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10 Thoughts to “How To Create A Day Trading Plan That Consistently Generates Profits”

  1. Doug Stoltz

    Great video, Adrian. Your approach is professional in every aspect.

  2. albanypeacenik

    Thanks Adrian, Your videos are really helpful.

  3. Jay Towie

    When I started I didn’t realize the importance of having a trading plan, but as you get more experienced you soon work out how important it is if you really want to succeed.

    I trade with the Bullpips method and even though it is purely mechanical, I still need a plan so I know exactly what to do in what circumstances. Otherwise you are left alone with infinite options. A plan is a must! (BTW search online for “bullpips” for what I use)

  4. Xedie Duazo

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  5. ReaperMan582

    Finally! a video where I actually learned something.

  6. Brad Vogel

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  7. Vanessa Van

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  8. professionaltrading

    Thank you. I use these techniques in my life and work to great effect.
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  9. TraderInsight

    I have not checked the channel in a while. I post, but, I only reply to comments that are actual questions. I believe that youtube removes anything labeled as spam. There have been many pump-and-dump replies here, and I have been asked to review the comments on the newer videos prior to posting them. I guess that I will have to change the entire channel to “review before allowing”, as I see that there are many stocks being pumped.

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