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DISGUSTING! McKayla Maroney’s Forced Silence and HUGE Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading Accusations



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69 Thoughts to “DISGUSTING! McKayla Maroney’s Forced Silence and HUGE Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading Accusations”

  1. Philip DeFranco

    Any parents out there have some thoughts on the bathing story? I’d be interested to hear some different perspectives… Let me know!

    1. nacoran

      People in Yankee hats commit crimes. Does that mean we should label Yankee fans gang members?

      Without organization you just have a fashion trend>

      As for the bathing thing, does the women understand that some pedophiles actually molest same gender children?

    2. Marieke Bisschoff

      I think it shouldn’t even be a story. It is her choice and her and her husband need to sort it out. My mom raised me and my brothers. There were certain things that my mom helped me with and my dad helped my brothers with when we where young. This wasnt like all the time and from when I was born but it was since I could understand what was happening around me and since I became aware of well having different part compared to a boy. It was never anything weird. It was just how they preferred to raise us. Same counts for that woman. It isn’t about her thinking her husband is a child molester. It’s about her daughter understanding that her body is hers and hers alone. People need to stop being so damn sensitive.

    3. BeautifulHades

      I could NEVER say something like that to my spouse! He loves our children as much as I do, and would NEVER harm them! I can’t believe that she expects us to believe that there’s not something from her past making her fear this stuff…

    4. Harry Lund

      Highly agree with what you said phil, bathtime is one of the most bonding times of childhood, gender doesn’t mean a thing

    5. Dj AnABoOliX

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  2. 10,000 subs with no videos

    When do we not just jump into it??

    1. wessltov

      When you’re a father and your daughter is in the tub

    2. MC

      ninjalemurdude I remember that day! that was a weird day.

    3. PhilosoShy Representative

      oh man! Nearly died laughing when our head put this all together XD

    4. PhilosoShy Representative

      to Wessltov’s comment

  3. Tshobe23 _

    So I’m a single father, guess my daughter won’t shower for a few years

    1. Da RealMF

      @NTT of mistery, LOL so I got it right, wallah in arabic is “I swear”, but it’s 2 words, wo allah, in a sense it’s “in the name of god”, but it means I swear, I was surprised when i read it cause I do speak arabic and I use the word, it did make sense to me in the context, but I wasn’t expecting it that’s all

    2. Da RealMF

      where are from by the way, cause I am not use to hearing the word outside the arab countries and france

    3. Internet Tough Guy

      @chams eddine himeur So…”in the name of god she had a natural shower??”

      yeah that makes perfect sense…

    4. Tshobe23 _

      Dimitre H Bahahaha well I guess I know what I’ll be doing when I go Christmas shopping.

  4. stuart btw

    I’m a male with a 2 year old daughter. While I have never bathed with my daughter I regularly bath her and play along with her toys, splashing etc. It took some time but now she absolutely loves bath time and even tells me when she wants to have a bath. It’s some of the best bonding time we have together. I wouldn’t change it for the world. If her mother ever turned around to me and said I couldn’t bathe her anymore I’d be extremely angry. I think anyone adding a sexual connotation to it is probably mentally sick whether it be through their own abuse or other.

    1. Adam A

      Absolutely right on bud!

    2. erlandodk

      I still help my 8 yo daugther and 6 yo son when they bathe. I’ve been bathing them since they were born and I will continue to do so until they are capable of bathing properly themselves. Neither of them have ever expressed any discomfort in me bathing them. Bathing time has always been fun and one of the best ways to bond.

    3. Nicolas Charly

      Doctor Oswald it’s not a luxury if it’s a majority.

    4. Maggie Karabel

      chibi Narutachu She shouldn’t have children if she’s never dealt with her issues. I’m concerned for the child.

    5. Maggie Karabel

      Mc homie No, he compared trauma with trauma.

  5. Animemes

    If Jugglos are a gang then Jake Paulers are a gang

    1. John Crafton

      And the Parrotheads. And the Deadheads. And the Kiss Army. And….

