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19 Thoughts to “Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Chart Pattern – Video & Chart Examples”

  1. lfmb22

    go to the sleeping. never mind technical analysis

  2. wildboy747

    go to sleep bro

  3. strictlyvegas

    Jeeeeeesus super sounds of the 70s

  4. Dillon McGrath

    Nap time!!!

  5. khuzaima abbas

    hey man have some breakfast in the morning or go to sleep

  6. Senjin

    You make me sleepy …😂😂😂

  7. zun


  8. C. Scott

    Thank you! Very precise explanation, easy to understand. Forget the trolls about the tone of your voice. Learning this can make me lots of money where I can travel to be entertained. Don’t disappear like so many Youtubers. PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!! Great job. I’m subscribing in hopes of more to come.

  9. what? huh?

    You sound like the Corpse of a Corpse.

  10. Black Hole

    this guy has erectile dysfunction

  11. samuel s

    very explanatory, but you need to consider the listeners in future, you sound bored no offence. my honest opinion

  12. Johnny Diaz

    you try’n to hypnotize ppl to sleep using technical analysis!?

  13. Trung Lê

    The sound is quite low I can’t listen to your video clearly

  14. Vincent Emilio

    Dude. Your voice is LOL

  15. dontbelievedahype7

    speak up say it like man

  16. Tharaknath Reddy

    all the candlestick patterns were explained in a very precise manner
    superb work

  17. Thái Lê Hồng

    just pick a homeless guy on the street, he will listen and repeat this script at the same time, pay him 5$/hour. it will be much better than this sound

  18. Arjan Ali

    very poor sound

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