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How Much Money Do I Need To Begin Investing | Penny Stocks


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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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80 Thoughts to “How Much Money Do I Need To Begin Investing | Penny Stocks”

  1. LL Prado

    the sooner you start saving for an account , the better. Wish I had learn this years ago

    1. Von Faulks

      LL Prado You and me both. I see what he is saying.

    2. Joseph Salavtore

      Nice Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind guide for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

    3. I Barbosa

      does this really give proft? imagine u are someone that dnt know 1% on how to trade actions and stuff is it possible to learn alone and get a good money with a 1k start?

    4. Jovan Raymond

      Im 18 years old and I’m already saving

    5. Ace Shadowins

      Michael Reyes lmao new advertisement.

  2. BrianYYH

    Thanks! Never thought I’d be getting penny stock advice from Shawn Mendez 😂

    1. Mihály Hanics

      he’s not that good looking

    2. Charlie Hufft

      Lol this guy will be wealthy long after Shawn Mendes is in the food line.

    3. 721 Rena

      He look more like a cuter version of Mark Zuckerberg. No offense to Ricky but Shawn is one of the most handsome men in hollywood

    4. Omar ‘Omii’ Kelly

      😂 I’m crying lmfao

    5. Kushal Patel


  3. Armando Higuera

    Is there any books you recommend reading? For beginners. To understand the basics

    1. Liz Iglesias

      Richest man in Babylon….great book. Recommended on a website I was research investing. So far it’s wonderful, I listen to the audio.

    2. Julius H Monck

      “Trading for a living”

    3. Pijo Master

      @Savage Stephenrich dad poor dad lol

    4. ExcellInOurExcellence

      Step by step trading guide by Alexander elder

  4. Mike Fu

    $1000 is ideal minimum to start with, here’s why. To trade safely, you only Trade with 10% of your account at any given time….so 10% of $1000 is $100….so you’re only buying $100 of Shares per trade. If your Broker takes a flat rate of $6 per Trade.(that’s One buy, One sell). That’s 6% of your $100…..So Each trade you go into, you MUST make 6% profit minimum, JUST to break even…which is why you’re Aiming for 15-20% Profit on each trade….or more. The gains are small at first when you trade SAFELY…..but the more money you make, the more buying power you have, the better returns you’re going to see. Sure, you can Trade $200+ per trade, but you can also LOSE it, if you’re unaware of what you’re doing…

    1. VaneK

      advise me reliable forex broker please

    2. Kayn Mazio

      @Jade Smith don’t listen that 10%is too much. do with 2-3% . 5% max !

    3. Jade Smith

      Kayn Mazio Thanks for the tip!

    4. Albari Islam

      Does LPP course work for small account or for penny stocks?

  5. Lock Vlogs

    its pretty easy to convert 1 thousand dollars to a thousand dollars

    1. Jessica Raeann

      Lol! I just glanced down at that comment as he was saying it

    2. Ryan Robinson

      @Brian Donahue How you did that?

    3. 44 m_o_r_e

      He mentioned a hundred to a thousand don’t be a jackass

  6. CollapsedOrange

    If anybody wants to practice there is a site called the share centre, its very helpful for learning without the risk

    1. dCosmic1

      CollapsedOrange thanks

    2. densch123

      ignore it, it is most likely one of these scams.

    3. RhaynegamingTv

      Nadex also offers free demo accounts that start you off with 25k fictional currency.

    4. Sbrumtwn

      RhaynegamingTv which others accounts allow you to practice?

    5. witch [Luw] 002

      @RhaynegamingTv same with TwitchStocks

  7. Dillon Vaughan

    3:05 “convert the one thousand dollars into a thousand dollars” lmao

    1. Harsha Bandreddi

      Of profit

  8. je co

    Don’t say, “I can’t afford it.” Ask yourself, “How can I afford it? – Robert Kiyosaki

    1. David K

      Its funny how ppl quote this guy that went bankrupt and is now swindling money from bigger fools

    2. 123 456

      @chicks with ideas Its a pretty good read. I finished it in 8th grade. Now im starting as a day trader using my job to invest in it.