    2. MajinCCBThePrince

      the Turbojugend…… And the Beliebers…… And Linkin Park Underground……. And the Whovians…….. And the Maggots…. And……

  6. Chandler

    As someone who was sexually abused as a child for years, let me say that, even if the mother was abused, which there is no clear indication of so far, the reality is she needs to accept that her husband is not that person. Also, that being a man does not mean you are more likely to abuse a child nor does being the opposite gender from the child mean that. There are many female sexual predators (who, by the way, are far more likely to get away with it) and many of them prey on girls. Her husband has just as much right to demand she not bathe their daughters.
    On a separate note, as you said, what about single parents? Should the child never get bathed? Or maybe getting someone else of the same gender as the child, but who isn’t really trustworthy? It’s moronic. When I was about 18 my niece came to live with us for a few months. My parents had a lot going on and I was happy to help out, so I was her primary caretaker. I was with her from 5 A.M. every single morning to 8 P.M. every single night. 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for about 3 months. I (a young MAN) gave her every nap, nearly every bath and nearly every diaper change (GASP!!!). It’s called being a family. Never once did I have even the slightest sexual thought or feeling and, to this day, if someone hurts that little girl, Hell help you, because Heaven sure won’t, not from my vengeance.
    It’s because of pieces of crap like this that when a child, esp. a girl, says “hi” in the grocery store or such, I have to pretend I don’t notice or else I may cause their parents undo alarm. These people have convinced parents “if a guy doesn’t hate children he’s a pedophile”. Yes, be careful, be protective, but be reasonable.
    Last point, if she believes her husband may be a pedophile, she should remember she’s more guilty than he is. As of yet, we have no info that he is a pedophile or has put the children in any harm, whereas she chose to have children with a man she believes may be a pedophile.

    1. Appaddict01

      Chandler Actually men are over 90 percent of child molesters. Look at the FBI numbers & almost 100 percent for pre-teen victims.

    2. hzuiel

      Female sexual predators get virtually no attention. I was actually rather pleased with that movie ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ because the aunt turned out to be the molester. It was like “thank you, finally a movie where it isn’t a man being the sexual deviant.”

    3. ApartmentViews

      Chandler you’re sort of wrong there. Men actually are more likely to molest and sexually abuse children. This mom though has wrong-headed views about how (prepubescent) female nudity effects men. Though, if her husband were a pedophile, that is objectively worse than the mother worrying that a girl might misinterpret her father’s touching during a bath (which is what seems to be her primary worry).

    4. Gerhard Holl

      People trying to quote statistics on sexual abuse have no understanding on how statistics work. It requires REPORTED information, and considering the stigma around sexual abuse, especially when the female is the perpetrator, it’s impossible to think that we have any sort of real idea on what the actual numbers are.

  7. James_R3

    Mother can wash their sons, and fathers can wash their daughters. Why is there any controversy there.

    1. MrJinglejanglejingle

      My mother washed me, and my father washed my sister. It was whoever was available at the time. It’s no biggie. Honesty.

  8. Robert Lynch

    Bath woman is a Queenslander, it’s the Florida of Australia.

    1. Marcolo DelMare

      Robert Lynch thank you, that cleared this whole story up for me.

  9. Ashley Arvay

    I think it’s ignorant for the mom to believe that sexual abuse is only heterosexual, women have abused girls, and men have abused boys ..

    1. Steph Logan

      Ovey Arvay aq

    2. EveryDay

      Exactly. And guess who turns out gay after it happens…

  10. Olivia Liang

    If it was a non-immediate family member, or someone who’s not even part of the family, I could understand being uncomfortable with having them bathe your child, but a saying a parent can’t bathe their own child simply because of their gender is a bit ridiculous (assuming she wasn’t abused in the past). Also wouldn’t this apply to diaper changing as well? In that case, a young child wouldn’t even be able to go more than an hour or so without their same-sex parent around to change their dirty diaper.

  11. triplevthreat

    My dad was home a lot more than my mom during the day because while my mom worked a 9-5 my dad worked shift work-often nights. When I got lice or chicken pocks my dad was the one to take care of me and bathe me when I wasn’t able to go to school.

    1. Uranus InBanana

      RockBandRS so normal feminist are just egalatarists (nothing to do with eagles.)

    2. GamingTV

      a little bit too much info there dude

    3. thepeople'slast

      Uranus InBanana egalitarians*

  12. Moose TheTitan

    Hey Phil, love your content, I think it would be great if you could add clickable time slots in the description below for each story u are covering

    1. xx Rose May xx

      Moose TheTitan I like people who give suggestions like you πŸ˜€

    2. Ananya M

      Moose TheTitan but why would he do that? Watch time, algorithm, ad sense

  13. IceDragon978

    Sounds like bath time mom has some serious projection issues. Pay attention over the next few years, Phil. I will be utterly not at all surprised to find that SHE molested the kiddos given the deflection she demonstrated.

