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How To Find Winning Stock Picks Every day (Step By Step)


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32 Thoughts to “How To Find Winning Stock Picks Every day (Step By Step)”

  1. Rajesh Ramani

    So basically we find stocks that gap greater than 5 percent premarket , analyze the catalyst, and look for high relative volume .
    Also in we look for float data- short float and Share float.
    Once market opens , as soon as it breaks pre market high, keep an eye on level 2, and if there are more bids than ask, we buy it .
    Great info !

    I didn’t quite understand the concept of short float- I will just google it . Thanks man !

    1. Sports and Movie Clips

      Yep. People should be selling their House to get more HIVE stock. They will be making bank even if BTC goes down because of expansion. If it rises beyond ATH…. dear lord have mercy there will be some rich people.

    2. Slikz Certi

      oh how wrong were you

    3. Cauquil Ivan

      I used the *Blended Model Strategy* on Stock trading, it gave me a perfect understanding about trading Stocks and OTM options with a good result in profit, each day i earn hundreds of dollars using the *Blended model Strategy* inspired by *Dmitry Vladislav* . Find out more about it on google is everywhere.

    4. Jose Baldizon

      What’s “level 2” mean? And how do you know if there are more bids than asks?

    5. sun shine

      @rodrigo sarpi The short float in the video is less than 1% which is extremely low. That is why it is not a concern…I am guessing.

  2. erka null

    1:15 have you fart? 😀 sorry I just couldn’t resist

    1. eddyvideostar

      Erka: Are you female? I have a question for you.

    2. eddyvideostar

      @Lando To Lando: This reminds me of formal academia how you intake the information and spew or fart it out on the test/exam.

    3. eddyvideostar

      @book b To Bookb: With all of the YouTube fraudulent mentors out there, this may be a better way.

    4. Moaz Morshed

      Yeah!Just after waking up!

    5. MrThistleFlower

      No, silly. He hit his hands on the desk.

  3. Jim Paar

    Can you really see the percentage of change when the market is closed, I did those exact settings but very limited. I noticed your scanner is when the market is open looking at the time on your screen. Thanks

  4. Latest Sports - Viral Sports Clips

    Finally someone who can speak my language! Great common sense and fundamental approach. I’m tired of all these stock channels that offer no meat or strategies in their videos. People who talk for hours without any substance. Finally a guy who offers sound tactics! Ty!

    1. P

      I got some meat for you

    2. Ian Grant

      This guy should do some acting; natural born teacher is this one.

  5. David Morales

    1:15 premarket Fart?

  6. dont talk to me please

    One of my favorite things i ever learned about stocks are “high frequency trading” – ross from warrior trading.

  7. Franny Becker

    Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹
    Saudações 🇧🇷 Um abençoado 🙏 2019 🥂🍾
    com muitas felicidades realizações,Paz e saúde!
    Beijos com carinho 💋

  8. Daniel mystic

    this work for 2019?

  9. Bill Kelley

    This is one of the best video’s I’ve seen. Finally someone telling how they actually do it rather than someone selling you something

  10. ryan martin

    This is legit the most help simple video learning so much from this guy

  11. Alex S

    Hey man so I have a big question for you. I have a very similar process as you, but I’ve noticed within the past few days I’ve seen a lot of stocks gap up 20% premarket, with relatively high volume, big news such as positive trial results for a biotech etc. Yet, when the market opens they instantly have a huge panic, sell off, and return to same range as the day before. BPTH had positive trial results, and it went up over a thousand percent in a couple of days. But I’ve seen many other stocks that looked exactly the same low cap, spiking premarket and then just tank right at market open instead. My question is what is the main difference between the two? Have you been able to identify any specific criteria, IE, float or anything else that will determine whether a premarket gainer will sell off at market open or continue to run? Let me know if you can!

  12. Renegon714

    Thanks, you have a great teaching ability

  13. arizvx

    Damn I remember trading AMD a couple weeks ago when it was at the 22-23 🤓 where’s a time machine when u need it!

  14. Michael Dayton

    Thank you for the clear and concise explainations.


    I’ve heard a lot of good things about you helping people learn trading. I just subscribed to you haha. I’ll be watching all your vids

  16. Farhan Khan

    Thank you for the great video. I learned a lot from this video. I am used to trading high price stocks but your video provides another strategy in my armory when high price stocks are not forming a long term pattern to get in. Can you please guide us on how you setup your charts

  17. matthew setzer

    Just wanted to thank you for showing me the twitter account,earnings whispers

  18. calholli

    Well you got my sub… lol

  19. The Boiler Room

    Hey Guys, join our trading team here where we analyze the markets every morning for you

  20. anna strokina

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