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Day Trading the real reality … Beyond the Lambos and Exclusive Jets there lays a deep dark trick concerning DayTrading. Your favorite Guru will not teach you about how Lonesome it is when you have a RED day. They will not teach you that its close to difficult to earn money. The Stockmarket had not been created to develop riches for you it was created to take your cash and provide it to the wealthy. Day Trading is a video game that doesn't just turn you into a millionaire over night like some believe.

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85 Thoughts to “DAY TRADING REAL TRUTH…”

  1. Goodoboy TheMan

    Thank you Patrick and appreciate your efforts in the truth. If it was easy, EVERYBODY will be doing it.

    1. Michael Henry


    2. Chris Budd Vlogs

      Thats why its not for everyone… and thats ok,

    3. Lando

      @Michael Henry I’m not rich, but I don’t have a boss, work on the days that I want to work, can take a vacation or go mainly anywhere with a good wifi signal if or when I want to trade. I do it for the freedom. 9-5 and possibly a better salary, or my freedom, a modest living, and many other pros depending on who you are.

    4. Michael Henry

      @Lando It was a play on a trader’s you tube commercial…

  2. Thanos' Games

    20% technical +80% psychological=day trading

    1. Brave New World

      alec kane There are MULTIPLE variables involved in trading. Many successful options sellers use ONLY probabilities.

    2. Ryan Thompson

      @K Roddy I don’t know.. yes they are forward facing but the path from buy (a) to sell (z) is non-linear and can very well make you clench your cheeks for dear life. That’s where psychology comes into play IMO. To be able to analyze the cutting edge of forward facing data in a manner that is not emotional/reactionary or biased based on your position.

    3. Nedal Trebor

      @J Yeung friggin random gapper on some dumb unrelated news.. Lol

    4. rajveer kamra

      @Max daytrader awesome

    5. Global Food Providers

      I believe it’s 100% technical and 0% emotional. Any emotions allowed in a trade and you are dead in the water. 100% technical rules, in and out – and you will be safe IF IF IF you have a good winning technical set of rules. That is not easy to find though.

  3. Options Trading Channel

    Most of these ‘gurus’ (J. Bond, R.G. etc…)They are making $millions$ but NOT FROM TRADING. They are making their money from YouTube revenues, from selling their products, courses, books etc. I’ve said it many times, R.G. has himself a great niche. His target audience is the younger crowd (anyone under 25). They see his lifestyle and they eat that sh*t up like skittles. It’s very interesting to watch. Great video Patrick!

    1. Joot Ipac

      90% people agree with this comment. 🙂

    2. Babby BooKardashian

      Skittles dwl

    3. Ball Player

      @Nopa Dope i just commented about ricky too 😂

    4. Nopa Dope

      @Ball Player he’s the real deal:)!

    5. peter

      If until 25 not get huge money, they will need psychologist, ha,ha

  4. Ashfaq Sheikh

    Markets are irrational. To approach the market with rationality is foolish. The only way to win over time is to follow the trend and maintain ironclad discipline to under-trade. And yes, trading is a lonely lonely business.

    1. Bilbo_Gamers

      This. Put yourself in the shoes of the average consumer.

    2. Chris Michaels

      @Ashfaq Sheikh I built studies using overbought and sold conditions. If you have them on the correct period or aggregation they work exceptionally well.

    3. Ashfaq Sheikh

      @Chris Michaels Sorry but disagree vehemently. Yes, they work at times but practically mislead traders. Relying on them could be fatal.

    4. Chris Michaels

      @Ashfaq Sheikh hasn’t been for years, but that is ok. for me within each trend there are overbought and sold conditions. They usually line up with S/R lvls and fibs. I use these lvls to either add to, take off, exit, and or enter trades. but opposing sides make a market so it’s all good to agree to disagree 🙂

    5. Ashfaq Sheikh

      @Chris Michaels Good luck and God bless.

  5. First Max

    thank you so much for this video. I made +$500 last week and I lost $800 just in one day.

    1. Obee Lopez

      @anthony carlin was going to comment the exact same thing LOL

    2. Only The Best 10 Minute Loops

      Day Traders getting giddy over baby bux when they could just buy real companies and news and make real money.

    3. Cory Walker

      U gotta know when to trade be a sniper

    4. Joot Ipac

      Youre one of the the 90%

    5. peter

      only a few wins. Mostly will lose before or after. This is a game for very reach the man.

