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How To Live Like A King As a Digital Nomad ; Day trading!


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I have actually been a day trader for 12 years. I have actually had a lot of material points and also a great deal of BS in my life. I sold whatever as well as moved to "the world". I am currently a full time electronic nomad! Hope you like following my journey!

Along with day trading the entire time and earning a living from anywhere I desire! This is the day investor way of living and i'm going FULL Digital WANDERER!

I am a veteran stock investor of 12 years. I developed the Fous4 method and also I teach Day Trading strategies for novice to intermediate investors. We have one of the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Group strives for your success.

I focus on part-time energy trading methods consisting of swing-trading and also day-trading both long and also short.

Discover my Entire Method Perfected over ten years! All my Training courses are Offered for Immediate Streaming:

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5 Actions to Start Day Trading Supplies:
Why I am Not a "Cent Stock Trader":
My Fave Trading Software Application:
My Fave Charting Scanning Software Application:

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Twitter: @fousalerts
Phone: (619) 430-2424

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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23 Thoughts to “How To Live Like A King As a Digital Nomad ; Day trading!”

  1. Daniel Maínha

    Trade, Train and being free. Repeat



    1. Dustin Donham

      LOL yeah media production, making trader porn to lure in more suckers.

    2. Noreen Mariee

      *Million of Trader Changed there Life by the world best Strategy, also I am getting my desire profit each day, check out before any investment >> **** .*

  3. Alpine Trader

    Awesome inspiration and thanks for being a real dude. Enjoy the stay. But how’s the internet situation over there?

  4. mindchimp

    That feeling of liberation is so good, I made the move from australia to day trade in thailand, I think its great time zone for trading, you get the close of Australia, open and close of asia, open and close of europe, and open of usa, all within reasonable hours. so many opps man if you extend yourself out of only us stocks. Love that place, would love to do a few months in the islands, how much is that place costing you per month?

  5. DavidisDawei

    Living the Dream!

  6. pineapplejuicemixin

    Just finished up 3 months in Thailand myself. You should check out the Krabi province next, the east coast of Thailand has much better beaches along with the limestone cliffs. If you want the best sunsets in Asia though you need to head over here to Bali.

  7. Joe

    Nice digs. I’ve been over here 8 years, Phuket, Bangkok, etc… I get a nap in around 4 or 5 for an hour. Wake, have a bite, coffee, ready to go. Takes a bit to get your schedule, but it works. Plenty of hours for prep, excercise, beach, all that.

  8. Cyril Yu

    Hello sir. I’m a Software Engineer for 5 years. Looking for a career shift right now, and it looks like day trading is challenging, fulfilling and awesome as you can have more liberty in life. Can I have your email, so you could mentor me on how to start. Looking forward on your reply. Thanks sir.

    P.S. Awesome vids!

  9. RileyJames

    Is nobody gonna talk about Sandra being completely topless at 7:33 ????

    1. Mike Arnold

      Tittles. Something worth working for. lol

  10. Dan Stapleton

    Is this an MTV Cribs episode or a day trading video. LOL

  11. Michael Brown

    Congrats on your accomplishments! Keep inspiring others, and giving hope. Thank you for sharing some of your day with us, it means a lot. Good Luck.

  12. Let's QUIT 9 to 5 Vlogs

    One of the best motivational trader-vlogs! I watched almost every week.You really inspire.Thanks Cameron.

  13. Jeff Frasier

    God I wish to live like that. One day. Awesome life man

  14. OM G

    I really love the baground sound make by the birds…..

  15. Victor Funk

    @1:03 I love that he named his snail Jeff.

  16. james dean

    So inspiring I can smell it in the air.

  17. james dean

    Balling outta control! ✌

  18. Sourish Saha

    this is awesome

  19. Lev Shor

    Cool bro! keep having funn

  20. Cameron Fous

    FREE WEBINAR COMING UP! Learn How I Make $50,000+/month Selling My Skillsets with Online Courses JOIN NOW

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