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Joe: This Is Day Trading Of The Worst Sort; It Is Immoral | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president once more pursued fresher Democratic females lawmakers Wednesday at a re-election rally in Greenville, N.C., which additionally located the crowd shouting 'Send her back!' in regards to Rep. Ilhan Omar, who came in from Somalia as a child. The panel reviews.
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Joe: This Is Day Trading Of The Most Awful Type; It Is Unethical|Early morning Joe|MSNBC

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53 Thoughts to “Joe: This Is Day Trading Of The Worst Sort; It Is Immoral | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Deb B

    I hate that man with every fiber of my being.

    1. John3:16 Pitbull

      Me too! I know it’s not right to hate, but I know I can ask for God’s forgiveness. Now if God will answer my prayers! Psalm 10!

    2. Joel Valenzuela

      John3:16 Pitbull Yeah he should be the one asking God for forgiveness because all he is doing is dividing the Country. Republicans hate it when people say that because is true and they have nothing to say but to blame others and deny that he is a pure evil racist.

    3. dogboy1953

      Me too.
      If I ever met him, I’m pretty sure I would attack

  2. Lew Rodd

    How long will it be before his crowd are chanting ‘Sieg Heil’?

    1. Chela Buford

      @Drew Barber There is nothing cheap or lazy regarding the very valid points I made. Your lack of discourse for a salient and meaningful discussion or debate is cheap and lazy and quite telling; it’s why you had no real counter points to offer.

      Instead of calling names, gaslighting and being a fool’s tool, go find something of real value to do with your life and become a better person to offer to the world.

      Have a nice day.

    2. Drew Barber

      @Chela Buford All you did was repeat back to me what I just said to you. And you made zero valid points, all you did was say Trump is a Nazi. A 5 year old can do that congratulations. Please name 5 ways Trump is similar to Germany that you cant apply to literally every other politician. How historically ignorant can you be? Germany had already started building death camps and creating laws against Jews, they violated the international treaty of Versailles and Hitler confiscated all guns from citizens in Germany that weren’t in the military. Trump has signed 4 new treaties since in office, he is the most pro-Israel president in history, and he promotes citizen gun ownership and the 2nd amendment. Isreal just named a town after him. So tell me how they’re similar again?

    3. Chela Buford

      @Drew Barber I repeated back to you what you said to me?! Ha! I think we both know you took my points from a different post and applied them here as your own which I noticed as soon as I read it! What a joke!

      Further, the parallels being drawn are regarding process, behavior and rhetoric – not about Jewish people specifically. Other ethnicities and faiths are being attacked but I guess those facts just slipped by you right? Of course they did!!!
      Mindlessly making ridiculous statements without nuanced reasoning or context is par for the course. Being willfully ignorant is your perogative.

      No more discussion to be had here.

    4. Honey Babou

      @Drew Barber You’re actually the one who doesn’t know History. The comparison between the nazi rallies BEFORE WW2 and the Trump rallies is perfectly apt.

      It’s a History student from Berlin that tells you this, not a History Channel viewer like yourself.

  3. John M

    The echoes of Nuremberg rallies are ringing louder as of last night.

    1. MagicSantos


    2. Hildebeast Clinton

      John M – great dramatics, like the rest of you psychos

    3. test two

      The crowd of the devil and his angels inhabited in the humans at a rally for the devil who influencing evil hate speech toward humans who love one another wonder why their names are not written in the Lambs book of life just as the book of Revelation says about those at the last battle. It says and I quote “Fire came down from heaven from God and it devoured them.”

  4. Kim Beebe

    Keep in mind the crowd is Betsy Devos’s Amway Ambots. These are her Amway cult peeps. They also have fake religious beliefs. These people do Amway rallies all the time and do chants. This IS the Amway cult.

  5. Lorne Raney

    This freak just put a hit out on a US Congresswoman! This is not the country that our fathers fought and died for. I love America, I am ashamed of the evil monster that sits in the white house.

    1. test two

      We definitely know who the aggressors will be on the judgment day when they try to take the kingdom by force like the Bible says, And they wonder why their names are not written in the Lambs book of life just as the book of Revelation says about those at the last battle. It says and I quote “Fire came down from heaven from God and it devoured them.”

    2. Unintended Consequences

      A man has already been arrested and charged for calling Omar’s office and threatening to “put a bullet in her head”.

    3. BS1

      I know…he put a hit out on a Congress Woman of Color…. And Guess What he still the President …. And if she gets hurt guess what..
      He won’t go jail…
      That’s 🇺🇸 America

    4. Janet A

      Lorne Raney – someone needs to put a hit out on HIM…..

    5. BS1

      @Janet A No Honey… that’s a slippery slope and it’s exactly what they want people like David Duke and some of his supporters they want a race war they love their guns and they want to fight… let America’s Pandora’s Box open slowly for some people who never thought the racism that black people or people of color express about didn’t exist can see it for themselves. If it scares non people of color if it makes them uncomfortable then they can get a taste of what it might feel like to be a person of color in America these days.

