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How Much MONEY You Need To Make $100 A Day


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that i do not request for any type of information. I constantly urge our participants to trade ONLY what you recognize as well as never based upon any person's opinion. My videos are for home entertainment functions only.any questions to message me as i would like to be a part of your success.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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64 Thoughts to “How Much MONEY You Need To Make $100 A Day”

  1. Indiestripper

    Im paper trading right now preparing to open a $1000 account. I would honestly be happy make $50 a month in the beginning as long as I’m more green than red.

    1. Informed Trades - DayTrading/Investing

      It is hard to make money on 1k account. I make like 20 bucks max on 1k account lol


      moth Are you on ira or margin??

      Becos I can only open margin account but I don’t want to use borrowed money.

      Any advice?

      Also is it tru that on margin, the price is reduced by half, which is why I was able to buy twice the amount of shares than if I bought it at actual price?

      And is it because I’m borrowing money which is why the price is halved?

    3. SupportTheLittleGuy

      I have 1k in my account and pull 200 within 2 to 3 days, just gotta pick that right stock

    4. 缸情王爷

      lol I open a 20 usd account,turn into 210 usd in one week.Looks like I am too aggressive?!

    5. Simon Lee

      @缸情王爷 What platform do you trade on?

  2. Zevac

    Anyone who invested a lot in Tesla on Monday should be proud

    1. 555 GODMODE

      @Zevac which app are u buying and selling on

    2. Zevac

      @555 GODMODE Robinhood

    3. 555 GODMODE

      @Zevac thanks m8 Consciousness#5383 discord me if youre looking for huge ig dm groups

    4. Zevac

      @555 GODMODE I just might dude, thanks

    5. Jr Silva

      I’ve had Tesla since $237.
      Never letting go❤️

  3. Christian Rios

    Ricky going old school with that intro

  4. I PARRY U

    When I started I made 2% rarely and I was mostly in the red and sometimes green, but after a year I’m gaining 2% a day easily .

    1. Sean Webb

      jousey junior your not following the compounding factor. If you start on day one 2% of your $1000 is $20 like you said. Except on day 30 that same 2% of your balance would be $35. On day 90 it’s $116, day 180 you would make $692

      The compounding 2% gains each day make your overall balance increase greatly. A $1,000 balance with 2% gains, excluding weekends would be roughly $190,000 in a year

      Your balance would be past the $7,300 you claim in the 3rd month

    2. Jugg Man

      @Ville Hyytiäinen wwrrrongg❗❗

    3. David H

      ​@Jugg Man This is basic algebra… SEARCH UP A FORMULA. Jesus christ. Your money compounds. 2% of your intial $1000 is $20, but the next day the 2% is going to be calculated based on $1020.

    4. Alex Harris

      You have to use compound intrest with the 261 tradable days per year. 2% w/ a initial 1000 investment will make 171,203 the first year. This is EXTREMELY hard to do. No matter what anyone is telling you. Possible, but hard.

    5. Informed Trades - DayTrading/Investing

      Are you trading penny stocks? How much capital?

  5. Alejandro Venegas

    I don’t think people realize how much Ricky really does for us. He is so consistent at locking in profits and could trade with 40k or 60k positions or even more if he liked and could easily be making more than he does every day. Yet he chooses to take smaller positions so that everyone can see what he does as being possible for us as well and he leaves so much money on the table. It’s truly a blessing what he does to help everyone.

    1. futureworksexpress

      It couldn’t be hes taking smaller positions because its all marketing and simulated trading could it? hmmm

    2. King Cesar

      He can definitely take bigger positions and scale in and out. To manage risk. But you would only take larger positions when everything is perfect. He would treat like a sniper to scale up to a larger position. I think he’s too smart to go bigger on such a volatile Market but when the right setup is there he would take it. Sometimes it’s just so easy to make money. Put too many people over trade. Less is more. So if we’re going to try to force a trade you should be taking smaller trades. Like on Aurora cannabis seems to be on fire. But I would wait to see how the week starts. Long-term I’m sure this will be the next big thing. I’ve been killing it this year. You have to wait for the catalyst and price action and market sentiment with understanding support resistance any strategy when will you take profits when will cut the trade. I scale in and scale out. There’s just so many variables that go into it. All the variables have to be right for you to take a bigger position of a full possition. But you cant just sit on it After you made big$ you need to get put or you can give it all back. So Ricky can kill it if you wanted to and I’m sure he does on a different account. On his personal account. We only get to see was he wants to see for the show of helping out. Just look at Steven Dux. Or Tim Gratany. I think Ricky has a perfect way of trading.

    3. John the Savage

      King Cesar Great call on Aurora. my portfolio increased on that 10% today alone.

