The Ultimate Candlestick Charts (Trading Course for Beginners)


Discover just how to check out candlestick charts like a professional trader even if you have absolutely no trading experience.


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26 Thoughts to “The Ultimate Candlestick Charts (Trading Course for Beginners)”

  1. Qamar Farid

    Rayner! I’m just out of the words.. your dedication, discipline, and courage to provide knowledge in that much depth is really admirable. you’re the best teacher in the world. 🙂 (y) .. please keep on working like this, love you so much. (y)

    1. Rayner Teo

      Thank you, Qamar Farid. I appreciate it!


    A great video for’s worth more than money can buy..thanks a lot for such a great video..

    1. Rayner Teo


  3. Srinivas Rao

    Use the word which candle u r using I.e day week or hour.
    So, that we can get better idea about u r trainings.

  4. Johnathan Grey

    Wow. I think you just saved everyone 25k, a semester’s worth of college.

  5. Pieter Scheepers

    S U P E R usefull !! Thanks for making this video!!

    1. Rayner Teo

      You’re welcome, Pieter Scheepers!

  6. Rayner Teo

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    1. Johnathan Grey

      I’m gonna do that right now.

    2. cryptomavic 1

      Love your videos bro….I’m more of a crypto trader but like ur style bro

  7. Vijay Mane

    Rayner, you are simply great! This is great video for beginners and advance candlestick learners. Keep doing the good work! Thank you so much for helping us!!

    1. Rayner Teo

      You’re welcome, Vijay Mane!

  8. OfficialZeusMusic

    One of the best videos ive seen in my life! Thank you for all the value

  9. Pennie Mae Cartawick

    Finally, someone I can understand. I watch all his video’s. Like the fact that he repeats things to drill it into your head lol. Thanks Rayner. 🙂

  10. Abdul-Qader Ali

    Great video Rayner. Very helpful and a great teacher to beginners. Keep up the good work.

  11. Anusha Gihan

    Thankyou very much rayner teo..your the best👍💪

  12. steven haglund

    best video i have watched so far great job thank you..

  13. Freddy Co

    Love your videos, Rayner! Thank you for the knowledge

  14. Yadeep Reddy

    Excellent,your a great guy for sharing this knowledge

  15. derock5244

    This was my first video with Teo, I love this guy. Looking forward to checking out some more.

  16. Zaki Abdelqader

    Wonderful and useful lesson
    Could Heiken Ashi indicators play a clearer trend direction identifier as well shows clearer Swing Highs & Lows ??


  17. rajini boss

    Hey hey.. Rayner.. U have a better art of teaching.. Keep going..

  18. ab9ice

    Finally gaining confidence with your videos in fx trading again, God bless you Teo…looking forward to more of your videos….have watched half of your videos already in a space of weeks.

  19. Pro Quant

    Thank u raynner u r the best

  20. faryam nilashi

    god bless you’ brother. tnx for teaching

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