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The Best Mobile Day Trading Setup For Digital Nomads! WATCH THE END ;)


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I always get asked what the very best mobile day trading arrangement is for digital nomads and traveling day investors. So here you go! this is what I am presently making use of. yet its seriously a HUGE discomfort in the you know what do bring around!

What am I utilizing in my day trading station?

Dell xps 9560
Dell Ultrathin 27"
Asus MB16ac Usb c mobile screen
Bontend tablet computer mount
Roost Laptop computer stand
Logitech MX computer mouse
Microstoft workshop mouse
Logitech 920 cam

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20 Thoughts to “The Best Mobile Day Trading Setup For Digital Nomads! WATCH THE END ;)”

  1. MBt

    Trade and travel is one of my dream.

  2. Jamezsy

    Love the video Cameron! Ive been looking into day trading for a while now, fast forward to your videos and i’ve already learned more from you than i have in hundreds of other videos ( yeah literally )
    So why should I be the winner? Because I am a winner…. what makes me a winner? The fact that I never give up until i win, I put in the hard work that makes me a winner, the hard work and graft that others aren’t willing to put in to be successful! I love the life you live and i want that for myself to have financial and time freedom that the fous4 trading programme will teach me how to have through day trading.
    Right now I work a very stable job at 22 years old and U save every penny that i make so that i can use that to day trade, so not only will i follow all the programme fully throughout and make the most if it but i will also be able to start putting the strategies in place immediately!

    They say to find a mentor, someone who you look up to in the field you want to succeed in, well i want you to be my Mentor Cameron 🙂

    So all in all i hope you will choose me to win so that i can live out my dreams and aspirations!

    Btw i shared the video too because its a useful video for anyone wanting to be a nomad trader.

  3. Isaiah Lussier

    Awesome set up man! Been following all your videos trying to learn everything I can of the Fous Strategy hopefully if I win I can learn a lot more.

  4. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

    I WANT THIS FOUS!!! been following you for a very long time and I am the guy that recommended you to visit CAPE TOWN in one of your older vidz if you can still recall😊😊😊 I’ve been teaching myself how to trade for the past 2 years but still cant seem to get a strategy of my own and i really need some mentoring help 🙁

  5. Mario Bello

    I’ve been trading for almost 5 years and I’m happy to say that 2 years ago I became more consistent and I want to level up in my trading strategies, I have been following you since your Maserati so I know your are good doing what you do. I would love to learn from you and your team,

  6. AJ M

    Hey Cameron! Thank you for this tremendous opportunity! I’ve actually been following both you & Mike all over social media for a while now, and have interacted with you in the past regarding your mobile trading setup & the Brazil visa 😊 Did you get that one sorted out by the way? Rio is an awesome city 😊

    Here’s why I believe I’m a deserving candidate for this invaluable giveaway:

    Since September of last year, I’ve put in hundreds of hours into studying the A-Z of day trading. I’ve watched countless videos & lessons about every aspect of day trading, and have been monitoring the stock market on a daily basis to get a grasp of how things work.

    As soon as I realized that I’m absolutely in love with the dynamics, techniques & psychology of day trading, I quit my job as an Independent Business Consultant in order to dedicate myself full-time to day trading. Yes, this is how strongly I feel about this, and this is how badly I want it to work out. Honestly, I don’t believe it’s a matter of ‘if’, it’s rather a matter of ‘when’ I’ll be a consistently profitable day trader. With enough hard work, I’ll make it happen, and I will never give up.

    After so much hard work & so many hours of studying relevant material, I started trading last month with an account that’s above the PDT rule because I want to give myself a real shot at making it. So far, it’s what you would expect from a new trader – ups & downs, but I know precisely where I went wrong every time I lose, and what I did right every time I win. I save every trade & chart, and go back to write notes about it.

    It’s funny though how you clubbed this giveaway in a video about your mobile trading setup. Why? I myself am in the process of putting together my own mobile setup – I just bought three of the ASUS MB16AC displays and I’m impatiently waiting for the new MacBook Pros 😊 I plan to turn into a nomadic day trader myself, in fact this has now become my life dream, but… What’s stopping me from doing so is precisely why I’m applying for this giveaway.

