Automatically Find Chart Patterns & Candlestick Patterns in ThinkOrSwim


Automatically Find Chart Patterns & Candlestick Patterns in ThinkOrSwim

Think-Or-Swim has an excellent little attribute that assists you instantly locate and trade technical graph patterns and also candle holder patterns.

You've no doubt read about the traditional technical graph patterns such as double tops as well as bottoms, head and also shoulders, rising triangles, etc

. You have actually likely also heard of the Japanese candlestick patterns such as Marubozu, Doji, Night Celebrity, Early morning Celebrity, and so on

. Yet did you recognize ThinkOrSwim recognizes just how to discover and inform you of all these sorts of graph patterns automatically? TOS includes a great pattern acknowledgment engine that discovers both traditional technological graph patterns and also Japanese candlestick patterns.

In this video clip I show you just how to activate pattern recognition in TOS and then personalize which timeless graph as well as candle holder patterns you desire Think Or Swim to locate for you.

In my next video clip, I'll additionally show you exactly how to make your very own custom-made candle holder patterns in TOS.

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20 Thoughts to “Automatically Find Chart Patterns & Candlestick Patterns in ThinkOrSwim”

  1. R Ma

    Thank you! Very helpful!

  2. lusmas99

    I’ve used this on TOS Charts and Prophet Charts. On Prophet Charts there is a “Find” button that scans to help make a watchlist. I don’t see the “Find” button in TOS charts. Do you know how to scan for patterns in TOS Charts?

    1. Easycators

      Go into Scan > StockHacker and add a Study Filter to your scanner. Then click the drop down menu and change it from the default ADX study to “Bullish” or “Bearish” candlestick patterns in the menu.

    2. Eduardo Rico

      Easycators is there a way to scan for triangles pennants etc?

    3. austinroxout

      the question that no one answers and everyone dances around

  3. Andrew Ahern

    I tried FXU, RFDI, RFEM, SPTM, EMB, IEI, even /BTC, on time scales of 10D, 20D, 180D, 1Y, and 3Y. None generated any patterns, no matter how (in)accurate. SPY did show something. Do you know what’s up? Maybe it’s just the past year has been so smooth that there’s not much of a signal to analyze?

    1. Easycators

      You may need to adjust the sensitivity to be less strict in what it looks for. You can do this under the patterns dialog by double clicking on an activated pattern to pull up its settings.


    I don’t understand what the point of this is if you can only see the patterns after they’ve occurred and you’ve missed the trade

    1. Easycators

      You can tell it to show either developing or completed or both.

    2. eddyvideostar

      Dear DBOOJOH: This is the killer comment for the newbies.
      With eyes of stars in the oasis, they see rupees.
      The classic comment composed for lovers of truth seeks.
      A crystal ball nobody holds:
      Neither the day nor the hour, the Son would not know.
      How on earth can mere mortals know the things he cannot?
      The more charts I see, the more I am convinced not.

  5. Kyle L

    Hi Josiah, is it possible to set up a scanner/indicator that can find cup and handle patterns?

    1. Easycators

      Theoretically, maybe … but I believe that would be very difficult to do in Thinkorswim, and the results would probably be underwhelming, to be frank. There are probably better platforms and web services out there for finding those kinds of setups.

    2. Martin Duffy

      I was thinking the same thing. So if this is not for scanning then what good is it for? .. Historical review ?

    3. David Howard

      @Martin Duffy in order to use custom filters for scanning, you must have a funded account.

  6. Dan Mercurio

    Is it possible to create a scan that will return all stocks that have formed a Pennant pattern as of the close of business?

  7. Frank Hagan

    Cool video
    Am looking for a head and shoulders indicator are they on your site

    1. Easycators

      There is a head and shoulders pattern included on Thinkorswim under Charts > Patterns > Classic > Head and Shoulders.

  8. CreativiTimothy

    Is it normal if I turn on all patterns like 20+ and ThinkOrSwim lags?

    1. Easycators

      Yes, TOS will lag depending on your computer speed and how many indicators, columns, scans, etc., you are running simultaneously. Definitely helps to keep things as simple as possible. You can also check out this video on tips to speed it up:

  9. Victor Abelarde

    Very helpful… Thank you

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