QlikView Tutorial | QlikView Charts | QlikView CandleStick Chart or Box Plot Chart


Candle Stick graph or Boxplot chart is mainly used to do the stock analysis. The beginning of this charting device hinges on Japan and also currently it is the globe famous tool to do the analysis of stocks.

In this video I have actually undergone the data requirement of Boxplot or Candle light Stick chart and afterwards demonstrated how to produce it from square one.

I wish you'll find this video clip beneficial and also an enhancement to your existing understanding of QlikView.

– Abhishek.

QlikView Tutorial|QlikView Charts|QlikView CandleStick Chart or Box Plot Graph.

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5 Thoughts to “QlikView Tutorial | QlikView Charts | QlikView CandleStick Chart or Box Plot Chart”

  1. sarathchandra prasad

    Hi Abhishek,  Thank you very much for uploading videos. I like your presentation

    1. Abhishek Agarrwal

      Glad that you like my presentation. It encourages me. 🙂

  2. kevin b

    perfect thanks

  3. Manmeet Singh

    Abhishek, If you can provide data sheet that will be more helpful

    1. Abhishek Agarrwal

      +Manmeet Singh Below is the link where I’ve the data for most of the examples I’ve shown here on youtube. You’ll find data for this video also.


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