most craziest things in the world, what he travels, has a nice car, has a boat, anyone with a decent income can do pretty much the same thing

  15. Sparro

    Rented holiday accommodation. Leased car. Scammer.

    1. Cody Sisler

      a leased car is smart when owning a business….

    2. idktriple6

      @Cody Sisler A leased car is for stupid people. Keep telling yourself that uneducated fool.

  16. Stephen Jacoby

    “Secret to success”😂 cool video, well done.

  17. john Dean conway

    Most developing traders tend to think in terms of how much they can earn from a trade while professional tend to think in terms of money management, of course it’s a trader psychology. I believe learning from someone advanced your mindset and system of approach

    1. Dave Gustavo

      I am encouraged, Don’t lose focus from the bright side of trading online, I have learned a lot from experience. Trusting someone online to do the job is hard but definitely the right way to go about it, at the end we all need guide eventually to succeed.

    2. jessica megan

      This is great buddy, I will act accordingly and contact Anthony.i am very glad for your recommendation

    3. Victoria Kokka Olsen

      I do have a great experience and impact with expert anthony, that is proven reliable to guide you through forex trading, His professional attributes on my trade helped me make £27,000 trading with an initial deposit of £3,500 investment. I am trading with his accurate signal to enhance my ROI, now I have my own personal bitcoins and making big profits in trading. this is the only fun I have earning more money online.

    4. Victoria Kokka Olsen

      Yet I am graced with another positive outcome, just keep putting a smile on my face.

  18. Idriss Trading

    Très bonne vidéo 🔥

  19. Cameron Fous

    Learn How I Created Videos Such as this one, Blew my brand up on Youtube and Make $50k+/month Selling Digital Products and Services .. Free Training HERE

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