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How much do Day-Traders really make?


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41 Thoughts to “How much do Day-Traders really make?”

  1. Jerrod Tham

    You only got 30 to 40% of the profit. Means if you make 1 million dollars you only get 300k dollars. Not bad but that’s rough.

    1. Casual Camera Tester

      those commissions are mostly because he likes to short penny stocks. You don’t have to be shorting penny stocks as a trader and you can still do very well while avoiding fees. There are other traders here in youtube that also makes that much in a day (1-3K). His style is very aggressive.

    2. cmartinez1089

      Jerrod Tham If you’re smart you would pay 0 in taxes.

    3. The Lord of Reddit

      @Tommy Not completely true. The US has tax treaties with many countries. In my case (US-UK dual citizenship), if UK tax is more than US (which it usually is) I just pay UK tax and that’s it. If US tax is more than UK, I just pay UK tax and then pay the difference of US tax – UK tax to the US (not too large a margin usually). For example if the UK wants me to pay the GBP equivalent of say $7,000 and US wants me to pay say $9,000, I just pay $7,000 to UK and $2,000 to US. So I’m never double taxed. The amount of tax I pay is just the greatest amount of tax either country wants

    4. skrface13

      Yeah, it is rough bro. Brokers, Gov, are crooks bro.

    5. CorporateRaider97

      That’s 150. Remember what they didn’t tell you about taxes?

  2. G-tbo tecktrdr

    I never imagined that you’d be using them ,good to Know, i may consider them now

  3. Everardo Ramos

    Very informative! Keep up the great content.

  4. Cicero Araujo

    can you talk about day trading and tax

    1. Anon

      @Kevin Yuen Thank you for the response Sir, I appreciate it!

    2. Kevin Yuen

      Another advice is consider moving or buying a house in Las Vegas, and incorporate a C-Corp also in Vegas. Reasoning is because they have no income tax or corporation tax. So With a C-Corp you would only pay the 21% flat Federal Corporation Tax and 0% state income tax

      You can message me whenever if you have any more questions

    3. manictiger

      Ouch. You picked the worst state for taxes. In most other states, you could file for S Corp and take some of your profit as dividends. But Commiefornia has a dividend tax because… _[Soviet National Anthem intensifies]_

    4. Lucas Anaya

      sundo9999 prove cost by printing or saving a pdf? not sure what u talking about if we have broker statements where it shows every transaction would this be prove to the gov? what do u mean by printing every transaction on a pdf for example how could u do that

  5. Chris Smith

    Thanks Steven D. … 🙂

  6. Diamond

    Awesome vid, very informative. thanks Steven


    Make a video on how day trader should pay themselves for example should traders paid them self weekly monthly etc… I feel that topic will be helpful also

    1. Julian Rosales

      This is what i do…

      What ever profits I make, I transfer a small percentage to my bank account, and that money I use to buy necessities, pay rent, travel and just enjoy life. For instance, last week i made close to $11,000, now becauee I already have alot in my bank account, I only transferred $500

    2. Dr Dinkle

      @Julian Rosales damn that’s awesome. Have you taken any courses such as Steven’s freedom challenge? Or did you learn from self progress?

  8. Aalique Grahame

    Appreciate the honesty

  9. a Little Pal

    don’t jump into the trap too quickly, make sure if the content is getting you better at making more profit, or else you are just simply making passive income for him by paying him fees and spending time on him.
    everyone is being a youtuber these days to gain exposure so they can convert that exposure into actual income.

  10. Sup my dude

    No way I live in ohio too!!

  11. ZAW

    Hi Steven, thank you for sharing the video! Keep up with the great work

  12. Srt4Cab3

    “clink the link below” 😂

  13. M A Alam

    Hey Steven is that the desktop computer Microsoft?.

  14. iSweatGlitter

    I like how he casually says he started trading at 20 years old and 27k lol 😂.

    1. Tee Bee

      I know right. Then talks about his success after 6 months. Lol. Not many trader’s find it that early. Glad he did though.

    2. Tee Bee

      Shorting TF out of hyped stocks. Brilliant strategy.

  15. Holly Laird

    If you don’t have to worry about working a job and can dedicate 60 hours a week to this then being profitable after 6 months is not unreasonable. Remember 18 year-olds are spending 50k+ for bachelors degrees with no guarantee of getting better job opportunities.

    1. skrface13

      lol 60hrs a week on this… who are you asking, 15 yrs old or something? A typical 20s yrs old have to use most of their time schoolwork , homework, and exams to worry about. 30 yr olds have to worrry about their 40+ hr jobs. 40 yr olds have to worry about their jobs, and family. And so on..Now Im lucky to have a 100K salary job where i only work about 20 hrs per week, so I do use about 30 hrs for studying the stock market. So to say 60hrs a week?? ROFL

    2. skrface13

      @Ramboi lol why, i havent’ tried calling that number, is it some stupid scam?

    3. Ramboi

      @skrface13 Clearly 🤣

  16. Coms1

    Like Thor said in Endgame. “I like this one” with that being said, Steven doesn’t start this video with flashy cars and a promising luxurious lifestyle. I actually realize with patience and practice I may be good at this by next year. If not I will continue to study and start trading when I am ready.

  17. Jason Cheshire

    What do you think about TOS in 2019?

  18. Social Buttafly

    I’m starting with $100 bucks. God help me!

    1. Bayrock

      @Tee Bee Yup, and/or Webull.

    2. James Davidson

      As a newbie after watching most youtube videos i invested $250 while trading alone and i lost it all and i was not able to trade on my own i had to search for a brooker who now trades for me.

  19. Tee Bee

    He’s going to make a killing when this recession happens soon.

  20. Anonymous

    Started off at 40, made my first 100,000.
    I’ll say you can’t make it if you never go through the process, you must learn it it else you loose over and over.

    1. Lilly Jaxon

      *Bearbullyfx* on Telegram.

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