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8 Thoughts to “Heikin Ashi Candlestick Charts”

  1. Pankaj Mittal

    Great stuff man.. thanks and keep it up.

  2. EminiMind

    @mittalpa Thank you! Let me know if you have suggestions for other video topics as well.

  3. Buck Harris

    what tick chart would you recommend for the TF. Thanks

  4. EminiMind

    I like the 512, but you could go to a 233 for a little more price action, just watch out for small time frame noise.

  5. Thomas Hendrikx

    short and sweet. Good video.

  6. agauerm

    Does it work nicely for Forex?

    1. EminiMind

      Certainly, the same concepts apply to any market.

  7. Lincoln C Mitchell

    good video

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