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34 Thoughts to “Best Indicators To Use For Day Trading Stocks | TOP 4”

  1. bathom kur

    So SOO glad you guys are talking about this!

    1. James Odom

      bathom kur, and talking over his friends

  2. Denise West

    I am so excited. So as I’ve been diligently learning from you on my phone I’ve been saving for a new computer finally I’ve done that now hopefully I can see what you all see and not just on my phone. You have taught me a ton over the past year and though I have very little in my account I’m more green then red these days. My next plan of action is to save for LLP I was planning on using my tax money for this but one of my jobs abruptly ended only to prolong my hopes and dreams lol. Soon it will happen. I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate everything I’ve learned so far and you have been a Hugh motivator for me so thanks to all of you and all you do hopefully while home sick today I can get all the apps download on my new computer instead of trying to be a pro trader on my phone 🙂

    1. Sergio Livings

      Denise West you got this! Thank you for sharing your story!

    2. Denise West

      @Sergio Livings tech buds are the best 🙂

  3. Ginger Beard actual

    Thanks gents , that cleared up previous confusion.

    1. Sergio Livings

      Ginger Beard actual you got it man!

  4. Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos

    So many people over complicate trading with way to many indicators!

  5. glad mono

    Ur indicators are all lagging….everytime u enter in a trade it’s already too late.

  6. Robert

    Dude can you talk slower and clearer? I just could not catch what EMA it was. I had to re play the video and stop to catch it was the EMA15. And can you let your students talk without interrupting them?

    1. N Phattara

      Vdo speed 0.75 is perfect Ricky always talk fast in every vdo

    2. Victor A. Castilleja

      He cuts people off. Wish he would stfu.

  7. Eddy Wan Trading

    Can it be used on forex market? Wich time frame, 15 min?. Great video, thanks.

  8. Michael Y

    Good ideas! But remember…

    “Too much analysis gives you paralysis”

  9. antony jnr

    i also use those 2 macd and rsi

  10. taatooify


  11. chilloutmood08

    Big help! May I know what platform/pc app or software are you using to monitor stocks?

  12. Manjunath MS

    Can you reply me settings values for the above said indicators

  13. Prithvi Rathour

    Bosdi vaale chacha gaand me rocket h kya h …??? Aaram se boonk le toda maderchod..!!

  14. sylvester word

    Benjamin Bilal won me 6trades in a roll and am trading 1k every week. Am impressed with the growth of my account

    1. Yakoob Danial

      The most opportunity came to me when I blew up my 5k account trading forex without much experience, it was at the point i discovered I could trade and I could profit on he’s email

    2. Stason Herman

      Great info
      How do I trade on Bilals platform?

    3. Bueze Simple

      I would suggest to anyone to sign up to the pro trader report, not only do you get an email stating the market that Benjamin him self is keeping an eye on each week, You build your confidence with the strategy he teaches, which I find priceless.
      Thank you for everything,

    4. Dalia Vang

      What’s the minimum capital for trading stock with Mr Bilal

    5. Zachery Zansom

      Manage risk vs reward, by planning your trade criteria/catalyst ahead of trade and minimising risk

  15. Fume

    MACD and RSI 😂💀

  16. Jose Rubio

    Good bless your souls

  17. lindana William

    This is an awesome video. One quick question: What two technical indicators have the highest success rate when used together for day trading?

    1. Cory Ann

      The two best are:
      1. The relative strength index- RSI.
      2. Bollinger bands!
      For more insights (telegram: laravukusicfx) she’s top notch! Best of luck!❤️

    2. Moge Life style


  18. Amin Omidi

    I appreciate this but man u talk so so fast!!! you’re not trading now it’s just talking! thank u

  19. KaptainBasketball

    Keeping it simple

  20. Khwaja Mohiddin

    Listen in 0.75x speed

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