    1. Azazura Azura

      @ Icedragon978

      not all people who were molested, go on to molest others. I was molested by 3 men, one being my step dad. i never hurt anyone.

    2. Ninnifier O.o

      Skinnymarks That’s not necessarily projection. That’s the very possible faulty assumption you could be making.

    3. Suden Luola

      She might want the dad to never see what she is doing in the bath tub with her kids.

    4. Redeye Flight

      Wrong. Women don’t get in trouble for molestation, they just get away with it.

  14. SoldierMed68W

    As an expecting father of daughter on the way, does this mean I don’t have to change any diapers?

    1. Bleep0Bloop

      If your wife is batsh*t crazy that excuse just might work. Most likely she will laugh at you and you’ll get permanent diaper duty. lol

  15. Lauren

    WTF? That woman is putting not only her husband in a box of potential child molester, but saying that her children may someday falsely claim her husband molested them! This is all about the mother’s weird thing!

  16. VideoGuyRyan

    The bathing issue is interesting to me as a father of a son and daughter. Our family life is one that mom works 3rd shift and sometimes 3 nights in a row. What am I supposed to do, let my kids be dirty? Nope, not an option. I would like to know the father’s point of view on this. Also, I agree with you thoughts on conditioning them to somewhat fear male figures. Not cool!

  17. tap dancy feet

    IMO both parents should be able to bathe their kids, there’s nothing wrong or creepy about washing your small child, it’s a sweet and fun time for both of you. When the kid reaches an age where it would be weird, that’s when it’s time for them to transition to bathing themselves.

    1. seigeengine

      The funny thing is while bathing yourself is pretty universal, the doing so alone thing is cultural. Social bathing isn’t that weird from a multicultural perspective. Hell, going to the bathroom has been a social activity in some cultures.

  18. Caylus

    As far as I read the mother’s comment, “How people play the ‘I was molested’ card so very often these days, I don’t want to give my children the chance to even think about that” implies she thinks most people are lying when they play the card, and that they’re making it up for attention.

    She’s not being anti-husband, she’s being anti-kid. A bit like that shitty coworker who doesn’t want to be alone with women “because you never know when they’ll start accusing you”.

    So when Uncle or Auntie Badtouch is fiddling her kids, and her kids tell her, you can be damn sure she won’t believe her kids, “because Uncle/Auntie Badtouch wouldn’t do that!”.

    My parents had a discussion with me when I was little that if people told me that it was “a secret and I shouldn’t tell my parents or I would cause trouble”, that that was a sure sign that that was exactly the sort of situation I should tell my parents and that whatever I did I would get an instant forgiveness for it because someone wanted me to keep it a secret. They didn’t mention molestation of course, but years later it’s pretty clear that was the exact situation they were thinking about.

    I think that parents instead of spending their time policing which parent can bathe which kid, can better spend their time making sure their kids trust them enough to tell them things.

    1. The Patriarch

      Caylus she is being anti husband, what are you talking about…

    2. Willow4526

      Your parents advice was so smart I’ve been trying to think of the way to inform my kids(when i eventually have them) slash have the whole bad touch good touch conversation bcos as a parent it’s your responsibility to look after them, bathing and so on until they’ve grown up and you’ve taught them how to do it by themselves. And during them growing up bathing them you’re going to need to wash there private areas and the standard good touch bad touch conversation can make these moments were you have to wash these areas seem like a bad touch moment. Been looking for the idea of what to add to the conversation to make it sooo much better thank you so much as your comment had done that.

    3. Tyson

      People are using the “i was molested” card a lot more often these days, its very hard to tell when theyre lying or telling the truth, and the sad part is that it can ruin peoples lives.

    4. Caylus

      If you’re wondering why people “play it more often” these days, I’d like to suggest the hypothesis that it has to do with the secularization of society.

      If you weren’t a virgin as a woman, your societal value was almost 0. So if you accused a family member of sexual assault, you had two options: People didn’t believe you, and your life was ruined because you were considered a liar, or people dΓ­d believe you, and your life was ruined because people knew you were “tainted”. So you had 100% chance to ruin your own life, and a whole lot smaller chance to get justice.

