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Day Trading Strategy MACD


This is our fifth video clip in our day trading methods collection making this the third video containing a day trading technique. The initial 2 videos had to do with exactly how to ideal usage nowadays trading video clips. We highly recommend you to watch them so you understand exactly how to best use these inspiring day trading videos. In this video clip we are explaining our extremely own MACD Star Action day trading approach. You are demonstrate how to trade it with precise entry as well as exit. We additionally clarify exactly how you can add filters to your system to raise the probabilities of success.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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23 Thoughts to “Day Trading Strategy MACD”

  1. Aditya Hegde

    Informative and Educational – Good Job!

  2. RapPascual

    thanks for this is makes MACD easier to comprehend!!!!

  3. Deepak Jindal

    I use macD with ADx and CCI. best combination.

  4. kittybookitty

    Your voice is awesome.

  5. dazedbitai

    Excellent tips, thank you

  6. Harold Campbell

    pretty good

  7. Álvaro A. Lorite

    does this method work for FOREX?

    1. Stock Market Strategy

      I personally do not trade Forex. I think the charts are too volatile to use indicators

  8. Álvaro A. Lorite

    also is there a program like TC2000 that i can use as a simulator?

  9. Penny Stock

    Thanks for illustrating the difference between retracement and sell off patterns.

  10. kenykillr

    it would be nice if “the other MACD video” was linked or annotated

  11. James Qian

    according to what did you draw those horizontal lines to project the targets?  those horizontal dashed lines don’t make any sense to me.

    1. Stock Market Strategy

      @James Qian They are not targets. The horizontal lines are just to visualise that swing low is equal prior swing high. What were resistance is now support.

  12. AnotherWell

    Neat, succinct.  Thank you very much.

  13. San

    I m new trader. i saw ur video it very usefull.but i have 1 question how can u r calculating the target level and also im a day trader is  not not showing any step clearly how to trade as a day trader.

    1. Stock Market Strategy

      @San If its stair step pattern then I would measure previous move and “expect” the same move again. This would give me a approximate target.
      If you trade stocks then it is about looking through charts until you find one. Remember. Just because you are a day trader does not mean you have to trade every day. Wait for your setup.

  14. Shabee Satsangi

    like it bro thank a lot

  15. munibabu BODAGALA

    Please give live trading indicators explanation other wise no one will believe you, try to improve your way of explaining, so that many will understand practicaly how to trade.

  16. ben mills

    Great Video guy’s will Take it on bord will see how it’s Work’s it sond’s like a good Strategy

  17. krishnazee061

    nice presentation as previous vdos. in this vdo. before achieving target there are many down croses how to handle it?? achieve profit>??

  18. Chetan Meghani

    First time seen using price action with macd…Simply great

  19. CreativiTimothy

    Intro music?

  20. Naga Raju

    Simply amazing sir

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