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9 Thoughts to “Hammer Candlestick Chart Pattern – Explanation & Chart Examples”

  1. Wiharto Tjakra Tan

    I think you should sleep first before making a presentation.

    1. Mark W

      +Wiharto Tjakra Tan haha I know!


      +Wiharto Tjakra Tan Yes, I think the same!

    3. Tade Gordon

      Sleep when u die

  2. Chris -0

    this isnt a very inspiring voice for people to trust there money with lol.

  3. Fahad Aldossary


  4. Guillaume Chevalier

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  5. lauratdrummer

    Oh gosh…this doesn’t keep my attention at all :/

  6. Joe Caldarelli

    Bro you got to be way more enthusiastic than that.

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