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DAY TRADING With Legend Stephen Kalayjian!


I had the advantage of investing a day with Stephen Kalayjian in his Danbury office trading area, to watch him (as well as his 50+ displays) in action. Stephen is survive on his system daily from 9am-4pm, register for his online space to hear him call out his futures, Foreign exchange as well as equities/ supply trades everyday!

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83 Thoughts to “DAY TRADING With Legend Stephen Kalayjian!”

  1. Jordan Fogel

    nice video although Steve is selling his chatroom/course the entire video lol

    1. Bob J

      Sochinda Say go to tictoc . Com or search tic tic com

    2. Hồ_Chó_Đẻ_vĩ_đại Sống_mãi_trong_lồn_Chị_Em_ta

      The way to make money in the market is selling the service, not trade it.

    3. Hồ_Chó_Đẻ_vĩ_đại Sống_mãi_trong_lồn_Chị_Em_ta

      ​@Sochinda Say His indicators to use are, I think, from top to bottom: MACD, DMI, Stochastic, Last one may be his own indicator. Trading takes a lot of practice, there is no easy money.

    4. mogtrader8

      most of them do, it secures cash flow for losses. all traders book losses.

    5. Tofik Shaikh

      @Hồ_Chó_Đẻ_vĩ_đại Sống_mãi_trong_lồn_Chị_Em_ta super advice

  2. Dave

    I wonder if he uses anything proprietary.

    1. T C

      You mean other then the word he just learned

    2. SuperJavelins

      Or if he spent 8 years building it.

    3. N64 Classics

      Yes but that information is proprietary

    4. Royal Leech

      @SuperJavelins it took him 8 years to write an algorithm and buy a bunch of computers? lol

  3. Santi Orduna

    It’s so cool how there are so many different ways to trade. Everyone finds their own niche/edge, it’s awesome…

    1. Lars De Haan

      @Andra Karsten thanks for helping me, i am really interrested in this and i would like to know as much as possible.

    2. Lars De Haan

      @Andra Karsten yes you explained it really good to me, thank you very much.

    3. Andra Karsten

      @Lars De Haan Pleasure 😁 Do research before making any decisions! Practice for a loooooong time before you go in with any real money, and stay away from people who claim they can help you make money. You are in it alone. Trust only yourself.

    4. Lars De Haan

      @Andra Karsten awhhh thank you😄

    5. Lars De Haan

      @Andra Karsten do you know any goodways of learning a lot about it, what you helped(like should i watch videos, blogs etc?)

  4. Michael Arsenault

    Did he mention whether his algorithms were proprietary or not?

    1. Bit Long

      @Bob J, lol yeah, I’m pretty sure Michael was being sarcastic lol

    2. P4P KING

      ohhhh! thats what he said! I thought he said it was open source

    3. Michael Rose

      No but he spent 8 years….

    4. Jon Wayne

      Hey Michael! That was funny dude. I am sitting here dying. I just heard him say it for like the 5th time and read you comment as he was saying it 😂😂😂

    5. Donny Rickles Jr.

      I’m sure his lack of friends is proprietary, too.

  5. Jay Shay

    Homie spent more on that setup than he did investing, lol. Jk.

    1. Andrew Rashad

      that would be a good thing. when your talking about initial investments. started with 2500 worth over 2.5 mil

  6. paresh devmurari

    When Steven kalayjian was showing something on a chart….cam could be constant on that chart….not on his face….
    Very great job….

  7. Township Music Production

    Lol 60 trades on a slow day, I can see the Patience he is talking about…

    1. The Painbox

      Gotta really practice that discipline. Less than 3,000 trades per day I start to get restless.

    2. adolph gracius

      Making those 5 second trades, literally buying and selling within the same candle.

    3. Aragan TD

      Were each trade in huge number?

    4. The Painbox

      @adolph gracius I use 1 second candles to avoid this.

    5. CreativiTimothy

      @The Painbox Then you can’t see the candle pattern and it’s just a basic line graph at thatpoint

  8. MisterNarrador

    that old guy looks like he never sleeps and when he does he only dreams about numbers and trades.

    1. Rahul thukaram

      you forgot monitors and electricity bills.

    2. Damnit Bobby

      He’s only 14 years old.

    3. Bumblebee 003

      What a waste of life

    4. Khwaja Mohiddin

      @Rahul thukaram hahah

  9. Wolfie

    What’s crazy is he’s only 25

    1. Deltas

      @A Z wooosh

    2. Donny Rickles Jr.

      Must be all the moisturizer he goes through, especially since he doesn’t have time to date.

    3. Damnit Bobby

      @Deltas It’s so far over his head he can’t even hear the wooosh

    4. Diksaca Yehovah

      😂 👌

    5. See Hai

      25 weeks from dying

  10. Stefan Supra

    “Trading is not stressful at all”
    Stephen, 26.

    1. The Painbox

      @Xon Get rich, dummy.

    2. mk private

      @Tazzz 69 Dazzermind You cracked me up. Not often do I find random dorks like you on YT.

    3. Renato Swa

      @Tazzz 69 Dazzermind jealousy . you don’t know how is his life out from that room. shut up.

    4. alien boi

      Stephen, 11.

  11. Bear Scarf

    His electricity bill alone is probably more than you will ever earn in a 9-5 job

    1. Saosaq Ii

      Bear Scarf monitors don’t use much energy.

      And electricity isn’t that expensive if you make 10mil a year

  12. Alejandro Contreras

    How many monitors do you want sir?
    Stephen: Yes!

    1. Hector Perez


    2. Lachlan Moss

      all of them

    3. MelihIndustries


    4. süleyman siverekli

      how many do you have? 😀

  13. Amed Sayed

    In last 25 years he made no money because he’s still figuring it out which screen is which

    1. moncikoma Tube

      11 years later look at him now! …..

    2. Purnachandra Gudipudi


    3. Madolite

      @Damnit Bobby Why use tabs when you can just keep every window up simultaneously? o.O

    4. king bing

      Really laughing dude

  14. Malcolm Clarke

    The biggest winner must be his electricity supplier!

    1. Ricardo Gm

      Can you explain him about the alt- tab key to change the charts in the same monitor? Lol

    2. rhon dee

      @Tazzz 69 Dazzermind this help for trading he easy to analyze the market

    3. REAL FX

      Haha 😂 😂😂that’s a good one

    4. Dogões e Doguinhos

      @Cave Johnson rsrs

    5. floxpsm

      Niclas Hornung and when they raise his bill, he selll everything lol

  15. RiceGum

    1:53 the guy is like: “yay I have 6 scree- wait a minute TF he got 20 screens I need to step up my game”

  16. Cem Agan

    The comments on this video are so funny xD

  17. Rahul thukaram

    Typical day at ticker tocker headquaters:

    *Trader* : Sir, We are up 100points!
    *kalayjian* : Good, Buy another monitor.



    2. Hashem Fathi

      Rahul thukaram 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Russel Raagas

    I see his got his own mini World Trade Center.

    1. Rori Glen

      Russel Raagas true

  19. Dynamix Studios

    The stock trading is just a cover, this dude’s got a serious porn addiction and unleashes hell with those monitors.

    1. Southwest Smoke

      This just made my day 😂

    2. Vivek verma arya


    3. Mearyeaurng

      what are you talking about? he’s the porn star! lol

  20. Nuke Duke

    He doesn’t have enough screens

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