    The reason is that I’m yet to prove to myself that I can become a consistently profitable trader. I don’t believe in a brute-force approach of targeting 10 setups & 2 dozen stocks a day. I believe in focusing on a small number of setups, becoming good at them, and repeating them over & over again to form a system that works for me. That’s why I have focused on, and successfully found (I think?) a niche setup that very much fits my trading personality, and I’m analyzing every aspect of it to fully understand it… But I need the help, guidance, and the specific material of someone who’s ahead of me in this game, someone who’s proven to be good at it, which is why this giveaway will complement the missing bits of my education, will surely help me become consistently profitable, and aid me to live my dream lifestyle as a nomadic day trader.

    This giveaway could not have possibly come at a better time for me personally as I was actually in the process of trying to choose a day trading community, not an alert service, to be a part of. I don’t believe in blindly following someone’s alerts without understanding the logic behind every entry & exit, but I do believe in group trade idea generation, and having additional pairs of eyes to watch the stocks that you aren’t currently watching.

    In closing, I’d like to say that I’m in it because I’m passionate about it, and because I’ve never really found any profession/lifestyle that so perfectly suits my personality until I came across day trading. I particularly love the self-sufficiency aspect of it, and the lifestyle it allows, and gaining access to the wealth of knowledge that this giveaway so generously offers will help me get there!

    Thank you 😊

    P.S. Sorry for typing such a long ‘application’, but if I weren’t serious about it, I wouldn’t have treated it as seriously as my grad school essays 😊

  7. Marcio Paguaga

    I would love to learn your strategy to have financial freedom to spend more time with my family. It would be awesome to be your next TOP student.

  8. FusionTechCinema

    Great video would love to win this system, I plan to do acting in the future and learning to trade on the go efficiently would be something that would benefit me so much!

  9. Delmas Skipper

    Hey Cameron, I have watched you with curiosity for many years now. I have always wondered if it would be possible to make a full time income trading stocks and creating a legacy for my family.
    I agree 100% with what you say about “Time” being the most valuable thing, but from my perspective with 4 kids and a wife looking up to me…the most important thing beyond my time with them is what I teach them. I would love to be able to teach them a valuble skill (such as trading) so they have a chance at a great future. It’s one of my biggest goals in life and I hope we can do that together. Thank you, and keep up the good work! -Dale

  10. Johan van Deventer

    Hey Cameron, it would be amazing if I won the contest so that I can learn how to be pro trader and travel the world and do crazy things along the way. Thanks man.

  11. Sangev

    Just found your channel! Wow! You are doing exactly what I want, and it’s very inspiring! Keep up the work mate, we’ll be collaborating soon 😉

  12. PIEETRO #

    Because you are the best and I wanna learn from Legends 😀 And because I am from Hungary and your friend is hungarian as well 😀 hahaha God Bless you

  13. limce87

    Just started day trading and really do hope I can win the prize 🙂

  14. denise west

    Im trying to learn to trade I need some good videos to listen to while at work as I look for my mentor what have you. I’m recently new to stocks and have all day to listen and learn I’m like 3 months in but excited to learn checking out what you have to off and recommendations would be fantastic I’m addicted to my phone at the moment while never at home working learning 🙂

  15. Dante Tuzzi

    Hey man looking for a newsetup, noticed we have the same laptop and mouse! I agree, best products in there catagories.

  16. 019united

    I have the same exact setup! Without that USB-C monitor. Love that you can travel and work. Well done mate

  17. Antonio Rivy

    Hey cameron love u videos its so inspiring. I was wondering when u travel around the world and trading do you trade the american markets or other markets ?

  18. Martin Vengust

    I yust love day trading! How simple is that? This is the most amazing work on the planet. But it is most hard mental job also. That why I love it

  19. Kroz

    the cable management kills me xD

  20. Dodson Lundqvist

    Hello 👋🏻
    I’m just started to learn about forex day trading. I’ve been hooked on your videos. I just like the style you produce 👌🏻
    You mentioned that you’re switching back to Mac. Would you do a video or suggest what apps or web software you use? Also… I’m struggling to find how to get set up. I current live in Canada now but will be moving to Vietnam 🇻🇳 August 2019. Will I need to switch to a new platform?
    Thank you in advance! 🙏🏻

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