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16 Thoughts to “Doji & Long-Legged Doji Candlestick Chart Pattern – Tutorial w Chart Examples”

  1. Deepak s

    LOL get up man wakey wakey time…

  2. dudes110

    What about a doji after a hangman candle what does this mean or could mean????

  3. souldrop1000

    A hangman is a bearish reversal signal so if you see a doji form after a bearish reversal signal is usually indicates that the prevailing trend is at a top and the odd’s of a reversal are high due to the indecision candle stating uncertainty and forming after a hang man

  4. Peter C

    Ben Stein sounds more lively than this guy.

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  6. Kevin Gardin

    put some enthusiasm in your voice.. good god man lol

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  8. Trelelel

    You sound so fucking depressed lmao. Good information though

  9. Day Trader

    awesome video + poor sound 😛

  10. Nobiro Kun

    Hey Bro, your voice alone can countertrend all the candles!

  11. some one NAME VALENCIA

    proof money doesn’t make you happy. PLEASE SOUND MORE EXCITED

  12. Mal


  13. freedom77

    it ok ,he just chill, it good video

  14. John Anthony

    Well narrated video FinVids. Clear, well spoken and easy to understand. Thank you for making such a great video.

  15. Chris Gilmour

    You sound like you are at death’s door.

  16. Liz Parkes

    this person could not sound more bored if they tried

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