  6. TeikYew Lee MD

    You can get rich, but not get rich quick. Trading is a business, it is meant for long term

    1. Vladimir Putin

      @Remembering 1992 Interesting how you couldn’t take a joke. Aside from that, is your point that we shouldn’t day trade or something? I see you mention gambling as if you are trying to compare trading to gambling. I may just be taking your point the wrong way. Anyways chill out dafuk

    2. Remembering 1992

      With gambling you have a chance of success over time.  If you think the odds are stacked against you at the casino, try competing with computer scientists and mathematicians who are aided by the latest supercomputers.  These YouTube trading “education” videos are INVARIABLY scams perpetuated by charlatans.  They prey on the ignorant, vulnerable, and desperate and are the bottom feeders of the Internet.

    3. ពន្លឺ ព្រះធម៌

      If you can’t sell stock in 15 minutes you should be able to get with stock for 15 years for profit.

    4. Supar KillSwitch

      TeikYew Lee MD no offence but why your face looks so punchable?

    5. payday videos

      It takes money in the first place

  7. Kevin M

    90% of traders appreciate you making this video. The other 10% are thinking something different.

    1. Remco laken

      @ByAlexey its because 90% of the traders are in a greedy state of mind and 10 % are already rich and not in a greedy state of mind , the geedy state of mind make 90% of the traders lose money thats the secret , be in the state of mind of a rich person thats not afraid to lose money and sees litle profit as profit. My uncle is a biljonair and also trades with the right mindset , he almost always know when some kind of stock wil bounce a litle , he puts in 10k on that and when it bounces just a litle he just takes 500 $ each and every time , he will not wait for it to go up more he just lookes for another stock that will bounce a few % up and trows again 10k to it and takes profit when it bounces a litle everytime, sometimes he loses but he puts a stop los just under the last support, but when the indicators scream for price movement up he will just have patience and waits for the litle bounce up, never ever try to catch a mega bullish candle stick, it may happen and you will be lucky but never bet on it to happen because its very rare you catch it

    2. Niclas Mortensen

      Remco laken You sure know a lot about your “billionaire-uncle’s” finances, so how come you’re not a billionaire yourself?

    3. Remco laken

      @Niclas Mortensen im on my way , i just learned this from my uncle a few weeks ago

    4. Steven Isnumber

      @Niclas Mortensen because he’s smoking delusion dream pikes , prediction of big moves and crazy position sizes lead to those times when people make fortunes and imagine making a goddamn billion , that’s like making a fortune 100 times over

    5. Jason Ozuna

      Remco laken man I need to learn more from you or your uncle. Do you think by any chance you can teach me?

  8. James B Carson

    Been mildly obsessed with watching stock “gurus” on youtube over the last 6 months. This video is the only must watch I’ve seen. Great stuff Patrick – cheers!

  9. TornadoBarrage

    To be good at day trading you need to practice day trading

    1. sam sung

      yes and yes

    2. الشر

      So you’re saying, in order to master day trading for me, I need to focus on day trading, so that I don’t waste my time not doing day trading and instead practice day trading ?

    3. Muhd Haikel

      dankest-TV paper money dude

    4. eXtRemely Potent

      @Muhd Haikel 🤣

  10. Zorro Pai

    Hi, thank you for your thoughts.
    I like to follow Timothy Sykes. May be you know him too.
    The last few weeks I watched many of his YouTube videos and I will do so for a while before I will start trading.

  11. Mikey Lavie

    To much leaked info
    The governments coming for you now…RUN

  12. Swymco

    Who ever took the opposite of my trades for the past year definitely got rich quick. lol

    1. Muzola cuisine


    2. Mr25thfret

      @plumberman19 LOL. Adams “better decisions” means he’s not losing money as fast.

    3. AarvikSingh

      @Aarlow Hammerbackk no market makers take other side of our trades & not all brokers are market makers !

    4. Michael G

      Damn, 🤣. It will be ok

    5. Reality Rawcast

      Reptilians and Archons

  13. Dan Banan

    Buy some big screens, put some flashy charts in the back and talk BS = money

    1. Global Food Providers

      Real day traders that make money have stripped themselves of all the screens. Trading is simple if you have rules. Too many voices – including too many indicators that are all 20 – 40% successful on their own – is dangerous to you making an opinion about up or down. Try trading on a cell phone…. and a set of simple rules. You’ll be more successful and happy in my opinion.

