Reading Candlestick Charts For Beginners


In this video I describe just how to read candlestick graphes in trading. If you're a person that constantly gets puzzled by candlestick charts and unsure of how they formulate after that this is the video clip for you.

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24 Thoughts to “Reading Candlestick Charts For Beginners”

  1. Kartik Bhalala

    Next video will come after 1000 years. Like if you want umar to upload new video in every week.

    1. Let`s rock

      hahaha nice one

    2. Travisha Bailey

      The man is pretty busy though, I mean it’s tough putting out content when you have so much going on in your day to day life.

    3. Muhil 22

      he is not a youtuber to upload regularly

    4. Jade Xion

      I thought it was going to tell me how to read them like when trading, but beginner, i guess that really means what candlesticks literally give you.

  2. mehaboob gori

    You are really the GOAT 🐐 best explanation ever..

  3. Shrenik Suganawar

    Hey Umar,

    As a beginner this video helped me. Please post next video on volume price analysis

    1. Parth Patel


  4. manoj goud1997

    Great explanation.. bro
    Make a vedio about.
    How to analyse the market?
    Brief explain about stoploss and resistence?
    About indicators?

  5. NoBrandProdz

    “dropping video today”
    *2 days later*

    Video editor struggle

  6. Alok Kumar

    Great effort appreciated what are the candle pattern

  7. joel moreas

    Amazing video pls more videos can’t get enough of you

  8. Ghanshyam Chopra

    Video request
    Elliot Waves

  9. public channel

    Tq mere bhai.. I msged u in insta.. Hope u reply..
    Id is- @aslam___786

  10. Jackie H

    Video requests:
    – How to pick winning stocks
    – How to read the market sentiment
    – Explain volume, momentum, RSI, MACD, MA and other useful indicators
    – Risk management part 2
    – Swing trading

    1. Smokey MIA

      Jackie H Picking winning stocks is basically picking stocks that you are comfortable with. You can’t necessarily “pick a winning stock”. You have to pick stocks that back up your research. And even then it’s not a 100% winning probability. But if this is done well, you will sure win plenty more than you are losing

  11. kotesh

    Thank you very much for your information please keep making more videos…… You help me a lot

  12. SimpleFood

    You are great teacher. Shukran.

  13. Shahinur Miah

    Can you make a video on volume

  14. D. N. R.

    Excellent explanation of how to read candlestick charts to predict a stocks potential direction, why candle stick charting is far superior to the line chart and how to gather information about the market. I am a new trader and will be practicing this skill while I wait for your next upload. Thank you!

  15. Honey singh

    Hey Umar,
    What timeframe you use to enter the trade?15min or 30min? or anyother.Please reply so it would be helpful for us also.

  16. Dessi

    I love your vids !!! So informative yet, so straight forward!! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait till you hit Los Angeles!
    Definitely will be attending training classes.

  17. Truth Tuber

    Keep these videos coming man, I know your time is valuable but it’s really helping to understand the basics.

  18. Shann Anderson

    For the first time I have understood these monsters.. Thank you brother.. Woww wow.

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