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How I lost $350K daytrading stocks and what I learned from it.


Ex-Google Technology Lead sheds $350,000 in the securities market and lives to tell the tale. For enjoyable day-to-day troubles on computer science, algorithms, math, scientific research as well as design check out (the first 200 get 20% off premium to unlock loads of interactive courses).

If you assume you're so clever, after that go play the stock exchange and also confirm that you truly are smarter. The experience will certainly take you down a notch – keep yourself in check. Let me know your thoughts in the remarks listed below.

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72 Thoughts to “How I lost $350K daytrading stocks and what I learned from it.”

  1. Philip - Money Mongoose

    Well this makes a nice change from the usual “I made $300k day-trading” YT spam.


      @Just another Bird the reality is you know nothing about day trading. You’re regurgitating some snippet you read online that was written by someone who also knows nothing about day trading. So many ignorant people on YouTube hating on day traders. Why? Either go read some books and start paper trading or shut up.

    2. Erdz Cidz

      if you knew anything about trading you would know this guys a complete idiot, he has no risk management and didnt spend the time to learn,who even tries to trade pennystocks with 350k ,it should be 10k max.He says he stays upto date with news which is one of the most stupidest things ive heard, market investors promote good articles when thats not the case.Finally, when you say youtube frauds i agree that alot of them are but people like tim sykes are genuine and try to help.Please realise stocks are profitable and can change your life just dont trade alot of commodities like him, hes a fool and any good trader knows it.

    3. Erdz Cidz

      @4m4nno your legit a moron and so is this guy.You both know nothing about trading and will never be rich if you hate on other peoples success

    4. Junker Jumbojet

      haha, so true.

  2. vdynmx

    Is that why you are sitting in a wooden shed now ?

    1. New Balance 2019 USA

      @Rhaspun True Orange Juice, Gold and even pig halves are loosing money all the time! Daytrading is extremely dangerous.

    2. Godspower Ogar


    3. G Man

      @AS. I see The World I took no course and still manage to lose quarter of a mil when the market was going up and up from 2009 to 2016. The black swan event I was waiting for never happened.

    4. Sergi Medina

      No, it’s because it’s way cheaper that way.

  3. Master Of Puppets

    Many if not Most of the clowns you see on youtube , proclaiming their great trading records, are frauds. This guy is , at least , honest .

    1. Master Of Puppets

      @Roman Martinez really. like you? I”d say 99% of the youtube guru’s are frauds. I leave 1% for ‘undertermined’

    2. IIlil lIlIlIl

      I lost $50 lol, I feel better now

    3. gerryjtierney

      @xCwieCHRISx no. The stock market isn’t zero sum. Forex trading is.

  4. Nicholas Czewicz

    If you can’t make money with $1000 your can’t make money with $350,000

    1. Dude Muscle

      Shanti well you obviously aren’t very smart if you start trading with 350000. And if you know how to trade with 1000 then Id say move up. But I’m no expert.

    2. Dude Muscle

      Shanti but let me just say, i started trading with $50 and then I moved up to a couple hundred and then 2000. I put about $2000 in and over one year I made $600. I took out most of my money and bought a Jeep. So I haven’t been trading recently but you can make money and learn with less than 350000 I assure you.

    3. Dude Muscle

      Shanti yeah I definitely agree with the more opportunity. But with more opportunities come more chances for it to go bad. Suppose you make a few trades and you make some money, you will probably be like “oh wow this is easy let me put 5x more money into it and make 5x more.” And then boom you lose 10% or more and you just lost 10% x5. There’s always a risk and if you suck with little, chances are you will suck with a lot.

    4. Dude Muscle

      Shanti also if you aren’t interested in the opinion of people who never met you, doesn’t that severely limit how many people you will listen to? I’m not saying u need to listen to me but like you probably shouldn’t be watching this video cuz I doubt this guy ever met u.

  5. Jerm

    The fact that you had $350K to invest is impressive.

    1. twin cherry

      The downside is…you shouldn’t aggressively invest what you can’t afford to lose.

    2. Stephen Thacker

      twin cherry you shouldn’t aggressively invest

    3. Vasily Volkov

      His twitter says he is a multi-millionaire.

    4. Glenn Lopez

      Is this why his wife left him? Did techlead leveraged kids University fund. Should of just gotten into Bitcoin instead. Is very predictable, easy to short cos it’s always gonna go down eventually.

    5. Kyle K

      Sblinger not really?

  6. Durishmorl

    This is very misleading – by your own admission and evidenced in your own documentation you held onto these stocks for years at a time. This is not day trading this was an investment that went bad.

    1. TheIdiot Philosopher

      That was my first thought. This is beyond even swing trading

    2. meteogold

      That’s true. But still, the part in which he said that you are also competing against machines when day trading is also a big fact to not overlook.

    3. goodtwogo

      @meteogold Techlead said he even built trading bots, but still didn’t make money. Maybe he was competing against the very machines he built?

    4. meteogold

      @goodtwogo you do realize that people that try to do algotrading fail most of the time, right?