      Few people outside of movies are really willing to burn their own house down with themselves in it on the off chance they might singe the eyebrows of their attacker.

      Same mechanism why in 30 years we’ll have more men “play” the “a woman abused me as a kid card”, not because future women will be that more evil, but because the stigma of admitting you were abused by a woman will have lessened.

      But personally, I’d like to see a system where people can go to the police and tell them about being raped/molested, and indicate they want to wait until more reports are reported before the police starts their investigation full swing.

      In that way, if someone makes a false report against someone who really hadn’t done anything, nothing is likely to happen. But against people like Roy Moore, the police would have found out years ago that there were a lot of people with similar stories. Like, if 10% of rape accusations are false (which is unlikely to be so high, but just for this example), then for people with two rape accusations only 1% had the bad luck to encounter two false accusations. With people with three rape accusations, only 0.1% had the bad luck to encounter three false accusations and 99.9% of people with three rape accusations have committed at least one legitimate rape.

    5. Yo nice Paprika

      Caylus that’s good parenting right there πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ That’s how you parent go tell your parents I’m proud of them
      Go up to them and say “hey mom dad a random person on the internet said they’re proud of you parenting style”

  19. Smudge

    As someone who was raised with the ideology ‘mothers should raise daughters and fathers should raise sons’ , similar to the bath time mother, I found it extremely damaging. My father was an abstract authority figure in my own home who barely got the chance to get to know me. My mother used him as a glorified boogeyman I gave birthday presents to.
    This woman might have had a bad past, but gender segregation at such a ridiculous level will leave to a damaged household where the children don’t trust you. I’m not saying it’s forever scarring, but I do think it creates unhealthy unsustainable attachments to family members that can expand into general socialising and relationship formation.

    1. seigeengine

      This is especially weird because the concept is softly culturally switched here. Generally, sons are expected to have stronger relationships with their mothers, and daughters with their fathers.

    2. hzuiel

      You are both right, it is weird. Our culture has some weird pent up emotions about parent child relationships. I saw a lot of it coming out with the whole trans bathroom thing. Conservative figures that have been outspokenly men’s rights, and talk about how important fathers are to their children and how society is treating men, suddenly abandon all logic and reason when the idea of a man being in a women’s bathroom comes up. So the takeaway from their argument should be that all men(they are considering a trans woman to be a man) are dangerous and for the protection of women and children(even though children are sometimes taken in the men’s restroom too) we need to be segregated off in our own little box so we don’t suddenly burst into a fit of rape. That is such nonsense it is unreal. At the end of the day a rapist can find other places to rape than a public bathroom, or just break the rule and follow someone into the wrong bathroom if it seems like a place quiet enough to get away with such an act. To hold such contradictory positions that men are treated badly by society, but imply that all those born with xy chromosomes are closet rapists waiting for somebody to relax bathroom laws/rules, these ideas have to be buried impossibly deep, such that people often don’t even realize why they’re saying what they say.

    3. fietsopa 69

      I have crippling depression.

    4. seigeengine

      +hzuiel Also, considering one of the rapists we’re practically obligated to know of here, raped girls literally outside their own homes while their parents were maybe twenty feet away, that seems extra ridiculous to me.

      Also that there have been cultures where unisex bathrooms were the norm.

  20. Ele Dota

    I’ve had experience with mothers just like her in aus. I’m a swimming instructor and had this mum tell me I’m not allowed to touch her child (her daughter was extremely small but an amazing swimmer so put in deeper pool. Constantly grabbing my arm half way through a lesson as she was exhausted and unable to touch the floor). She told me not to take it personally as even HER FATHER isn’t allowed to touch her!

    Went straight to boss and got her moved from my class as I’d prefer to stay out of jail. Next time I saw her in and her dad brought her I noticed that at the end of the lesson he lay her clothes and towel out on the bench and slid to the other end, staying away from his own daughter. This is insane to me and it’s no wonder the child latched onto me (always wanting to play etc.).

    It’s not healthy for a child to have their father figure alienated and removed from their life just because the mother has the idea of MAN = PAEDOPHILE! The sad truth is that it’s harder to get a dog than it is to be a parent.

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