    4. King Cesar

      @John the Savage get ready for a much more than 10%. Load up on the dips. Is babies going much higher🎰💸😎📈🔥

    5. Peter K

      Ricky is a great trader because he is conservative. Don’t risk more than you’re willing to lose.

  6. BankRoll Assassin

    Please dont delete this

  7. Arick Ras

    Just bought the course..!!!!! happy to get started..!!!!!!

    1. Vvs Diamondz

      Wya now

    2. Scott James

      All of you considering the course, don’t do it. Ricky is not a sophisticated day trader as he would have you believe and is profiting off of your hope and greed. He calls 2% a day conservative, which would actually net you billions of dollars in less than 5 years. If he’s not honest about that, you can rest assured you’ll lose more money on his worthless course than you’ll gain day trading. Do the math, or prepare to be severely disappointed.

    3. M S

      Scott James so what do you suggest

    4. TZ- Funny Compilations

      hey can you send me the course?

    5. Pedro Bayarsaikhan

      How much is the course

  8. A Happy Broccoli

    love the unemployed shirt 😁

    1. Circuitotv

      Vegana pousy is tha best

    2. III

      hate the shirt..hate all graphic tees tho’

  9. Michael D

    I have to work 8hrs a day to make $96 a day 40 hrs a week if I can make 100 a day that would be awesome

    1. Ban Mera

      Whaat 96$ for 8 hours that’s great , I get 30€ for 8 hours

    2. P JAY

      Same that’s wat I make working at Walmart

    3. AnimeFreak

      I make about 240$ in 8 hours 😭

    4. Aidan Tsukiyama

      @Ban Mera depends on where you live. That 96 might not mean anything if living wages are higher that the pay rate.

  10. Alex Winkler

    Great tips for people getting in. Don’t be overly aggressive on your goals, It will make you overtrade.

    1. Informed Trades - DayTrading/Investing

      Monetary goals in trading leads to disaster and account blow ups.

  11. Dustin Bowe

    All of you who are hung up on this $100 a day thing completely missed the point. If it has to be $100 3 out of 5 days of the week then so be it. I believe the point was to set realistic goals so as not to discourage yourself or over trade and blow up your account trying to be someone you’re not. Ricky answers pretty much every single question that has been asked in this list of comments. E.g. “What broker do you use?” “Don’t you need 25k to miss the PDT rule?” “How do I make 2% if XY an Z?” Perhaps we should be doing less commenting and trying to be a teacher and more watching Ricky’s videos and learning.. Every video I see a ton of people asking questions that Ricky has answered several times throughout his massive list of free videos. Clearly people come watch one or two videos and then start trying to add their two cents or ask questions. You fail because you quit as soon as you start. Stop expecting someone else to make you rich. Click the link above that says “Ricky Gutierrez” and hit the subscribe button stop typing and listen to the videos. Most of your questions will be answered many times over.

  12. Pdrew

    I average around $1000 a month, but I dont think I will do penny stocks anymore, they hold my account back while waiting to bounce back

    Stocks are harder than a regular job, there’s more risk, but at the end of the day, no one yells at me besides myself, the only problems are my own, but the best part, I’m working for myself and not someone else for their dream. I used to do sales and was clearing more than $23000 a month for them, yet I wasn’t even making 10% of that a month. I’m getting paid less now with stocks, but there is more opportunity for growth, and my own dreams will come true

    1. Pdrew

      Areeb Fayyaz I was in optical, prescription and non prescription glasses

    2. RideQuebec

      sir . i have the same logic. lets get them cash money flowinggg

    3. mustafa alshadadi

      @Pdrew how is it going

    4. extremedude1234

      @mustafa alshadadi you want any help? I got you if you want passive income. What’s your telegram?

  13. PHug

    That sign on the wall behind him should have the word “Think” on the outside of the box.

    1. Sebi One

      Haha glad someone said it.

    2. Noodle Pudding

      It served its purpose. Caused you to think outside the box

    3. Aljaž Jesen

      Too generic

    4. Miss Wyley

      I got OCD

    5. III

      the tshirt and wall graphics are so pretentious, it lowers cred..but for a latino he’s thriving

  14. Inoshikacho Inoshikacho

    Thank you. This is a crazy world we’re living in. Information travel is speeding up at an exponential rate

  15. Flanky Flanked • 14 years ago

    In the beginning your main goal should not be of making the money, in fact you should aim to not to loose the money.

    1. Adam 4real

      Nonono the goal in the beginning would be focused on learning everydAy

  16. stars will fall

    Hes watching his stocks while making this video, business man

    1. Jdeckles

      stars will fall 🤙😂

  17. F. Teixeira

    I wish i was unemployed in your circunstances too xD

  18. Sebastian Fursov

    👏Was looking for something like this! Helped a lot!!


    As always useful information, great video……….

  20. eLDY Games

    For ppl under the PDT, if your goal is to make $100/day, you’ll be making $1200/month

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