  6. darraghgkelly

    The USA has become, very quickly a sad country. D. T. Is a dangerous man for the world.
    Frightening is how quickly things become normalised.

    1. John3:16 Pitbull

      Agreed. Resist!

    2. A horse with no name

      For those of us in the rest of the world the fall of America is sad but America has become frightening to our safety under Trump and that is from a western perspective.

  7. Mary Kelly

    That video should scare everyone. It seems that the more Mitch McConnel and the rest of the Republican Party are complicit, the more blatant he, his ignorant offspring and administration become with their lies and rhetoric. Trump has no policies and his only goal is to satisfy his base. If anyone does not love or care about America, it is him!

    1. John3:16 Pitbull

      You are so absolutely right! Donate now to Democratic campaigns! Amy McGrath, retired fighter pilot is running against Mitch. She may not be perfect but we have to rid the Senate of McConnell! Sign up for email from Daily Kos. They do a wonderful job of keeping us informed!

  8. jazzytreez

    Rep. Ilhan Omar, stay strong! There are so many of us that support her. Thank you for your courage and strength!

  9. Hominini

    It’s all a game to con man Trump. He doesn’t give a flip about Americans or America.

    1. John3:16 Pitbull

      Correct. Narcissist, selfserving Donald, does it to feed his enormous ego.

    2. Hominini

      @MG Just like you live living in your parents’ basement and eating hot pockets?

    3. MG

      @Hominini bwaha ha ha we don’t live on social programs we pay all the taxes so you all can

  10. Timothy Burke

    That was a god damned nazi rally or klan rally, there is no arguing it.

    1. Janet A

      Timothy Burke – traded their KKK hoods for red MAGA hats.

    2. it's ok it's ok

      @Gary Campbell You forget Gary a lot of the republicans moderate centrist who voted for trump very reluctantly has left the party And now signed up as an independent. That’s a can look it up, the independence have went up dramatically in the numbers because of Donald Trump. If Joe Biden becomes the nominee and I suspect he will pick a centrist Democrat like Stacy Abrams of Georgia Donald Trump is in big trouble.

    3. it's ok it's ok

      @Gary Campbell Gary if that’s true then why did Barack Obama win 53% of the American votes. The last time any president reached those numbers was Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump received 41% of the American votes a dramatic drop off. These are actual government numbers you can check these for yourself. By the way gallery there are 330 million Americans in this country. Out of that number only 12% are black, So that means the overwhelming majority are white. Who by the way voted for Barack Obama not once but twice so get your facts straight. History shows that America is not on your side

    4. Denise Skaggs

      Yep, Hitler riling up the masses and blaming Jews for all the problems. Anyone scared yet….ME ME ME.

  11. saddist1Gtown

    Mika has made a very valid point…

    Just think for a moment that rabid crowd chanting send her back just think that there are doctors, bus drivers, taxi drivers, nurses, banker, airline workers, emergency workers, and the many other professions represented at these gutter-like rallies just think of that for a moment and see how down in the abyss Trump and his cesspool has sunk… Sad.

  12. Grow For Less

    He says he didn’t like them saying that, but look at his face! He LOVES it!!!!

    1. Kelly Goines

      Yesss he feeds of it.

  13. Bradl-Fettn

    It escalades:
    yesterday: “Go back where you came from!”
    today: “Send her back!”
    … and tomorrow that angry radicalized crowd would be fine with if certain people just “vanish”.
    That’s a totalitarian personal cult, and its the early 1930s germany again.

    1. Morgan Cantankerous

      The American lingo is lynch.

    2. Chris Reiser

      Morgan Cantankerous thanks for that clarity really helped.

  14. Daniel Mulhern

    I always wondered how Hitler came to power. Now I know.

  15. mjimih

    If you love this country, you’ll get emotional half way thru this vid. VOTE ALL DEM 2020!

  16. Sea Angels 10

    Remember when Obama would scold his audience if they yelled negative things.

  17. Jeff Abbott

    Sad thing is, when someone inevitable gets seriously injured, he’ll claim ignorance and that it wasn’t related to anything he said.

    1. web angel

      And he’ll be allowed to by the media and Democrats

    2. A horse with no name

      He is already blaming the crowd for this debacle.

    3. K41

      No….someone is going to get killed, and the killer will boast he did it because of Trump. Trump’s 2020 bid will be over, and the Republican Party will be dead!!!!!

    4. MG

      You mean like Antifa does? How about shooting a man playing softball? How about abortion that kills MILLIONS! you people are talking about violence? YOU PEOPLE? Oh that’s rich

  18. kamhong

    The leader of the Free World ……….. hooray  hooray   hooray  ……….. America is truly the land of milk and honey for bigots .

  19. Carwin Byington

    Ilhan Omar should sue Donald Trump for creating a hostile work environment.

  20. Jeffrey Bull

    Nuremberg rallies. Wait til they come after YOU!

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