How to Read Candlestick Charts for Complete Beginners


Candlesticks as well as candle holder charts are a crucial component of price activity trading. They can appear complicated. In this video clip, I take you with the details offered from candlesticks and clarify to you how to read a candlestick graph.

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31 Thoughts to “How to Read Candlestick Charts for Complete Beginners”

  1. jochanxwretch

    Am I the only one who saw, “Bullish” and thought, “Bull-ISH” (bullsh*t)…?

  2. Maverick

    Great, educational video. Thanks!

    1. Manas F

      Yup..hope the vids keep coming!

  3. king frank

    Great one as usual

  4. Manas F

    Clear and concise explanation…have been following your channel lately…Thanks from Mauritius and hoping to be a dedicated student of Decisive Trading beginner’s package very soon after having watched all the explanatory videos. Keep up the good work:)

    1. Decisive Trading

      Great to hear. Thank you. Welcome to Decisive Trading also and hopefully the content can help you with your trading.

    2. Manas F

      Welcome..Thank you indeed..I haven’t started trading live yet but I’m 100% sure, the content will be of indefinite help 🙂

  5. Rylan DeAngelis

    Hi James, Thanks for a great video as always…… What was that free online chart you use? You mentioned it quite a while ago…..

    1. Decisive Trading

      Thanks. Most brokers will offer free charts, especially through a demo account. I use MT4 charting software which is available through most brokers (mine being City Index)

    2. rubenivy

      @Decisive Trading Hi, I was searching on the website of City Index and I saw that I’ll have to fund my account, but I couldn’t find if there is also a monthly fee for it? If so, can you please tell me where I can find this on the site. I am new to trading and I have an account with a broker but in my opinion I learn better with you videos then with them. And over there I pay 165 dollars for my premium account, but I rather spend it elsewhere where I feel that the education fits me more. Thank you in advance.

  6. xpor tal

    the best video for begginers tnx man

    1. Decisive Trading

      Thank you!

    2. xpor tal

      Decisive Trading no thank you

  7. Mohammed Anwar MK

    It would be better if you number your series of videos in serial order

    1. Decisive Trading

      I will add the numbers in future to make it easier. You can also click on the playlist and it will show you them in order.

  8. SHK

    After a year in forex most of the stuff out their is bogus. Most of the videos. Most of the courses. Most of the signal service.

    Follow the trend is the biggest lie. You’ll continue being bullish when the uptrend reaches its resistance? No you need to look places you can enter and ride it down. So not follow the trend.

    1. Decisive Trading

      You should be doing both. Using the trend is hugely valuable. But you should also be able to spot high probability reversal areas and either trade reversals or at least avoid trying to jump on the trend.

  9. On King David

    Can this be used for stock trading?

    1. Decisive Trading

      Yes, absolutely.

    2. On King David

      Decisive Trading 🙏

  10. James Serra

    Nice video!

  11. Danny Carter

    whats the software to show the candlesticks of the stocks you pick

  12. Mark Magsombol

    Great. Thanks.

  13. Abegtrending

    Nice video, but what platform can i use to start trading with bitcoin.

    1. Abegtrending

      @Decisive Trading Ok. I was recommended to use as my trading platform because I’m new to this.. Please I will need you to advice me on what to do.

    2. Decisive Trading

      @Abegtrending you need to do some research on your broker before using them. There’s a free intro course at the website and a free Decisive Package. Both of them together will get you going. There’s a section in the Intro course which goes over picking a broker also.
      Good luck with it as you get started!

    3. Abegtrending

      @Decisive Trading Thank you. Can you recommended a good stock broker for me? Please!!

    4. Decisive Trading

      @Abegtrending I use City Index

    5. Abegtrending

      @Decisive Trading Thank you! I will look it up right now.

  14. Deepak Maheshwari

    Thank you Sir

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