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How To Start Investing With $100 | Stock Market For Beginners


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58 Thoughts to “How To Start Investing With $100 | Stock Market For Beginners”

  1. Brandon Allen

    This is EXACTLY how I got started and I feel as if it is way more effective than paper trading. It’s more realistic. Use Robinhood, buy a share or two and go from there. Great suggestion my guy!

    1. Wrap The News

      where should i start buying shares?

    2. Wrap The News

      hey, can you send me link

    3. You’re mad Ain’t you

      Brandon Allen Brandon we need an update sir you’re the only one in the comment section who seems to know half a damn thing and isn’t a broke 12 year old.

  2. Patel Vidhu

    Start investing at early age and be consistent even with small amount.

    1. Rohan Sahoo

      I’m 12 right now and I’m buying stocks

    2. Reversed Soundtracks

      Patel Vidhu I am starting at 14 with 1k… is that a good amount and age?

    3. NotA Slave

      I started at 11……

    4. XD HXPNO

      thats what im doing, me and 3 friends are starting with $100 each and splitting our income 4 ways

  3. SedaleM

    I started paper trading last week. If you are new you should definitely do that first. You need to see how good you actually are before putting in real money. I lost twice right out of the gate, but I saw my mistakes live and now I can make better trades and when it is live, I’ll be in a much better position.

    1. postman _

      Not sure if you can see this but how stuff are coming along?

    2. John Ward

      So it’s like gambling? You’re not 100% sure if you get paid.

    3. Plen122

      @John Ward yep

    4. Naturia

      So I’m new and would like to know how I can get started. Like can I invest with an app and if so which app.

  4. Blackmanish !

    Theres an app called best brokers its very ideal for young investers

    1. Axwayle

      @Matteo Bernini but I’m 10 🙁

    2. ProMrLecoq01

      Yi Mods how are those starter ups and different from moving “up”?

    3. Alan Gonzalez

      How are you guys trading under the age of 18? Joint accounts made by your parents? Quit larping online.

    4. Plen122

      Question, say for someone brand new they just go and spend a little money and buy several stocks to start. What percentage of gain in the group as a total would you consider success? I mean if something loses, of course you might as well just keep it, and the ones that gain, you try to put a little in here and there and see how it goes?

  5. Kaitlin Ivy Bombers

    I’m earning from trading on a regular basics…Its very lucrative,
    I’m most grateful to Alec Poe for his assistance

    1. Code Glock

      Kaitlin Ivy Bombers how much do you usually profit?

    2. Daniel71

      I am not and get fucked by daddy alec poe

    3. kayla Tu

      Trading is just as amazingly I just earned 3.21BTC thanks to Alec

  6. Brian Pangilinan

    How tf did u know its Monday

    1. You’re mad Ain’t you

      I’m here on a Monday too. I don’t like this

    2. Rafael Rodriguez

      Monday,….Lets play this video tomorrow see what happens 😅😅😅

    3. Anasbananasss

      Omg it’s Monday

  7. Faizal Khan

    Ok I’m watching this in June 2019 and it’s actually Monday

    1. Kamali Cooper


    2. Daniel Avila

      Same here watching right now and it’s Monday

    3. Disturbed Creator

      September 2019.. Monday

    4. Hussein Saleh

      LMFAO same sep. 16…monday

    5. lil meatwad TV

      Its fucken September 30th Monday and I barely had interest today

  8. Shakera Simmons

    It’s actually Monday July 22, 2019 lmao wow

  9. Jason Velez-Pico

    Bro it’s Monday July 29 2019

  10. lunaakun

    clicked on this video randomly and its Monday in August wtffffffff

    1. Adam Santana

      lunaakun wednesday here

    2. Dice

      lunaakun damn it he got me to

  11. xBasicallyPro YT

    This comment section: YO TODAY IS MONDAY

    1. Honey Dew

      xBasicallyPro YT STG

  12. Frozen Toaster

    Damn it’s September 2nd 2019 and it’s Monday

  13. edwin rosado

    There’s a Monday every week . Today is Thursday

  14. aKa Donut

    I started with 25$ this last week, I have 60$ now. Hopefully I can keep this up

    1. Booger Sailo

      Bro can we talk….im very2 intrested….i dont know how to start….can u help….please…im begging uuu..😳

    2. MAYOCAN

      @Booger Sailo look on amazon, there are good books about stocks

    3. ミュート

      MAYOCAN books 😂

    4. Bill The Rock

      ミュート yes, books!!

    5. Plen122

      You bought a few different stocks, right? To ensure that at least one or two gain value?

  15. Tara Hunter

    Sept 2019 and a Monday

  16. Sagun Kharel

    Everybody here saying it’s Monday.
    But I’m here on Sunday

    1. KAREEM el abkary

      Me too

  17. Kaitlin Marie

    Monday, September 23rd 2019

  18. jasminewrong

    Monday September 30, 2019 Brazy

  19. Void EggGamez

    It’s Monday September 30 for me lol

  20. ron johnson

    So I’m the only guy watching on Tuesday

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