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Day Trading Setup & Station with Dell 43″ 4k P4317q Monitors That Costs $10,000


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Here is my Ultimate Day Trading Setup and also Station! With 2 Dell 43" 4k P4317q displays, Evodesk Stand up Workdesk, Loctek D7 Gas springtime display places, As well as MSI ws60 Workstation. SEE FULL FACTS;.

I am an experienced stock investor of ten years. I developed the Fous4 method as well as I educate Day Trading strategies for beginner to intermediate traders. We have the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Group strives for your success.

I focus on part-time energy trading strategies consisting of swing-trading as well as day-trading both long and also brief.

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5 Steps to Start Day Trading Stocks:.
Why I am Not a "Cent Supply Investor":.
My Fave Trading Software Application:.
My Fave Charting Scanning Software Program:.

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35 Thoughts to “Day Trading Setup & Station with Dell 43″ 4k P4317q Monitors That Costs $10,000”

  1. Eric Hughes

    i might get that desk next year its actually really sweet. im 6’4 so i dont fit in most desks or chairs thanks for the tips

  2. The Day Trader

    Nice to see another daytrader here!

  3. Above and Beyond Realty LLC

    Love the setup (Nice and Clean)… it has inspired me to upgrade my chair and desk.

  4. Sebastien Prefontaine

    Chair is definitely the most important part! I like the DXRacer series myself.

  5. Kristian S

    He he, I was trading PTX that day too 🙂 What a coincidence lol

  6. Devansh Tiwari

    hey can you tell me which software do you use for trading?

  7. Jeffyneedsanap

    Whether you agree with it or not, this is a slick set up. I dig.

  8. Anony Must

    Thanks for the video, great setup. Putting together my system now and appreciate the vid.

  9. Kevin Schart

    i trade on a 13″ laptop

    1. Fluctuation

      almost the same here, Trading on the New Razer Blade

    2. sambo

      definitely invest in larger monitors. you will be amazed at the difference in detail you can see and your trading results will greatly improve. i have a HP laptop and two 19″ imac monitors for trading

    3. Lionel M

      Thumb x999999

    4. Brennan Bennett

      I trade on my galaxy s9+

  10. Stock Jock

    Wait, you have two 43″ monitors with a computer to match, yet you video edit on a much slower laptop with a much smaller screen. That’s just dumb in my opinion.

    1. Vripiat Buzoi

      Agree. Would never use a laptop for editing when I have 2 43″s

  11. The Happy Hour Hound

    Has anyone ever seen any financials or proof of trades from this guy yet?

    1. Washington Consultants

      Good point. No one should be allowed to post these ridiculous videos unless they provide links to their financials and income taxes!

      Or should not pose next to a fancy car unless he is holding the car title to it.

    2. Robert Bechsgaard

      Washington Consultants I really hope you’re joking

    3. Scooby Doo

      He doesn’t have to post anything. 9000$ is very possible. However I understand your doubts but reaching his level takes years of losses and studying the markets. He is not an overnight success. Plus, if you have doubts, why not do extensive research on things that actually matter instead of debating whether he and his PnL are real or fake?

    4. Linval Williams Jr.

      what? lol hate at its finest@Washington Consultants

  12. Financially Free

    i would love to game on this set up

    1. Daryl Haaland

      I might consider that … if I wasn’t already writing my own ninjascript strategy and custom indicator code. it’s awfully nice to have the keys and knowledge so that you can literally write exactly the automated code you need to make the strategies you conceive work exactly the way you want. Strategy analyzer is pretty freaking fantastic as a 3 dimensional graph too. neat as hell to put in two parameters at a time and figure out progressively what is the best of the best to apply to an automated strategy. Coolest of all is figuring out how to eliminate false signals. I don’t need co-workers, or office politics, and my friends don’t need to be traders either.

    2. bill stock

      now your talkin!!

    3. lefter tiberiu vlad

      This was great, thanks, I’ve been looking for “i want to start trading stocks” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Fiyayla Tradify Planner – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

    4. XenoContact

      That would be a waste of a perfectly well made setup.

  13. John Davis

    Thats hilarious, I can get two 43″ monitors brand new for $1200 now after just a year… these times are crazy.

  14. George Alder

    Hi Cameron
    Awesome videos! Keep up the great work!
    I Just had a question:
    I’m currently thinking about starting to trade independently on forex, however I’m a complete beginner. I was just wondering if it is absolutely necessary to have experience working in an investment bank before considering trading independently?
    I hope to learn the skills of trading through your workshops and other online courses/tutorials etc. But I have no experience working at investment banks. Is this a problem?

  15. Chris R

    I lost interest when I heard the music

  16. Hayden Harris

    It is a lovely set up but I would expect to see this type of video from an 18 year old who is excited cos he has just spent his Birthday Money!

  17. Alphonse Capone

    He can keep the fancy equipement for all I care, I just want that view. :O
    Great stuff man!

  18. BisserS

    Tell me please, manufacture you keyboard

  19. Ice Maker

    Good for him…
    But the biggest pros I know of… The ones that are making a min of 10k+/day usually use a 15″ laptop… And don’t broadcast on TV..😂

    1. Ethan R

      This guy doesn’t even trade anymore lol

    2. johnny walker

      The biggest pros you know are Instagram fakes. Dont believe that fake lifestyle with just a laptop you can win 10k per day. Otherwise financial institutions would be a joke, and their traders wouldn’t have the setups they have. Please step in a real prop trading firm before saying stuff like that

  20. Cameron Fous

    Learn How To Blow Up Your Brand On Social Media and Scale to $50k+/Month Selling Your Digital Courses, & Info Products! Free Masterclass 🧠

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