    3. Anym

      don’t ask yourself “how can I afford it?”, ask yourself “How can it make me money”

    4. Juan Villa

      Poor dad rich dad

    5. MisakaMikotoLuv

      @BaranAMK lmao xD

  9. vaska I

    i started with $0 investment. I have 3 free shares from Robinhood, total value of $11.97 at the moment of receiving it. Sold the shares at $12.03 but the after transaction its at $12.01. Thats only a $0.04 in growth lol. I still plan on getting more people signed up and getting more shares to mess with.

    1. Shameeka Danzey

      vaska I Hey its something I’m downloading the app today

  10. Flash Gordon

    Make sure you guys have good routers! Good internet. Good laptops or desktops, Delay can cause you to lose thousands no joke!

    1. Elijah Rodgers

      @Maître how are you doing now?

    2. Nolan On Xbox

      Flash Gordon fr?!

    3. loris lustrati

      simply dont scalp… 1min charts 5min charts… you have to have a really bad internetconection if you cant enter a trade on the h1 h4

    4. GSXR 750

      @Wanito Soundz Interactive brokers for trades, Thinkorswim for charts.

    5. SScamaro BOSS

      JonDavidSmith robinhood is GREAT for people who start off with little money since it’s commission free trading

  11. Cody Phillips

    5-8 percent a day is insane.

    1. Vincent Lisa

      Oh boy, someone doesn’t understand basic math.

      If you make a 5% return every day (which is unrealistic, to say the least), starting with $10, you will end up with $542,131,704.74 after 365 days. This is assuming you are making exactly 5% return daily, and reinvesting the new total that you have the next day, for an entire year.

      Ex. Invest $10 today, make 5% back, you now have $10.50.
      Invest $10.50 the next day, make 5% back, you now have $11.03, etc.

      Just enter 10 x (1.05)^365 on a calculator to get the answer…or use an online calculator that tells you to enter the starting amount, percent return each day, etc, and it’ll calculate for you. A ton of people don’t realize how much percent growth actually turns out to be over time with reinvesting.

    2. Jochem

      Vincent Lisa this guy didn’t realize you don’t HAVE to take out your daily profits..

    3. PeazeMind

      nope… somes make 1000% by flipping acc in one day

    4. Michael

      I was wondering the exact same thing… 8% a month would be impressive.

    5. Vincent Gagnon

      Its good but far from insane… it really depends if your looking for a long term investment or a quick trade. Also depends on ur strategy. I always try to wait for an action with large volume, a catalyst and also a pattern. Usually ill wait until the second growth and do my trade there. I can make a good 50-100% profit one day, but the next three make close to nothing. Really depends on ur strategy

  12. Kenn Tollens

    How do you become a millionaire in one day? Invest 1 billion in penny stocks.

    1. CuriosityFTW

      @Ashwin That was the joke lol

    2. robert topal

      @Behno /r woooosh


    Dude is super honest. Im rockin with him

  14. The Puppet Of Everything

    Dude I just watched that video about $60 a day to $11,000 a day then you popped in my recommended section wow.

    1. Chris Roman

      WikiTool same

    2. tom danniels

      the same jajaja thats weird

    3. Joseph

      It’s because YouTube uses cookies to show videos that are related to what you watch

    4. juan Vasquez

      Youtube algorithm

    5. Apple Exposed

      Google data mines its users.

  15. Maradonna Gamer

    buy high sell low you can convert 1000 to 100 easy

    1. Dr7

      WSB Strats right here

    2. Alex Clausing

      All Uptodate its a joke

    3. Action Domics

      Buy as soon as a low peak starts going up, and sell as soon as a high peak is going down

    4. Corrupt Neo


    5. Trance Zone

      Buy high and sell higher.

  16. Eternity

    I typed “how to” in the yt search bar and the only thing that was recommended was stock trading

    Damn algorithm goin hard

  17. Pijo Master

    Did anybody notice his long fingers?

    1. Donald Love

      Is because he’s tall and skinny. We are like that, we’re not ET’s, LMAO!

    2. OcularXGames •

      You clicked on this to say that?

  18. TheG3tup

    I want to know everything you know, you’re a pro.

  19. aKa Donut

    I started with 50$ .. now, after a month, I have 220$ ( I added 100$ more to the account on the way). soooo .. +70$ my first month. I feel good about it, I’ve learned A LOT and that’s the bigger win 😀

  20. lapscrub Pan

    Does the three days out of five, daily trader rule hold true on the TD ameritrade  platform as it does on the robinhood platform?

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