    5. goodtwogo

      @meteogold Yes, and most marriages fail too. This was tech leads biggest mistake. He was way overconfident and thought he could beat the market simply by writing programs and being smart. He overinvested money in the market, and underinvested time in his marriage. He failed to understand human psychology in terms of human communication and markets. To top it off, he is very blue pilled and has no understanding of game. He thought he could save his marriage simply by buying his wife gifts and earning a lot of money. That is a horrible relationship strategy. Then he let his ex-wife run off to Japan with his kid, and isn’t pursuing custody because he doesn’t want to cause problems. He’s the type of guy that claims to not be political, which just means he’s wishy washy and won’t fight for a cause. The only good thing I can say is that he no longer works at Apple or Facebook, which are the personification of evil.


    wow this makes my heroin addiction look like peanuts

    1. Alex Serra

      I advise you to start not using for one day, then two, then 3, ask your doctor for methadone or suboxen. But don’t take it for long they are addicted also, when you achieve one week (only using the weekend s) start doing exercise (gym) get stimulation doing things that you like, good luck! (YOU CAN DO IT)

    2. scotty p

      @Alex Serra this is true,,,, i actually used the methadone the very last time i was on it for my advantage,,i started exercising and lost like 75 pounds in 5 months,, and changed my diet… all water,,no suger and all protien,, but it didnt matter what anyone said,, it wasnt until i wanted it and was actually ready to do something about it,,only themn did it wpork for me

    3. scotty p

      @Alex Serra oh definitely,,,,, when everything lost its luster again i understand ya,, so yes making new goals and keeping moving is key…. but eventually for me it was finally when i learned how to be still and know that i am god,, this one passAGE says… so true for me,,, until i learned more so how to develop my spirit,, when all those other things didnt hold water anymore,, thats was key for me friend,, but i totally understand ya

    4. G Man

      @John Doe buy low & sell high!

  8. Octavio Octavius

    I lost 350K and this episode is sponsored by “Brilliant”

    1. Pursuit of freedom

      Not brilliant.

    2. Andrew Vu

      lol, that’s briliiant

    3. z352kdaf8324

      Brilliant obviously doesn’t have any learning on stocks!

    4. kang Chih Lun

      Being brilliant doesn’t means you can make money from market , these two factors are not correlated.

    5. Yannick Harold

      He is tryin to get his money back.

  9. Crypto AI Profit

    INVESTING PROTIP: Don’t gamble on leverage.
    That’s the takeaway lesson here.

    1. andrestone

      Since every single stock move is gamble nowadays, couldn’t you simplify your statement and make it simply: “Don’t leverage”.?

    2. Young Ebitda

      leverage is fine, just dont do it if your purely speculating one way

    3. Stijn ooo

      Tell that to Warren Buffet

    4. andrestone

      Warren Buffet doesn’t play this game. He has always invested in companies, not “the stock market”. There is a big difference between the two.

    5. Bored

      @andrestone what do you mean?

  10. UltimateBargains

    “What has losing taught us, son? Never even try.” — Homer Simpson

    1. not an ai

      UltimateBargains trying is the first step to failure

    2. Uday Deshpande

      Day trading is a fool’s game. Don’t even try it.

    3. Roman Martinez

      @Uday Deshpandenah

    4. Cat Face Poetry

      “Trying is the first step forward failure” – Homer Simpson

  11. Tahsin Amio

    This guy first loses 350k day trading and then loses half of his net worth in divorce. Techlead definitely not having the best year.

    1. Foomanlol

      @Tim Wuu Perhaps better wording would be his wife is entitled to 50%.

    2. Alaric Hartsock

      She’s in Japan though

    3. Oki Doki Yow Yow

      He should have gotten a prenup.

    4. Jonathan Hernandez

      Damn bro I thought I had it bad

    5. G Man

      @Johnnytturbo why is everyone only focused on the money lost, what about him losing his kid?

  12. Adeel Syed

    Lost 350k, wife left you and got fired from Facebook. TechLead not having the best 2019.

    1. Viji

      And still 4 months to screw up more

    2. Algo Basket

      JomaTech joined the chat!

    3. Jonathan Hernandez

      Adeel Syed u guys need to leave him alone lmaoooo

    4. rr geil j

      He lost the 350K in 2014 🙂

  13. Abhishek Sehgal

    Pro-Tip: Don’t day trade

  14. Jaime Lannister

    bruh you need to talk to watch some anton kriel. Day trading is how you get rekt.

  15. MrCharrrles

    If only someone was watching you and taking the opposite side of your trades 😀

  16. Sergi Medina

    Very interesting. You should’ve just invested in cryptos. Also, NEVER leverage. In fact, just keep it as simple as possible, and just don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose!

  17. Sammya Majumdar

    could have used for a course on daytrading and save 350K

  18. Yellow Train

    Well… I don’t feel so bad!! But then again I don’t have that much cash laying around.

  19. Dima Kavetskyy

    Where my Bitmex margin degenerates at???

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