Best technical analysis app to scan candlestick patterns in live charts for free


Free candlestick technological pattern scan as well as notify on online graphes in Hindi

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33 Thoughts to “Best technical analysis app to scan candlestick patterns in live charts for free”

  1. Wilfred Lobo

    How do get the patterns? the link please. thank you.

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +Wilfred Lobo just need to install the app from google playstore,register using mail id and please follow instructions in vedio.Let me know if you need further help.

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +maddy it is Netdania

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +maddy welcome

  2. Pk Das

    I need to install in my computer , please guide .

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +Pk Das this is a phone app.I am not sure if it can be installed in PC.


    nice video

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +BINARY OPTIONS UK thank you

  4. Se Sa

    nice vdo and good information thanks pls tell me the APP IN PLAY STORE TO ENABLE TO DO SOME STUDY THE MARKET

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      Se Sa it is Netdania

  5. Abel Pattern 100% Daily Hit Intra day Tips live.

    Singal doji alert kaise lagaye plz reply


    which aap name plz

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +R P Netdanaia

    2. R P DAY TRADE

      Stock market Crorepati

      thanks sir

    3. آو حدیث نبوی عام کریں

      @Stock market Crorepati link

  7. Jaydevsinh Zala best video

    Koun si app hai naam bataye

    1. Stock market Crorepati

      +Jaydevsinh Zala best video netdania

    2. Stock market Crorepati

      +Jaydevsinh Zala best video thanks

    3. Stock market Crorepati

      +Jaydevsinh Zala best video netdania

  8. Kakali Haldar

    App kon sa yea technical software use kor raheho, pls naam bata doo….

    1. HD S!MPL!C!TY...!

      netdania app

  9. Chandresh Joshi

    Thanks..Superb app

  10. KRISHNA Sangale


  11. Ramesh Chavan

    5min late chart

  12. Sandeep Singh

    pagal hai kya kaun sa app download karenge … app ke baare kuch bataya hi nahi..koun sa app or kaise kare start se app ke bare me kuch bola hi nahi … saala PURA PAGALET HAI KYA BE….

  13. Jayanta Das

    Problem is live 5 min delay up date…..

  14. Nikunj Rathod

    Abe chodu kaun sa app ya software hai ye to bata deta …..zhandu saale aa jaate hai kaha kaha se

  15. Pralhad Darade

    sir chart pe kaise pata chala kosa pattran bana

  16. Locos Fülöp

    Mr. Angelo, if you read this comments, you are the best professor that ever explained this candlesticks in a fantastic ways. The title is really good from dummy to expert. Thank you, thank you and thank you very much. You’re the man. I’m watching it again and please don’t take it off YouTube. I’m using one of the most lucrative strategy now *IQD Momentum strategy* shapes my next trade. God bless you in Jesus Christ name.

  17. Shashank More

    Chutiya banarahai website ka naam to bataa

  18. Sonuarush Vishwakarma

    Well tried sir….carry on

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