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How I Make $1,000s EVERY DAY Trading Crypto Coins – 3 Step Guide For 2018


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* Crypto Oracle is not an accredited crypto monetary advisor. The details offered in this video is a viewpoint, as well as is not supposed to be reality. Bitcoin is an unstable tool and also can relocate promptly in any kind of direction.
Crypto Oracle is not responsible for any type of trading loss sustained by following this advice.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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25 Thoughts to “How I Make $1,000s EVERY DAY Trading Crypto Coins – 3 Step Guide For 2018”

  1. rekeybobby

    @CryptoOracle how bout a live demonstration or record yourself trading for a day and edit up with a narrated video

    1. Ronald Santiago

      Third.. Would be nice to see the man in action.. PLEASE!

    2. jim bo

      Keep making videos similar to this all your other videos are great so something like this is the best and I’m very close to buying the training

    3. Web Evolution

      I just subbed to you. I’m interested to find out what you have to say.

    4. Sick and medicinal m/

      That would be awesome! Just a full session live trading. I would even ignore the comments and just do your thing!!!! I would watch!

    5. Sick and medicinal m/

      Looks like a few people need their meds… Yes it’s true everyone can do well in a bull market but there is no denying the guy has done well. Regardless of the market conditions just chill and be happy for him. In 8 years I’m sure he has his share of mistakes. And from my experience you can always learn from other traders. Even if you think your pro I can promise you there is a amateur out there somewhere who you could learn something from.

  2. F

    Lol what happen after u explained rsi and macd

  3. Alyssa Jensz

    Great vid, love to see more like this 🙂
    Thanks Crypto Oracle

  4. Soren Egeberg

    Hardly daytrading, more like swing trading

  5. Gideon

    Step 1: Study for years/months
    Step 2: Study harder
    Step 3: get out while you’re ahead

  6. Chinedu Dibua

    Thanks a great deal for the lecture and keep it up.

  7. Robyn Linn

    Really great intro to crypto!

  8. Jimmy Slattery

    Always fun to see what happened month or two after video is made. Pretty good video. If btc can hit 11,500 it should breakout but if not we could see it go as low as 6,000 again. My thoughts anyway.

  9. Hans Müller

    I have X12 Coin on my radar since it is featured on two reputable exchanges. It is also highly undervalued at the moment.

  10. YBYPZ -_-

    wow cheers thank you very much thanks to you I earn money for ATP
    Step 1: Study for years / months
    Step 2: Study harder
    Step 3: get out while you’re ahead
    Hey you’ve got me intrigued with this, and I’ll definitely be checking out Blockchain Education.

    I do have one critique. You said that you have traded 1,000 BTC and up. But you also said the lower limit should be 5-10 BTC per day. That is a massive range. BCPT. Then you said you used this method to choose BCPT.

    Since there are hundreds of coins that trade more than 5-10 BTC per day how would this method have narrowed things down to BCPT? What I mean is there. I have no idea what they were. This does not suit me to coins on my own.

    Other than that, your program sounds promising and especially with the option of following your signals.

  11. Mariah Rossel

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!


    Thank you for the 411 bro..

  13. KilSkillz Sauce

    My 1st time here. Good info when I could hear it. Vol, please

  14. Mamun Saidur

    Hi. I m your new Subscriber of ur channel….i have a prob in binance….when i give stop limit…. order fail error capturestacktrace is not a function…this r showing….any solution of it

  15. Nad David

    …you explained everything very well….got it the first time around…thanks!!

  16. Hero Rasseru

    Thank you. 🙏

  17. Dr Natalie

    Thank you. Great video, simple explanations.

  18. Bidemi Roseline

    Hello, thanks for sharing this with us
    Please, do I have to download BITTREX APP or I just go to the website?
    I’ll look forward to your response

  19. John Russell

    thanks CO , im a newbie. I learned a lot

  20. lauren joe

    great information here, though i prefer trading with my expert, i find his trading strategy very amazing

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