    2. pavlo sedliaruk

      Yep thus guy is just big BS

    3. eXtRemely Potent

      @Global Food Providers 👌

    4. S M O C K

      Well if you plan to trade day to day then you kind of need most of those “tools.” If you’re a swing trader or long term trader you are right. Don’t emotionally grow too attached to it cause you never know how the stock market will go so might as well set some money in it, forget about it, check once there and then to see how it’s going to potentially catch a pattern, but plan for long periods of time before selling it. That’s how you’ll make profit in the beginning. It’s a business, not a sport.

  14. Paolo —

    I would’ve laughed so hard if by the end he offers his course LOL

    1. Gedalia Niasoff

      @Lawrence L. no my bad i meant paolo Profile picture not your sorry mistake

    2. Gedalia Niasoff

      yea but it freaks me out when i watch any random youtube video i always see someone comment with that pfp it scares me that 50% of the population has the same exact picture at first i thought it was the actul charcter then i kept seeing it so it scaers me now when i see those charcters

    3. eXtRemely Potent


    4. hello guys

      Gedalia Niasoff oh yeah yeah

    5. Jaidan Berteand

      Gedalia Niasoff hello there

  15. Trader 5-8-6

    Really good video. I’ve been trading for 25 years (since before the internet existed)…it’s psychological warfare. I took me years to understand how important NOT taking a trade is. Years.

    1. Seiwaza

      Are you a millionaire sir?

    2. Trader 5-8-6

      @Seiwaza I’ve traded millions and won more than I’ve lost. Let’s leave it at that.

    3. Seiwaza

      @Trader 5-8-6 what advice would you give to an 18yo boy who want to be like u

    4. Trader 5-8-6

      @Seiwaza You don’t want to be like me…you want to be your own style of trader. It will take years to figure out what that is, but here is what you can start with. 1. Specialize. Select just a few tickers to trade (maybe just one?) and focus on them. Get to know that ticker and it’s behaviour intimately. Become a specialist in that ticker. It was no accident that specialization was a major part of the industrial revolution. 2. Learn both sides of the trade. Long and short trades are equally important and by having both tools you eliminate being biased to trading it one way. 3. I trade for real, but I paper trade much more to make sure my game is sharp. For example, I will have 4 or 5 tickers I’m watching, and take a real trade in one of them because the opportunity is there. However, in another I may decide “I would short that” and just keep that in mind. Whether or not that paper trade works out is a way for me to assess whether I’m on the right side of the market. 4. It’s hard work and long hours. Period. You really have to enjoy the game of trading and not just want to make money. I love the game. One of my favourite movies is “Rounders” because it showcases that the game really isn’t about luck. I wish you well.

  16. Cory Walker

    I love being alone so trading is good for me

    1. Question Questioning Question

      Cory Walker me too

    2. Kavish Shakdwipee

      me too

    3. TheCoolkidz700

      ​@Kavish Shakdwipee i do too , but you should try working on your social skills

  17. Hanibal Chow

    Thank you for keeping it real and giving an honest video on day trading, I had to subscribe to your channel. I wish there were more honest videos like this on YouTube.

  18. Jessica Steve

    Thank you for this video. One quick question:
    Day-traders: How do you find the right stock to trade?

    1. Immy Atp

      As a new trader, stay away from Crypto, CFD’s and Indices. All are extremely volatile and you can lose money in minutes

    2. akankhit sandilya

      Find out stocks that have strong trend in weekly or daily time frame and wait for the stock give you entry signs in 15 minute or 10 minute time frame in line with the weekly trend.

    3. Gorge Food

      @Immy Atp
      If you’re a day trader, you want volatility. I’m assuming you’re going to be sitting there to watch your trade until you close it.

    4. Immy Atp

      Gorge Food I said new trader 🙂
      You need to understand volatility before you can trade on it

    5. C Richardi

      Jessica Steve Dow Jones Have safest Stocks

  19. Kavish Shakdwipee

    ” Day trading is lonesome”
    Me to me : A perfect profession for me

  20. Hoan Lee

    i want start day trading asa i believe that ‘i’m ready for it”. this video is a real talk real share video. 👍thx Patrick!

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