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10 Thoughts to “Bullish Harami Candlestick Chart Pattern – Description & Charting Example”

  1. Hybrid Music X

    Hi, u need to improve your tone..

  2. Jānis Stiprais

    Why so low volume?

  3. Thavy Lor

    Thank you. 

  4. anshum

    Tone is depressing but very well explained. Thanks

  5. Andrew Lai

    Tone sounds so bearish LOL, but great explanation! Thanks

  6. Joey Hernandez

    Found myself wanting to sleep.

  7. Andre Corrêa

    The tone is so depressing, man. That’s the only negative side of the video. It is very well explained. Thank you.

  8. Alex Foo

    Warning. Bearish signal (tone) appeared 🙂

  9. Benjamin Arbab

    Dude your tone is very boring.

  10. Streamingmadman

    Is the signal stronger when the wicks of the proceeding candle are within the real body of the prior candle?

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