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How I Learned To Day Trade


Here is how I learned to day sell the stock market! Individuals always ask me if i belonged to a program or any kind of books that i read! I wish this can get rid of points as much as offer you some insight on just how you can get your start!

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Thanks for the assistance, the very best method to connect to me is through our personal disharmony conversation, please DM me.

If you have any kind of tips for future video clips such as Day Trading, Spending, Stock Market, Real Estate, Car Sales, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Crypto & bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Exchange, Internet Marketing, Online Sales or enjoyable everyday vlogs. Please let me understand.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that i do not ask for any info. I constantly motivate our participants to trade ONLY what you recognize and never ever based upon anybody's opinion. My video clips are for home entertainment objectives only.any inquiries to message me as i would certainly enjoy to be a part of your success.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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44 Thoughts to “How I Learned To Day Trade”

  1. Shane Hummus - The Success GPS

    Time to learn how to be a consistent day trader!

    1. Tha Deka

      Do same thing each day. let the math do rest

  2. Jason Zehr

    I was so blessed to find ricky God has blessed him with knowledge of the stock market and I am learning so much from ricky I am overwhelmed with gratitude to know I am learning from a guy that actually knows wat hes doin in the market rather than acts like he knows like most of these scams nowadays so glad Ricky’s goin YouTube and LLP best investment on myself I could have ever done

    1. siyabonga junior

      Where does he teach??

    2. Diego Bravo

      Worship much? Lmao

    3. Jdeckles

      Can u teach me how to trade?

  3. daddy gains

    Hey ricky. I like the video man. Would you consider doing a video of your profits for an extended period of time. Like a month or a year? Would be interesting. Thanks man

    1. Arlind Zurapi

      His profit comes from selling courses.


      Eu acho que esse é mais um vendedor de cursos, não vive do mercado

    3. Alessandro De Marchi

      That would probably be zero or negative

    4. Truth TV

      He’s lying about profits .

  4. m h

    left for couple months, came back Ricky arms have been breaking resistance. Eventually we are gonna see Ricky’s fitness vids 😀

  5. Mark Wea

    Ricky can you make a video about the different of stock market and forex market .. including advantages and disadvantages 🤔

    1. damm son martial art champion

      @Josh Johnson that’s when you are wrong

    2. Josh Johnson

      damm son martial art champion survival of the fittest is a thing

    3. Titan Mellor

      @Alberto Gonzales The rich also have less to lose comparatively. Even if they blew all their money trading most have a car or two and a house before theyre in REAL trouble.
      Other people make 3 bad trades and they are actually in a bad place.

    4. Truth TV

      Ricky is not a good source of information. He sucks at trading.

  6. funny depression

    Man I been watching you close to like 3 years great job man I learned a lot from you.

    1. Bruce Wayne

      And do you make as much money as he does ?

    2. Scorpio Indigo

      Chill Batman… that’s passive hating… weak sauce 👎🏽

    3. funny depression

      @Bruce Wayne don’t worry bout me cuz.

  7. Tai Nguyen

    Very inspirational video buddy, my goal is 100 usd a day, I’m still figuring how to do it 😀

    1. Trang Vũ

      @Quoc Viet Duong Hi bro. I wanna joint, please add me

    2. # iamlisley

      @Quoc viet duong…mi too joint plz😊

    3. Quoc Viet Duong

      Adriano Silva Chagas cool that’s a great idea

    4. Charles Hastings

      @Kai Wanner the goal is to make money dumbass it’s like a career you’re working with MONEY of course you need some kind of goals

    5. joseahumada123456789

      @Adriano Silva Chagas start the discord bro

  8. Spax WillTrollGG

    From what I learn, it’s best to design a trading system that trade less often. Now this is too good to be true.

  9. Ethan Z

    Anyone know what the intro song was with the lyrics “I’m trying to go far”

  10. What is islam

    Your music is too loud. Making money is melody in itself

  11. J Parker

    Rip my headphones 🎧 😪😭😭

  12. Harley Guachichulca

    Looks like the IT guy from Suits

    1. Adrian Cebanica


  13. Gregory G

    Love your vids but turn the damn music down.. especially when talking lol

    1. Su Yini

      Init, that’s what I was thinking 😂

  14. d dream

    Do u talk about ur losses, cause some ppl start to think trade is profitable every time. Just sayin’ 🤔

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      Every week. Check out my videos.

  15. Nathan Ost

    Invest in an ironing board my man 😂

  16. marcio weyrich

    how can we listen to you with this loud music?

  17. Mr.TehSpacee

    Anyone interested in learning forex hmu might be able to bring you value

  18. Zain Darmawan Nasution

    Why you always looking back? Are you scared because there is a monster behind you? 😂

  19. HD SINGH

    Did anyone see the screen and understand nothing

  20. III

    i would love to get into the trading..i have aspie sense of pattern recognition..but i get the outside looking in feeling that its all rigged for the guys up top with the lightening fast trading algorithms, & a few confident sheep come in tryna play the game, but it feels like Vegas odds, or worse.
    i should research more before i go making broad assumptions based on gut feelings, not necessarily facts.

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