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Beginner Day Trading Mistakes I’ve Made! AVOID THESE!!!


Newbie Day Trading Mistakes that I made when I initially started Daytrading as well as exactly how to Prevent them! I'm going over some of the lessons I've found out why Day Trading as well as discussing my experiences over the in 2015 as well as fifty percent in the Stock Market. The Securities market is a vicious teacher but if you learn from your blunders you can conquer it! Nowadays Trading Errors prevail among a lot of brand-new Traders in the Securities Market.

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Top Beginner DayTrading Mistakes-.
Day Trading Truth!
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54 Thoughts to “Beginner Day Trading Mistakes I’ve Made! AVOID THESE!!!”

  1. Patrick Wieland

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    1. a and b Design


    2. Alaya Pleas

      @Investment Coach Chris Whitehead.lkju

    3. Alaya Pleas

      @Investment Coach Chris Whiteheadm

  2. chadsoandso

    Sooooo needed to hear this thank u for all your tireless work

    1. Patrick Wieland


  3. Karl Sarkozy

    Are you sure you have been trading only 2 year? You have summarized the most typical beginners mistakes and how to avoid them in 9 minutes. You have a lot to offer…keep going!

    1. Patrick Wieland

      +Karl Sarkozy haha maybe I was a day trader in my past life!

    2. 223554545

      U can day trade 3 months and know this

  4. wphuskerfan

    Hey man I really like your channel. You seem like an average down to earth guy and you seem to be as real as can be. I’ll keep watching your videos.

    1. Patrick Wieland

      Thanks man! I Try to keep it real!

    2. pitchingnrx

      You said “average down”. That should be another rule to avoid!!

  5. CaptiN __

    I just want to make enough money to buy some sunglasses xD

    1. Rebekah Nance


    2. Rebekah Nance

      High standards busy

    3. he is trumpy '

      CaptiN __ you know what ! Bring 500 bucks to casino ! Head to casino ! Look for baccarat ! Put it on banker ! There’s your sunglasses ! Don’t tell anyone !

    4. Tamer Ates

      Get a hundred dollars open account on a online real time gambling site play roullete. Use the corners of the squares that the numbers are in. Bet on let’s say 4-6 corners very small amounts u can also play color if ud like. Each time you win raise a little. You gonna make enough money if stop at the right time or don’t get greedy. Ty later

    5. Southern Day2Day Charm

      All honestly so am I. Just beginning and it’s literally GREEKS. Lol. I made a buck on one option and lost $66 on another. The sunglasses aren’t looking promising.

  6. JAYX1NE

    I feel like when your talking that someone is holding a gun to you and trying to pry this information out of you and your panicking and trying to explain to him how to day trade before he kills you.

    1. Patrick Wieland

      The Day Trading Education Killer is holding me hostage

    2. Falling for the Philippines


    3. Rebekah Nance

      You guys grow up

    4. MajorTendonitis

      I thought he was going to break down and cry, and was getting concerned about how much he had lost . Now I’m a little concerned about going into this now myself .

    5. Johannes Stevens

      @MajorTendonitis this guy makes me 😁 he talks too fast as if he’s on the fly…

  7. Travis L

    Who else is watching this video AFTER they already made the mistakes? lol

    1. yr obt svt

      Lost 6k in 2 years, time to go back to basics

    2. MHV

      500$ already 😅😢

    3. Paul Jimenez

      Well…you live and you learn right 🤷‍♂️

    4. Fiskenburg 007

      I was close. I had a gut feeling about day trading and becoming a pattern day trader, then I googled it. Not gonna get me on the 90 day lock out period.

    5. Thor Even Røsok

      Watching first lol, learning how to do it the best way xd

  8. AP Trading

    I’m a day trader and I trade 3x etfs 99% of the time. If you do your risk management you’ll be ok.

    1. Michael Desposito

      Me too and I’ve made lots of money.

  9. Johnathon McEntire

    If I’m ever in Florida we gotta grab a drink bro

  10. VRR VRR

    Seems honest person, giving good info.

  11. Shah Amirshah

    this man is high af

    1. Gregory Stewart

      bro swwwweeeeaaaarrrrrrr

    2. Felipe Schulz

      Doesn’t look like he’s high, his pupils are not dilated at all

    3. steven cox

      Lol if you think he’s high you should watch Ricky Gutierrez he talks so fast I have to play his vids at .75 speed. That dude is on coke lol.

    4. Gregory Stewart

      @steven cox is this advertisement lol?

    5. steven cox

      @Gregory Stewart no lol he was way too amped for me.

  12. Brandon Cargill

    Can %110 relate. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  13. Ima Coder

    looking at his red eyes, he prolly trades all day long

    1. Joe H

      And smokes ganja all day long

    2. Silver Fern Kkiwi

      @Joe H just like every other fker on here haha

  14. R L

    Your strategy MUST have strict rules!!! as soon as emotions enter, you are doomed!!!!

  15. Crypto Tester

    I just discovered your GREAT channel! Your “How To Become A Day Trader” playlist looks very promising, is it already in a logical order?

  16. Derek Schuldes

    I applaud your honesty. Everything you said is absolutely correct and i know because of my own experience. Lost $150,000 in a week because i thought i had it wired but now realize previous successes were just dumb luck. Now i’m prioritizing education not $$$. Thank you, Peace.

  17. Tim Mars

    I think he drinks some seriously strong coffee.

  18. Nari Kimbally

    wow, this describes me perfectly. lol

  19. razzy p

    Good tips you can never drum it in your head enough!

  20. Gorge Food

    ERs are weird. I’ve seen stocks go down after an ER passes expectations or increased from the last ER and vice versa.

    1. Reddit Stories

      Because of option traders

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